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LHR - COK (via BOM) On Jet Airways B777 And B737

Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:30 am

Hello fellow ANet’ters. Hope you’re well. This was a quick trip and planned suddenly on the back of a small family emergency, but do not worry, the family emergency has been resolved and all is well.

GCMap Route Map:*

1A: Jet Airways 9W: LHR (Terminal 4) – BOM
9W 119
Flight Reg: VT-JEH
Boeing 777-35RER
Seat 59C
Load 95%
Departure time 09:30 (09:20)
Arrival 23:00 (23:00)
31 May 2013

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Photo © Patrick Simon
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Photo © Ivan Coninx Photography

Checked in the previous day at exactly 24 hours before check in. The amount of seats available to choose were very limited, expecting it to be a full load flight. This is when the penny dropped; Jet had converted their 3-3-3 layout for the 777 to the sardine can layout of 3-4-3. Researching a bit I noticed that they changed this since mid 2012 onwards.

Not looking forward to this  , nevertheless, how bad can it be. I at least got the 2-4-2 part of the aircraft, row 59, although it was an aisle seat. But hey ho, first time on a long haul 9W flight so let’s do it.!

Next day it was a quick 50 min drive to the airport, prepaid purple parking (very good and recommend it for the price and service, thus far). Reaching terminal 4 in 20 minutes after parking the vehicle along with a complimentary coach service.

Terminal 4 seemed a bit crowded during this time – Jet and KU were the main ones which had long queues. The online check in counter for 9W was comparatively short and it took me around 20 min to check in and another 15 to get through security.


Surprisingly it mentioned an 8:00 am boarding time for a 9:30 departure on my boarding card, which seemed a bit too optimistic.

Faffing around T4 duty free for 45 minutes, boarding started exactly the time I reached the gate – at 8:30, and I was the first to board coincidently.

Plane spotting at LHR

Just missed – AI 787 (Saw another Ethiopian 787, but missed snapping)

Big boys

As soon as I boarded the flight and walked through to the sardine can class, it was apparent why the 777 in the 3-4-3 config was doing so well – loads of passengers very little space. The 32 inch pitch is negated by the 17.5 inch width (unlike this one . Nevertheless, again, being positive, I was quite happy with me seat. This aircraft had a total of 8 first class (1-2-1 suites), 30 business class (1-2-1 Herrinbgone) and 279 economy class seats (3-4-3). I struggled to find the right seat map for this aircraft online.

The aircraft was fully laded by 9:00 am and disembarked from the gate 10 minutes early. There was a small traffic and take off was at 9:55.


Lunch was served within an hour after take off. It looked as though the food had been packed in Mumbai and the aircraft seemed to be carrying 2 loads of meals on the way into Heathrow, I could be wrong though. I say so as it had an Indian company branded on the meal top cover (choice of Chicken Navratan and a Veggie dish – only 2 options in economy). The drinks selection was quite good for an economy class. Good selection of hard and soft drinks.

Nevertheless the meal tasted good but the quantity was significantly less. Followed it by 2 glasses of Vodka diet coke, watched a movie and a couple of hours of sleep.

The rest of the flight was uneventful. A meal snack was served an hour and a half before landing and once again it was (Choice of Chicken roll or a vegetable noodle roll – was shameless enough to ask for one of each, which the stewardess duly obliged and gave it to me with a smirk)

wasn't able to take any photographs of the meals as by the time it was on the tray, i was too cramped to bend down and take the camera to click some pictures (excuses,! ill try to on the way back   )

AVOD – very limited English options, although pretty decent, not on par with any of the bigger names. Loads of Hind and Indian movies though, extremely good options. They also had a wide verity of comedy serials, which was a good watch.

Stewards were efficient but not warm. They were more interested in serving us food and hitting the crew bunk area. No snacks kept in the galley either. Negative points for Jet for that.

On the whole I would rate Jet airways a 6 on 10 (economy class), as the competition on this route is significant and there are quite a few other airlines that are way ahead of the game (I would even rate AI higher than 9W on this route, economy). An open snack bar in the galley could go a long way for sure.

Would like to mention my window seat companion who made the journey interesting and was a good chat – Miss CB was an interesting companion, good jokes around, a life of a construction worker, to a restatement dishwasher to the manager of the restaurant - you go girl, Respect..! Hope you have a good stay back home in your village in Thailand.  

Landing was spot on time – 23:00 exactly. It took me close to an hour and a half to walk out of immigration and collect my baggage from the overly crowded customs area. I am quite sure Mumbai airport will be a much better place if people just stand in their respective queues and be a bit patient. It is nowhere as crowded as LHR during peak time but it felt like LHR T3, 3 times over!

After collecting my checked in bags and passing through customs (chaos – as some were standing in some queue, some were walking straight past, some were cutting queues, it was all happening!) I just walked past and turned right towards the domestic transfers.

Chaos part 2 – we had to re-check in the baggage’s and stand in a line to board the coach that would take us to the domestic terminal. People were unaware of this and I had to work part time and inform people that they had to first check in their baggages before standing in the queue for boarding the bus. There were two Jet Airways staff in the vicinity but they were mere bystanders.

The coach was fully packed and the drive to the domestic terminal was around 25 minutes. I started to wonder how Jet were going to manage my transfer on my return as I only had a 2 hour transfer time – from domestic to International. Let’s worry about that on the way back.

Tip – Once at the domestic terminal, if you want to venture out of the airport, get out through the Arrival section. Do not pass through the Boarding pass check, once you do that you are stuck within the confines of the terminal.

I was meeting a friend in Mumbai so exited through the Arrival section, had a quick catch up with my friend at the Starbucks just outside the terminal and then a quick walk into the departure section.

Mumbai (BOM) Domestic terminal

There is nothing much opened or to do at the domestic departure section between 12:00 and 4:00 am. There was a bar opened, which was alright. Apart from that most of the transit passengers were just finding places to rest a bit.

1B: Jet Airways 9W: BOM (Terminal 1B) – COK
9W 405
Flight Reg:] VT-JGQ
Boeing 737-85R/W
Seat 10F
Load 80%
Departure time 06:20 (06:10)
Arrival 08:30 (08:20)
01 June 2013

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Photo © Zaahid Naseer
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Photo © Christopher Schneider

Come 4:00, when one of the first domestic departures take place, the entire domestic terminal transforms into a busy hub. Out of nowhere hoards of people are ready to board, run, eat, speak, pack, and re-pack. The entire terminal comes to life.

Boarding started promptly at 5:30 and we were bussed away to the waiting aircraft. The plane was completely boarded well in time and we disembarked early. But there seemed to be some traffic and we were 6th in the queue. 20 minutes later we were airborne.



Breakfast was served on this sector. A choice of south Indian (Idly and Sambar; rice cakes with accompaniment), omelette and bread, and there was another choice. This is where I feel Eu carriers need to learn a lesson. A full breakfast although not wholesome, more than adequate and quite tasty.

The flight time of 1 hour and 30 min soon evaporated and we were welcomed into Rainy weather in Cochin. It was a slightly bumpy landing with reverse thrust in full action to get this bird to a complete halt.

Landing in Gods own country – Cochin, Kerala

Baggage’s arrived soon after and I was out of the airport in 20 minutes, before booking my prepaid cab inside the airport.

Return trip in 5 days time, until then, adios!

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RE: LHR - COK (via BOM) On Jet Airways B777 And B737

Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:33 am

Good TR, would have been nice to see food quality and choices. I didn't know up until reading your TR that 9W has gone
3-4-3 !!! that makes AI better to fly I guess. I must tell my wife as she has been great admirer of 9W   lol.

That AA livery is growing on me, I have started liking it actually now. Love that picture of EK/SQ/QF heavies..brilliant.
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RE: LHR - COK (via BOM) On Jet Airways B777 And B737

Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:51 am

Quoting TheAviator380 (Reply 1):
would have been nice to see food quality and choices

Sure thing, definitely on the way back.

Quoting TheAviator380 (Reply 1):
Love that picture of EK/SQ/QF heavies..brilliant.


Quoting TheAviator380 (Reply 1):
I didn't know up until reading your TR that 9W has gone 3-4-3 !!! that makes AI better to fly I guess

yup, for sure - 3-3-3 on a 777 with 34 inch seat pitch - cant get any better. From my experience London - BOM or DEL, in economy, AI is the best.! And now they're flying the 787 on the DEL-LON route. so worth it.

Info about 9W change to 3-4-3 :
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RE: LHR - COK (via BOM) On Jet Airways B777 And B737

Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:14 pm

Thanks for that TR. Have transited thru BOM so many times that I can visualize everything u just mentioned!! Thanks goodness for that 0300 departure to BLR!!

On your way back, your bags would be through checked in so you can avoid that hassle. Although check with the 9W arrival staff to notify the international section about your transit. But two hours is sufficient time to make the flight in my experience.

BTW a TR on the exact same flight that you took from about 6 years back  LHR - BOM On 9W's 777-300ER (with Pics N Vid) (by Justbala Sep 24 2007 in Trip Reports)
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RE: LHR - COK (via BOM) On Jet Airways B777 And B737

Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:25 am

Quoting justbala (Reply 3):
Thanks goodness for that 0300 departure to BLR

yup, i did see that flight. AI have a good connection to COK to from LHR via BOM. unfortunately, they did not have last minute tickets.

Quoting justbala (Reply 3):
On your way back, your bags would be through checked in so you can avoid that hassle

Good to know that, thanks. In a way that had to happen or else there was no way of making the flight..  
Quoting justbala (Reply 3):
BTW a TR on the exact same flight that you took from about 6 years back

LOL.! i did read that before taking my flight last Saturday. And you can see the amount the service has deteriorated since the last time you took the flight.
Few points are the seats looked so much better when you traveled (3-3-3, love the 777 in that config)
food looked so much better. i don't have pics yet, but hopefully on the return i shall have a few.
AA old livery vs. the new one  
The only things that was constant was the immediate switching on of the Mood lighting. Jet to overdo this, its as though they imagine us to sleep as soon as the mood lighting is switched on. The attitude of the staff were at least like that - just expected us to all sleep for the entire 9 hours so that they could catch some kip in their own bunkers  
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RE: LHR - COK (via BOM) On Jet Airways B777 And B737

Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:47 pm

Return trip:

2A: Jet Airways 9W: COKBOM
9W 406
Flight Reg: [url=]VT-JGQ[/url]
Boeing 737-85R/W
Seat 11F
Load 50%
Departure time 09:05 (08:55)
Arrival 10:55 (10:45)
06 June 2013

I had checked in online the previous day. Point to note here was the online check in did not work on a chrome browser but worked well in a Firefox one. Could be perhaps due to my cache setting, I didn't check that however. Got my preferred seats on both sectors.

On the day of the flight left on time to the airport. Expecting traffic, there was none whatsoever and reached cochin airport in 30 minutes, distance that is usually covered in an hours time on a good day and could go towards an hour and 30 minutes if hit by rush hour traffic.

Check in was a breeze and passed though security in no time. Once in the departure lunge, there is nothing much to do in this area. Cochin domestic departure area is one common area with 4 gates, essentially 4 different doors on along the same wall. There are a few cafeterias for snacks and breakfast was available – a traditional south Indian breakfast (idli and Sambar) was available.

COK Airport

Coincidentally this was the same aircraft when I had traveled to COK, 4 days ago.Out flight was on time and boarding started 30 minutes before departure. We were then bussed in a rickety bus to the parked plane, some 30 feet from the terminal 

Flight on time and the rest of the journey was uneventful in the nicest way. Good breakfast, clean aircraft, excellent announcement by the first officer, on the whole a stress free and efficient way to get to Mumbai from Cochin.

COK plane spotting

Before take off from COK
[img] [/img]

9W 406

Breakfast on board 9W 406

Landing at BOM

Once in Mumbai, it was a slightly different procedure to what I had experienced on the way in. This time it was a through check in to London, all I needed to do was to get into the coach that took me to the international terminal. Since it was morning I had some good shots at plane spotting at BOM.

Plane Spotting BOM
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RE: LHR - COK (via BOM) On Jet Airways B777 And B737

Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:30 pm

2B: Jet Airways 9W: BOMLHR (Terminal 4)
9W 118
Flight Reg: VT-JEK
Boeing 777-35RER
Seat 59K
Load 60%
Departure time 12:55 (12:45)
Arrival 17:55 (17:20)
06 June 2013

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Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Mark Kwiatkowski
View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Vivek Manvi

The international terminal was quiet during this time of the day. Immigration was quick but security was lethargic at best. Took over 20 minutes for them to check around 10 passengers. Nevertheless once airside, good selection of duty free and restaurants.

A quick browse through followed by a quick drink and proceeded towards my gate.

Boarding started 45 minutes before departure and we were fully boarded by 12:30 for a 12:55 departure.

Race you to LHR


We were airborne 12:55. This time around I got a window seat at the rear of the cabin. The aircraft looked around 60% full and there were lots of vacant seats towards the back of the aircraft. My neighbour also realised this and occupied the rear two seats leaving me two seats for the entire journey. 

Take off from BOM

The crew in this flight seemed a bit more relaxed and cheerful. Drinks service started within 30 minute of departure followed by lunch service. Once again, the food tasted good albeit very small portions.

The movie and entertainment selection was the same as the inbound flight – great maybe even the best for regional Indian movies, although not so great for English entertainment. Although for more than enough for a 9-10 hour flight.

Food on board

A couple of beers, Gangs of Wasseypur 1 and 2, lunch, few snacks and a light meal later we were ready to land in London Heathrow.

It was not a peak time and got the clearance to land as we approached the airport.

We landed some 35 minutes before the expected arrival time. on the whole a much better service and a great flight. Would rate my return a 9 on 10 – simply because my adjacent seat was vacant and in this circumstance, I didn’t feel the width of the seat a problem. 

An hour later I was at the Purple parking area, in my car and ready to drive back home. A very good experience with Jet and on the whole would not mind doing this route again.

Hope you enjoyed reading my experience, and until next time, happy flying!

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