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Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:55 pm

My first time ever posting here. Hope everyone enjoys.  


This is my most epic trip ever in my life. In 2 weeks, we passed 9 countries, overflew 5 continents, crossed the equator 7 times, and travelled 40,000 miles or 1.6 times the earth’s circumference. And we flew with all *A members in Latin America

Because of the length of the journey, I have to divide this report into a few parts:

Part 1: CGK-SIN-GRU on SQ First
Part 2: GRU-PTY-HAV on CM Business
Part 3: HAV-LIM-BOG on TA Business
Part 4: BOG-MEX-GRU-SIN on AV Business, JJ First and SQ First

My original plan was a crazy multi-day travel without having a bed on ground for 3 nights. It goes like this:

Segment 1: CGK-SIN arriving in SIN in the evening to connect to SQ 67
Segment 2: SIN-BCN-GRU arriving in GRU at 5pm
Segment 3: GRU-PTY departing GRU at 430am arriving in PTY at 8am
Segment 4: PTY-HAV departing PTY at 3pm arriving in HAV in the early evening.

Yup, very masochistic indeed even though we would be on First Class most of the way and we would be able to get shower in BCN and GRU.

Closer to the date, I realized I had some expiring Leading Hotel vouchers. And I am not getting younger and will not want to fall ill in my travels. So we redeemed a free night in Sao Paulo at the Emiliano to have a good restful night. The next afternoon, we flew on to Panama and decided to have another night stop there because Havana hotels, which we could have reached the same night, would have cost a lot more than Panama hotels and we expect Havana hotel to be of much lower standard with poor roaming and internet connectivity. So the outbound trip got stretched but we have no regrets despite the daily shuttles to airports. The journey was smooth, seamless, enjoyable, and memorable.

Route: CGK-SIN
Flight: SQ 955
Reg-No: 9V-SYI
STD/ATD: 0920/0940
STA/ATA: 1155/1200
Seat: 1K
Load: 2/8

Journey started at a quiet CGK at about 8am. Singapore Airlines operates out of Terminal 2D as are most international airlines.

Check-in area at that hour on a Wednesday was pretty much empty. It was a really peaceful place.

I was so relieved considering that the preceding 2 hours were of great stress due to flooded streets. I thought I wouldn't be able to reach the airport on that day.

Check-in was smooth and an escort from the airport company (not SIA) was assigned to bring me towards the left end of the terminal building. He escorted me through all the way to the Pura Indah lounge. There is a dedicated immigration counter for premium passengers to the left of SQ's check-in zone. I am not sure if this is only for Singapore Airlines passengers.

There is only apparently one counter here. I wonder how it works during peak hour when there are definitely more than 1 or 2 passengers.

Once you get your passport stamped, the lounge is just around the corner. This is the Premier lounge. For SQ First pax, the lounge is the Pura Indah lounge across the Premier lounge. So I trekked through the lounge, went out to the common area and then reported to the Pura Indah.

The Pura Indah lounge was quiet. For that day, there were only me and another person. It's a rather basic First Class lounge.

Food was rather insipid too, mostly refined flour and fried items.

Actually, after this I decided to go to Starbucks nearby to get 2 free cups of coffee (thanks ANZ!)

Boarding was on time and the flight carrying us today was the refurbished 777-300 9V-SYI.

I was seated at 1K and the other pax was seated at 1A. The check-in agent initially assigned him to 2A and he was complaining for a good 15 minutes to the LS and the ground staff about how upset he was for not being assigned 1A. Come on, there were only 2 of us. We could easily have had a musical chair game. Even if I had had his favourite 1A, I wouldn’t have mind swapping. What a first world problem.

The F seat is beginning to age now but I must say it is aging gracefully.

IFE screens are huge and mounted on the horizontal top, they are like real home TVs, which is the distinguishing mark from J.

I settled down comfortably and just had a glass of water since this was in the morning and I wanted to keep my body ready for the possible series of booze on the long long journey that night and the night after that etc.

Menu was then distributed and order taken.
As is usually the case on this sector, I would go with Indonesian favourites.

Flight left the gate on time at 920 am and it was a long taxi way to the end of the runway beyond T3. Along the way, we passed an SV 777 and a LionAir 747, both bound for Saudi Arabia that late morning.

We were number 5 or 6 that morning. Not that bad but still quite a long trek before take-off since we had to take turns with landing aircrafts.

The flight was short, sweet and wonderful. The LS was friendly and appeared quite genuine. Meal was served half an hour into the flight. The opor chicken was tender and was very flavourful. I loved it. But the rice was very dry.

Dessert was served in a bowl. I always find this the most disappointing presentation-wise for SQ. Come on SQ, desserts look more impressive on plates! To me, the whole tray looks like a J tray.

The rest of the flight was uneventful and we were landing in Singapore at a very fine noontime.

We docked at Terminal 3 and it was then a rather ordinary day for me in Singapore.
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:56 pm

Route: SIN-BCN
Flight: SQ 68
Reg-No: 9V-SWQ
STD/ATD: 0040/0100
STA/ATA: 0740/0740
Seat: 1C
Load: 4/8

Reunited with my partner, we arrived at T3 First Class check in at 1030pm, well before our flight scheduled to depart at 0040. It was a busy night with all counters taken up.

It took us slightly longer than usual because we tried to interline check-in our luggage through to Panama 2 days after. We were not keen to lug the suitcases into Sao Paulo. We were initially not sure if it could be done because of the long layover of almost 24 hours in GRU so we didn’t pack accordingly. After confirmation, we repacked to create a daypack for the one night in Sao Paulo. Cuban visa was also checked although we wouldn't be reaching Cuba until 4 days after.

After check-in, we proceeded to the exclusive passport control at T3

And then onto the peaceful oasis of calm that is the Private Room

We were seated promptly and drink orders were taken. I started with champagne. It came straight in a glass and I didn’t get to see the bottle. I thought would have been more impressive if they paraded the bottle to the diner first before serving.

Soup was next. It was a good boneless pork rib soup with dates. Very comforting and warming for a rather unusually windy and chilly January in Singapore.

My main was cod with mango. This was rather disappointing. The fish was well cooked, tender and moist but it was flat in flavor. A little salt would have helped elevate. The mango was not integrated enough into the dish. But the bed of pea purée was quite good.
My partner’s selection was chicken rice. This was better. I liked it. I just thought it was strange that it didn’t come with the usual red chili sauce but with soy sauce. Strange but good still.

Half an hour before the flight and half-full from the mini-supper, we headed to gate B10 to board SQ 67 to BCN-GRU. B10 ia a real long trek. This is the last gate of T3 just next to T1.

When we reached the gate, boarding had already completed for most of the passengers. We walked down the aerobridge to the first door and was courteously led to our seats 1C and 1D by the IFS.

An overview of the F seat. I haven’t flown F for 2 years (been lucky enough to fly Suites since then ☺ ), but I thought there was an overhead compartment above the window seats before. Anyway, it is not there on this flight and the space feels quite spacious although this means that the carry-on has to be placed in front of you. On this flight, because it was only half full, I placed most of my carry-on at the adjacent unoccupied window seat.

There is no shortage of space in F. I am aware a lot of people feel that J is good enough and that SQ's F design is underwhelming. I have to say it does indeed look underwhelmingly similar to J class just behind the curtain but the feel is very different. First, the tables are not stored at the sides so there is actually quite a bit more width and if you are travelling as a couple, you can lean close to your seatmate and feel more intimate that way. In bed mode, the space feels even more spacious because you are not restricted to the diagonal position.

Seat control is simple and easy to operate. Anyway, on this seat, there is nothing much it can do.

As usual, pre- and post-takeoff drink orders were taken. I just settled with a glass of water again as I was still feeling the champagne and would want to sleep better latter that night.

The menu, as is SQ’s usual practice in F, is leather-bound and was already placed in one of the pockets. I think this could be the thickest considering the length of the journey. There are 4 main meals to be served and the menus are translated into Spanish and Portuguese. So there are 12 menus in total in the little ‘booklet’.

Bose headset was in the pocket too.

And then blankets were distributed. I don’t like this rough one. Good to look at but not nice to feel. SQ should change all these and replace them with 77WN’s.

The flight left the gate on time. Soon after, once seatbelt sign was off, amenity kits were distributed. It is Sothy’s now. Pyjamas and slippers were also distributed around the same time.

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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:58 pm

An hour into the flight, dinner was served. Starter was salmon with caviar which I thought was just ok. The salmon itself and the caviar itself were good on its own but together, I am not sure if the flavours compliment each other. Overall rating 6/10

My partner’s selection was prawn with quinoa salad. This was better and was packed with flavor. Overall rating 8/10

My soup was rice cream soup, which was very tasty, but it was a little too thick in texture. It was almost like porridge and was therefore rather too heavy for a soup course. I very much like the crunchy rice topping. Overall the dish was unusual and very innovative. Overall rating 8/10

Main course for my partner was the new BTC dish, duck confit on a bed of barley. It was good and tender and the portion was ginormously gigantic, even the LS commented so. Considering this is an inflight meal, it’s a success but certainly doesn’t pack the same punch as that served in the finer restaurants. I wouldn’t order it again. It’s not like the laksa or the assam fish which I thought are closely matching the flavours of those served at ground level. Overall rating 7/10

My main was wagyu beef with aged balsamic dressing. It was super fragrant. The smell really lifted my appetite. The taste was very beefy too but I thought it was a little dry. It needed a little more sauce. Overall rating 7/10

Desserts were served next. There was only 1 selection in the First Class menu, which was a big let down. This was the lemon cream. It was served in a bowl, another let down. Come on SQ, this is First Class. Dessert on a plate would be much much more presentable.

My partner had something from Business Class – a chocolate cake. It was also served in a bowl, and it actually tasted better than the lemon cream. So the First Class dessert felt all the more pathetic.

Tea was served after that and then the bed was made up while we were in the toilets changing into the pyjamas.

Pyjama was new design. It is definitely better looks-wise than the earlier one with yellow lining some years back. It looks more modern and fitting now. Compared to last year, I believe there is also a little change (more in fitting while the colour remains the same) because it feels that the material is softer and more gentle on the skin.

My bed, fully prepared. Unfortunately, they don’t have bolsters in F (unlike in R), and I sleep much better with bolster. So I have to carry my little friend to hug. Very amusing to the crew. The pillows also seem to be softer and better than the last time I flew on the 77W in F. And i thought they provided 1 more than before but I could be wrong. Never really noticed these things previously.

Bed time was not that great for me. I thought the cabin was too warm. After awhile, I slept out of the duvet (on it). It was still not my best sleep onboard though. I woke up when we were above Moldova and went to the back to check out the J and Y cabin. J that night was 95% full and Y was 100%! SQ did well that night.

Soon after, and over a series of bumpy weather above Croatia, breakfast was served (and with spilled coffee and juices)
It started with fruits and plain yoghurt – standard breakfast menu on all SQ flights.

My main course was waffle which was nice and crisp on the outside and soft and moist in the inside. Overall rating 9/10. And since the LS noticed my affinity to my soft friend, she sweetly gave me a pair of bears as gift. Haha.

My little friend and his new friends with the Ethiopian coffee.

My partner’s breakfast of choice was a BTC dish, Kyo Kaiseki. Both trays contained cold dishes while the bowls were hot dishes. The first tray was not that great but the second tray especially the fish was delicious and appetizing. I would order it again. Overall rating 9/10.

The remainder of the journey took us over northern Italy, and then over the Mediterranean before finally landing at BCN in the dawn twilight.

We were parked next to a QR.

Disembarkation was smooth. The airport was quiet and in no time, we were already past security. A list of passengers was checked post-security and on it, I estimated 4 F class, 10 J Class, and 30 or 40 Y class pax continuing to GRU. So it looks like that the full flight was mainly filled by BCN-bound pax. From arrival at the gate to the scheduled departure time, we only had slightly less than 1 hour. It was a pretty tight turnaround. It must be quite intense for the ground staff to service this flight everytime it comes.

Scenes of Schengen departures in the morning. Barcelona has a much larger and more bustling Schengen departure areas than where we were (the international departures). Schengen zone has a lot more shops and F&B. The international zone, IMO, is pretty pathetic. We were lucky because we had lounge access.

The lounge had two showers. I actually brought my own towel because I was on the same route 2 years before and the lounge did not provide towel or we had to purchase one. Anyway, it provides all amenities now. It only takes time to prepare. I waited for a good 20 minutes before I could use it. Perhaps there was another user before that and they had to clean it first. The shower helped and I was feeling super fresh after that. The transit time was really short and I barely had any time at all after the shower before we had to leave for the gate to re-board.

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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:00 am

Route: BCN-GRU
Flight: SQ 68
Reg-No: 9V-SWQ
STD/ATD: 0900/0910
STA/ATA: 1740/1715
Seat: 1C
Load: 4/8

Boarding was smooth and was on time and the flight left the gate on time. It was a rather short transit time considering the long distances of the 2 flights and the amount of catering and preparations that need to be done. Even for passengers it felt rushed. It was more or less just about an hour from disembarkation to onward departure.

Qatar Airways was still next to us.

Vueling and AA

Soon after, we were approaching North Africa. Beautiful weather and what a gorgeous sight that morning.

Brunch was served as we crossed into Africa. It started with fruits and bircher muesli - standard on SQ menus.

For my main, I chose the Iberico pork cheek in rosemary sauce. I didn’t really find it appropriate at that hour though. It was too meaty and heavy. Overall rating 5/10

My partner’s selection was the chicken udon soup. This was much better. It tasted good too. The soup was flavourful. Overall rating 8/10.

Dessert was citrus crème brulee. At least this came with an impressive large soup plate. But I still think that in F, desserts should be served on nice flat dessert plates.

After brunch was wrapped up, it was lounging time with the IFE.

For me, I kept getting pulled towards the window out of my curiosity for Africa.

Casablanca far below.

Mauritanian desert

Coast of Senegal near Dakar.

The city of Dakar from far far above.

The last glimpse of Africa before crossing the Atlantic

We seem to be crossing the Atlantic over its narrowest point between Africa and South America.

I also had a little walk to the J and Y cabins. J seemed to be 40% full and Y also 40% full. The sector was not doing as well as the first sector.

2 hours before landing, off the coast of Brazil near Salvador, another meal was served. This was around the point where we were just about to make landfall in South America.

Satay course was first served.

My appetizer was caviar. This has always been presented the same way as far as I remember it.

But the shot of vodka was new to me. It went so well with the salty black pearls. Really enjoyed this.

My partner’s appetizer was poached lobster with eggplant confit. It was good too. The lobster was succulent and crunchy and the sauce flavourful. Overall rating 9/10

Salad came next. It was just an ordinary salad. I have no comment.

I had the beed short rib which I found rather too heavy. I think the taste was good but perhaps I had just eaten too much on this flight and my digestion system was at its limits.

My partner’s Teochew porridge was much much better. The fish was fresh and the soup was sweet and delicious.

Desserts were beautifully presented (on plates!). Both the financier with and the ice cream were good. Overall rating 9/10.

After the meal, we were already flying along the Brazilian coast north of Rio

Super gorgeous Rio. It must be really good weather down there. The 2 white arcs of Copacabana and Ipanema were so clear from up here. Memories of 2 years ago in the city flashed back. In the distance, one can also discern Galeao airport and closer to the foreground, the spectacularly-sited Santos Dumont airport.

Further down from Rio there is an interesting geographical feature: a really long sand spit stretching for miles.

Nearing Sao Paulo, we made a long loop south of the city over Congonhas airport before reversing back towards Guarulhos. View of super dense Sao Paulo from high above.

Nearing Guarulhos, it’s still very dense but mainly lowrise.

Landing soon.
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:01 am

We landed ahead of schedule at 515 on a glorious summer afternoon some 25 hours after departure from Singapore. Some construction is still ongoing but I doubt this terminal / expansion will be ready in time of the World Cup.

One last look at 9V-SWQ. It would be another short turnaround for her before the long trek home. She would have worked almost nonstop for more than 54 hours when she reached SIN. Truly a workhorse for SQ.

Immigration was really smooth at this hour of the day with SQ being the only international arrival and we being the first passengers to disembark. We checked through everything to Panama so we didn’t have to wait for our luggage. We went straight to Guarucoop taxi stand, paid almost USD 50 for the taxi ride to Hotel Emiliano on Oscar Freire.

The Emiliano seen from below. Because Sao Paulo is really dense, the buildings are tall and skinny. Emiliano is an extreme example. There are only 3 rooms per floor!

And there is no pool for this USD 700 / night hotel. Space constraint = pool being replaced by an outdoor tub. Haha.

And sundeck chairs are really so close to a neighbouring apartment.

And when I lie down on the sundeck chair …. Everybody can see me. Haha.

View from our room is gorgeous: downtown Sao Paulo basked in sunset.

I really like the décor. The colour scheme is soothing natural wood. The wood paneling has a rather retro feel. And the furniture is cool. Here with the Eames Chair. But USD 700 for this room is overpriced in my opinion. Brazil is expensive and Sao Paulo is most expensive, side by side by Rio which I found just as ridiculously expensive. Fortunately, we had the voucher from Leading Hotel of the World to burn.

Wardrobe is nice.

As is the elaborate minibar

Toilet design is one of my favourite. I love the white carrara tops.

The amenities are very cute especially the comb. I don't use combs but I must keep it because it is so beautiful.

While the room is quite impressive, I thought the public areas are not that posh.

Since it was almost dawn when we reached the hotel (29 hours after departure from SIN), we fell asleep and slept through a dinner reservation which I had made for that evening. We had a really good night rest because the bed was one of the best I had ever slept on.

The next morning, we walked around the hotel. It was a very nice, safe, and chic neighbourhood.

And of course, we had the obligatory stop at the Havaianas flagship store to buy some good sandals. These proved to be quite handy in Havana.

To be continued with Part 2: GRU-PTY-HAV ....

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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:54 am

An auspicious inaugural post; a good critique of SQ's offerings. It looks to be pleasant given the length of the flight.
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:59 am

Excellent first post! Woulda fooled me if you said you've been doing it for a while. Offering on SQ looks great, as always. What I would give to do a trip like this... Keep it up!
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:15 am

Excellent report, SQ First sure is fancy! foods looks very apetizing as well.

Glad to read about SQ68, and good to know loads are also pretty good, I spot it frequently here in BCN, I love SQ and Singapore as well, so I love seeing the mighty 77W here in BCN 

Sao Paulo looks a bit daunting lol, that Citroen dealer is a small copy of their showroom building in Champs Elysees (sp) in Paris  

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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:38 pm

Nice report - SQ F looks very nice. I think they should make the product on the 77W and A380 the same though...doesn't make sense to pax to have two different longhual F cabins.

Looks like the food wasn't as good as it could have been. You should feed that back to SQ! Nice that the crew were good, and gave you some toys to take home!

The $700 hotel in Sao Paolo looks nice, although a bit overpriced. Comfy looking bed! Upcoming flights: AMS-RIX-BUD-VDA,ETH-TLV-FCO-LHR,STN-TXL-LCY,LTN-CPH-LTN,LGW-SZG,MUC-LHR
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:27 am

Fantastic report!

Quoting SQueeze (Reply 4):
Further down from Rio there is an interesting geographical feature: a really long sand spit stretching for miles.

I think that it may be this: (Google Maps link)

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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:59 am

Thank you guys for all the inputs and comments.

Phileet92, this is my 1st report here on but I have been posting in another forum for SQ fans. I thought would be great to also share my experiences on my home carrier (which I am really proud of) with a wider audience.

MIASpotter, that day, it was doing well only up to BCN. BCN-GRU was not that busy. SIN-GRU was even less busy. And on the return (GRU-BCN-DIN), even worse. Yes, SQ First is indeed fancy. I very much love it but I thought Lufthansa may have better food (at least presentation-wise) - looks more upclass. But may be it's just people tend to think that grass is greener on the other side.

Gabrielchew, indeed they should standardize their products. Now SQ has 3 different types of F. I like the Suites best for sleeping and dining face to face with partner but not for sitting as the IFE screen is too far. The current F seat is ok. I think they made some small improvements with the pillows. I have not tried The New New F recently launched to London and Mumbai but I have sat in the Business Class cabin and it was spectacular. Hope get to try that F some time soon. It should be good. All our complaints in business class have been addressed. Expect the same in F. As for food, I think I may just have been too demanding, haha. Food is good but may be I have flown too much with them and been served the same. / similar things. The initial excitement has worn off.
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Thu Apr 03, 2014 6:49 pm

Great trip report!
Nice you stayed at the Emiliano, I live on that same neibourhood and just love to be around there!
I think there are other great hotel options around there. The Emiliano hotel is just overpriced for what it is, but is where all the chic and famous from Brazil stay, so it has its reputation.

Quoting MIAspotter (Reply 7):
hat Citroen dealer is a small copy of their showroom building in Champs Elysees (sp) in Paris

Even though there is always a car inside that place, that is actually not a Dealer but a cafe and restaurant that Citroen owns in partership with a French restaurant close to there called Paris 6.

Loved to see the SQ service! I hope they do stronger in this route to Brazil as it is one of the few 5 star Asian carriers that serve our country!

Thanks for sharing!!
Now, on to the Copa report!!
Picture by Justin Cederholm at MCO.
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:55 am

Quoting SQueeze (Thread starter):
Immigration was really smooth at this hour of the day with SQ being the only international arrival and we being the first passengers to disembark

The only international arrival?!?!? That's really strange...

SQ arrives close to:

SA from JNB
G3 from MVD
EQ from UIO
EK from DXB
EY from AUH
QR from DOH
TK from IST

Not to mention flights arriving 30 min to 1 hour later:
KL from AMS
AF from CDG
LA from SCL
G3 from VVI
IB from MAD
JJ from EZE
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Sat May 03, 2014 8:31 pm

Amazing report. Thanks
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Mon May 05, 2014 9:23 am

Simply amazing trip report on SQ F class. What a way to fly half the globe.
Stunning food presentation (at least for me, still). SQ lives up to its standard and never failed to impress.

Sure you had plenty of fun in Sao Paulo, it's very entertaining city with beautiful people all around.

Will follow on your next reports!!
Let's just blame it on yields.
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RE: Part 1:Star-studded To Latin America (CGK-SIN-GRU)

Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:30 pm

What an amazing way to launch you’re A.Net reporter “career”. This is a fantastic report, and itinerary, and I couldn’t do it any way but in premium. And, you did it in an airline with class – SQ!

Quoting SQueeze (Reply 1):
Desserts were served next. There was only 1 selection in the First Class menu, which was a big let down. This was the lemon cream. It was served in a bowl, another let down. Come on SQ, this is First Class. Dessert on a plate would be much much more presentable.

= What is with SQ having some of the poorest dessert in premium cabins?! This has been my consistent gripe with SQ. Even YCL gets a better offering!

Quoting SQueeze (Thread starter):
And since the LS noticed my affinity to my soft friend, she sweetly gave me a pair of bears as gift. Haha.

= How classic SQ!

Quoting SQueeze (Thread starter):
Barcelona has a much larger and more bustling Schengen departure areas than where we were (the international departures). Schengen zone has a lot more shops and F&B. The international zone, IMO, is pretty pathetic. We were lucky because we had lounge access.

= Uugh. Don't get me started on how pathetic BCN non-S is!

What an excellent report. Welcome to the community. SQ remains a true gem - dessert withstanding  .

Live, and let live.

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