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JetBlue Summer Trip To New York

Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:28 am

Every summer I go to New York City to visit my grandma for a week. Usually we fly to JFK and take B6. I was not sure about the evening flight because it is always delayed. The flight was much cheaper than the morning flight so we decided to do the night flight. The day of our flight there were thunderstorms in SYR and JFK and all over New York. At about 2pm I got an update from my jetblue app that said that my flight was cancelled. I then called B6 because they wouldn’t let me rebook my flight online. After about a 30 minute wait on hold they told me that I was already rebooked on the same flight the next day. We wanted to be rebooked on the earlier the flight but since the flight was cancelled the two days before almost all the seats were filled except for one seat on the 6AM flight. So then JetBlue emailed me my new itinerary with my new flight and I was all set for the next day.
Our flight was scheduled to depart at 709PM. I left my house around 450PM and got to SYR about 10 mins later. I was inside and checked in and through security by 515pm. The line for security was a few people long. Once we were through security we walked over to the DL/UA side of the airport and there were no flights out for the rest of the night, so over there were about 3 planes and not a single person in that part of the airport. So we walked over to the other side and watched a US A320 from CLT land. Usually that would have been an A319 and would turn for CLT. Since it was a holiday (July 4) and there were not a lot of flights leaving it spent the night and flew to CLT the following morning. While I was down there I saw an envoy 145 land and a dash 8 takeoff. After the US dash 8 left to PHL I went back to our gate to see our E190 arrive from JFK. Once the plane arrived at the gate, they deplaned from the front and allowed people to deplane through the air stairs and once the crew swapped we boarded. I was one of the first people to board since we were in 14A an Extra Legroom seat. On the E190 its row 1, 12, 13 and 14. They board with anyone who has Extra Legroom/Mosaic then pre boarding then general boarding from the rear of the aircraft forward. Boarding went by quick and we pushed back and started up our engines. We then taxied out from the ramp onto taxiway alpha then taxied down crossed over runway 28, we were holding short for about 2 minutes and then taxied onto the runway and took off. We took off and made a left turn and flew parallel to SYR then flew past by a few miles and made another left turn and were then cleared to the POPMY VOR. We then climbed up to 21,000 feet and flew down to JFK. Overall it was a smooth flight with a few bumps along the way. Once we got up to cruise they flight attendants came through with their “express service” which was coke, diet coke, sprite and water. After that they came through with animal crackers and peanuts. After flying down towards the city we began our descent. We began our descent as the sun started to set. We descended through a layer of clouds and broke through the clouds over the Atlantic Ocean at about 5000 feet. We then made a wide right turn and were lined up for landing on runway 4R. It was a great sunset as we came crossed over the shoreline. It was a smooth approach and as we touched down the plane hit the runway hard. It was probably the hardest landing I ever had with hard braking. We then exited the runway and taxied over and crossed 4L and taxied up to gate 1 and shut down the engines. Once they opened the door we deplaned after a short wait and we then went down to baggage claim 5, to get our bags then got our taxi to my grandmas.
JetBlue Check in Counter
N921DN arrived as DL 1841 from ATL and left the following morning as DL 816 to ATL
Brickyard 3286 from DCA
A dash 8 on final for 33
The DL MD90
N977DL arrived July 3 as flight 2217 from MSP and left as flight 2286 to MSP July 5
Once I went over to the over side I saw a few departures and arrivals from runway 33
N806EX as US 4166 to PHL
N114UW as US 2036 from CLT
Video of the Arrival-
Taxing into gate 8
Envoy 3239 arriving from ORD
At gate 12
With the arrival of the Envoy 145 there were no other arrivals so we went to our gate, gate 15 and we waited for our plane to arrive
Gate 15
Our plane pulling in
At the gate
JetBlue 1815
July 4, 2014
Syracuse, NY(SYR)-New York City(JFK)
2005 Embraer 190 N184JB
Seat 14A
Scheduled Departure Time- 7:08PM
Actual Departure Time- 7:26PM
Scheduled Arrival Time- 8:04PM
Actual Arrival Time- 8:19PM
Flight Time- 53 Minutes
Departure Runway- 33
Arrival Runway-4R
At about 655PM they started boarding about 15 minutes later than scheduled
View from my seat
View out my window
At about 715pm we began out pushback and started up our engines and within a few minutes
Starting out taxi
Taxing by the cactus airbus
Headed for runway 33
Once we got to the runway we held for a few minutes before we took off and at 7:25pm we were cleared for takeoff
Departure Video:
“JetBlue 1815 contact departure”
Circling around SYR as we climb out towards JFK
Once we got up to our cruising altitude the flight attendants came through with their service. I got a sprite and animal crackers. I also walked to the back because there were some open seats on the opposite side of the plane and there were a lot of clouds so I walked back. Before long the seatbelt sign was turned on and before long we were out over the water descending into JFK.
My snack and soda
Starting our descent
Over the water" title="Hosted by" />
We made a smooth approach over the water into JFK. Once we were lined up for 4R the pilots lowered the landing gear and flaps. At 8:19PM we made the hardest landing I have ever had on 4R with hard braking to exit the runway. We then taxied pretty quickly off the runway we held short for an AA 290 a 757 to DUB to takeoff then crossed 4L and taxied straight into the ramp behind a A340 two A380’s and a A330. We arrived at gate one, shut down our engines and deplaned shortly after that. After getting our bags we went out to the curb to get our taxi and about 20 minutes later got to my grandma’s house.
Video of our arrival:
A320 slowing down behind us
AA 290 departing 4L
Crossing 4L
Passing by two A320s
N569JB the 10s plane leaving to SDQ…. flight 109
Arriving at the gate
On the way to baggage claim I saw a few planes on the way out
Binary Code livery N709JB as flight 659 to KIN
N648JB B6 1205 to PDX at gate 16
On the way to bags
Baggage claim
It was a nice week in New York. It was good weather…. We went to my grandma’s pool and we went to the ocean at jones beach one day. We went to a couple movies and had a good week. Since our flight was cancelled on the inbound flight we had one less day so it went by pretty quick. Our Flight home was Thursday July 10. Our flight was 459PM we left my grandma’s house a couple minutes before 2pm. It is about a 20 – 30 minute ride to JFK. There was a long check in line and security line. We both had Extra Legroom seats so you can go through an expedited security line. On this flight I also had TSA precheck so I did not have to take off my shoes. We were through security with about an hour and half before boarding so we got some lunch then went to an area where we could watch the arrivals on 13L.
Arriving into JFK
Air India 777
Pictures from the curbside at the end of terminal 5
Flight 1373 to CHS N821JB with sharklets
Checking in
Here are some of the pictures of different planes I saw when I was near gate 18
B6 403 to SJU pushing back from gate 19
N182AN as flight 66 from SJU
DL 2588 from SEA slowing down on 13L
N636JB B6 477 to JAX pushing back from gate 21
N373JB B6 118 to BOS
N968AN AA 178 from BOS
B6 802 from FLL
N281SK as flight 6145 from SDF
AA A321
After sitting by gate 18 for a while, we walked around the terminal and saw a few planes. After this we headed back to our gate and got ready to board our plane up to SYR. Before we left I saw our plane arrive at gate 20. It was the first flight of the day for 236 so it taxied on over from the hangar about 1 hour before boarding.
Aer Lingus A330
CRJ900 starting a right turn after taking off 13R
Flight 423 to LAX N651JB at gate 8
N789JB at gate 25 to FLL as flight 1801
N590JB as flight 37 to STI at gate 7
By the time we got back to our gate it was just about time to board
JetBlue 1516
July 10, 2014
New York City(JFK)- Syracuse(SYR)
2006 Embraer 190 N236JB
Seat 14A
Scheduled Departure Time- 4:59PM
Actual Departure Time- 5:48PM
Scheduled Arrival Time- 6:30PM
Actual Arrival Time- 6:30PM (right ontime)
Flight Time- 42 minutes
Departure Runway- 13R
Arrival Runway-28
My plane N236JB flew this plane in October SYR-JFK. The flight was delayed about 4 hours on that flight.
B6 1516
Once we boarded we went to our seats in row 14. Boarding finished about 20 minutes later and the doors were closed. We sat for about 10 mins before pushback. The pilots started one of the engines and we began as the pilot said during his preflight announcement “the two mile taxi to 13R.” we were about 15 in line for takeoff. As we taxied I saw a lot of different planes and saw 3 AA 737-800’s takeoff. One to LAS one to ORD and the other to BDA. We took off behind a company E190 (N324JB) to CLT. We had a rolling takeoff and passed about 15 planes on our takeoff roll. Immediately after takeoff we began our left turn to a 110 heading and flew over JFK. After a few left turns we were on the way up to 21,000 feet and headed north towards SYR. On this flight they did the express service again. It got really bumpy at one point so they stopped bring out drinks until the pilots climbed up to a higher altitude and it smoothed out. The flight is usually less than 50 minutes with about 15-20 minutes at cruise. Before long we were headed down into SYR. We made a quick Descent with the spoilers deployed for the majority of the descent. We made a long base and ended up turning about a 15 mile final for runway 28. We made a smooth touchdown at 630pm right ontime. We exited the runway at taxiway golf then taxied alpha right into gate 3 and the pilots shut down the engines a few minutes later. My sister got off first and went out to my mom’s car and I went and saw the few planes that were at SYR and then down to get my bags.
View from my seat forward
Out the window
From my window I could see a few planes landing
B6 167 to OAK taxing to 13R
N1603 as DL 466 to SVO
N569JB (parked next to this plane on the inbound flight) at gate 26 from AUA as flight 958 and turned to PBI as flight 153.
N546UA UA 512 to SFO
Then taxied by the AA terminal
Then the international terminal
LOT 787
Iberia 6250 to MAD rolling down 13R
N948AN AA flight 199 to ORD
N987AN AA 1416 to BDA
Headed for 13R
Following N324JB as B6 1119 to CLT
Following us N637JB as B6 803 to SJU
Looking back
Video of our Departure:
During our takeoff roll
Climbing out
Right before the turbulence started
PTV- I kept it on channel 13, the inflight map
On this flight I got a sprite and blue chips. It took while to get though because of the turbulence. But they got almost everyone there sodas in time just to do a trash pickup. They have one bag for recycle and one for trash.
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RE: JetBlue Summer Trip To New York

Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:35 am
Turning final
Arrival Video:
Touchdown- welcome to SYR
Arriving at the gate
My plane at the gate
Allegiant to MYR
Cactus 1873 an A319 to CLT at gate 8
N819AE as flight 3239 to ORD at gate 5 (AA new gate at SYR, they moved within the week I was gone)
Baggage Claim
My plane from outside
Once I got our bags – I walked out to my mom’s car and drove about 5 minutes home. When I got home a DL 737-800 (N3765) a skyteam 738- DL 1206 PHX-JFK diverted to SYR, if I arrived a while later I could have seen it. The day before I was supposed to leave when my flight was cancelled a skyteam 757 diverted to SYR from SFO-JFK. So at least I got to see that one.
Thanks for reading
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RE: JetBlue Summer Trip To New York

Sun Jul 13, 2014 4:03 pm

JETBLUE is much better than the majors.
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RE: JetBlue Summer Trip To New York

Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:53 am

Hi Max,

Great to see another aspiring trip reporter around my age on here. JetBlue's EMS product is nice, and the service is okay. Expierenced it on a 25-minute flight FLL-NAS.

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RE: JetBlue Summer Trip To New York

Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:18 pm

Quoting lychemsa (Reply 2):

JETBLUE is much better than the majors.

Absolutely. It's so refreshing to see a domestic US airline doing what they are doing.
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RE: JetBlue Summer Trip To New York

Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:56 am

Quoting lychemsa (Reply 2):
JETBLUE is much better than the majors.

One of my favorites!
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RE: JetBlue Summer Trip To New York

Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:57 am

Quoting lpdal (Reply 3):
JetBlue's EMS product is nice

i like the A320 better then the 190

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