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Atlanta On AA/US And E170 With Extended Winglets

Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:39 am

Every summer I go to ATL for about a week. I found out in January what dates I would be going and after looking into my flight options I decided I would take US from SYR-CLT on an A320 and then take an A319 from CLT-ATL. Then for the return flight I would take an AA CRJ-700 to ORD and then a E145 to SYR. The total cost for the flights were $713.50. UA was about 830 and DL $760. Before I made my flight called to see if there was the AA flight to ORD at about 6AM then to ATL and back on US because those flight times worked better, but online it showed that the those flights were not available. They said the same thing when I called, so I decided to make the US flight through CLT on the A320 and A319 (as it turns out the A319 I would have taken was N814AW one of the first A319’s to be repainted into the new AA colors.) about a month after making the flight the AA early morning ORD flight had become available and the return US flight was still open. So I called US and said that the flight wasn’t available when I made my CLT flight. They said that I would have to pay the $200 dollar change fee plus the difference in airfare. So a couple weeks later I got an email from AA that my return flight ATL had been changed. The times changed by about an hour and the ATL-ORD flight had switched from a CR7 to the new AA (republic) E170. So once this happened I called back and since the flight had changed they said they could not change my flight, but could refund my flight and then I could just rebook the flight because it was only a couple dollars more. So with this I rebooked myself on the new flights which would be an AA E145 SYR-ORD then a new AA (republic) E170 ORD-ATL. Then for the return flight it would be ATL-PHL on a US E170 and then PHL-SYR on another US E170. Once I made the flight I assigned myself the seats I wanted. The only seat I was not too happy with was the ORD-ATL flight. By the time I had made this flight, it was pretty full and one of the last window seats was 12A and it was over the wing closer to the engine. But on the rest of them I got good seats. Overall I was glad I was able to find a way to switch the flight over to the one I wanted through ORD instead of CLT.
My flight was scheduled to depart at 640AM. Boarding was scheduled to begin at 615AM. So I woke up at 345AM so I could be out of my house by 4AM. I live about 10-15 mins away from SYR so I would get there about 2 hours before boarding. I wanted to be able to see all the early flights leave so I thought I would have plenty of time to do that. I got dropped off at the curb and walked in and was on line at the AA counter at 417AM. I checked the FIDS and my flight was not on there. I was the fourth person to get on line and two of the three people ahead of me where checking in with AC to YYZ. AC uses the AA counter and gate at SYR. There was no one behind the counter when I got there. It was about a 10 minute wait and at 430 one AA person came over and made an announcement that the AA system was down. She said that they were unable to check anyone in. They could not check any bags and print out boarding passes or bag tags. However the AC system was working. So she began checking in the AC passengers. A couple of the people who were going to YYZ wanted to move their seats however the agent said that AC rents the space from AA and the only thing she is allowed to do is check people in and bags for YYZ. They can’t print out boarding passes or assign seats or anything else for connecting flights from YYZ. At least one of the passengers checking in was connecting through YYZ to NRT. She was supposed to go the night before but her flight was cancelled. She showed up really late and was arguing with the agent because she couldn’t give her an aisle seat for the long flight for the YYZ-NRT flight. The agent told her that she needed to go to the gate before she missed this flight. As all this was happening the AA system still was not working and the line for AA was getting really long. The one agent working was nice and kept us informed and kept apologizing for the situation. Only one person during the whole time on line, left the back of the line and came up to the front and for about 5 minutes and started yelling at the agent and arguing with her about he hates AA and how she was inefficient. She told him that she was on the phone with ROC, ALB, BUF and ART and trying to see if they could check us in there and send the boarding passes for the gate, or if they could give us gate passes and then check people in at the gate but the gate was having the same issue the counter was. So she said I am doing everything I can and I am sorry for the wait. After about 35 minutes of waiting everyone for AC to YYZ was checked in. However no one for AA was checking and there was a full E145 of people that were not checked in and it was less than 45 mins before departure. After about another 10 minutes, they decided that they would handwrite out the boarding pass and bag tags. They then went through the list of everyone on the plane and checked off them off. They had one person check off the person’s name then the next person she asked where your final destination was and if it was a connecting flight she handwrote out the SYR-ORD boarding pass and told you once you got to ORD, go to your connecting gate and show them the handwritten boarding pass and your ID and they will print out your next boarding pass. Then the next person handwrote out a bag tag and got your connecting flight# and city so they bag would be transferred. Then you could go up to the gate. At first they waited to have you come up to start this unusual check in process, but since I was only the second person of 50 to check in and we were 40 minutes to departure, the first person went up and down the entire line of people to find out what everyone’s name was and there final destination to cross check with the list of everyone on the plane. The person infront of me was going to TUS and the woman behind me was going to ANC, but she was not on the one list so they thought she was on UA but she was on a different list so there where a few issues getting everybody checked in. We were all told that security knew was going on so we would not have any issue with the handwritten boarding passes. I left the AA check in counter for security at 552AM. I spent 1 hour and 35 minutes on line before being “checked in” and getting my boarding pass and bag checked in. The only good thing about this long wait was that they didn’t charge $25 dollars to check in a bag. I then went down to a part of the airport were you can see the ramp. I got there in time to see the B6 E190 as flight 115 the 6AM flight to JFK pushback. After that I went up to security. It was a quick wait and I was through in about 5-10 minutes. As I was going through I saw the B6 E190 begin its taxi and the DL MD90 nonstop to ATL pushback. Once I was through I got some breakfast and went down to my gate. I have never flown AA so I was hoping I would get on the old colors before they were gone. I knew that my E170 from ORD-ATL would be the new colors. I went to my gate and saw my plane and was glad to see N688AE in old colors was sitting there. I lucked out because the day before it was in the new colors.
Driving into the airport
An empty check in area early on this Sunday morning
The AA counter with one of the two kiosks that where not working
N198JB as flight 115 to JFK pushing back from gate 11
N959DN at gate 25 as DL 816 to ATL
N12569 at gate 26 departed to ORD as ASQ 5900 at 1020AM
3 US planes with B6 E190 beginning its takeoff roll by the E170 tail. N430AW headed to PHL at 910AM as flight 3732
N916DE at gate 24 before departing to MSP as flight 2286, N916DE was at SYR as the early morning flight to ATL last summer when I flew to ATL
N430AW with N916DE in the background
N280SK on taxiway mike headed for runway 28 for departure to JFK as DL 6049
Brickyard 3452 N133HQ to PHL at gate 9
C-GAAV AC 7285 to YYZ
N104UW as US 867 to CLT at gate 8 leaving around 810AM. This was the orginal flight I was going to take to CLT. With a Dash 8 N362PH as UA4779 to EWR taxing to runway 28 in the background
N362PH taking off
N354JB at gate 3 as B6 655 to MCO
A good morning for flying
My plane at the gate 5, AA moved from gate 12 to gate 5 the week before, to be in the same area as US as gate 5 used to be a US gate
Front of the plane
American Eagle “Envoy” 2987
Sunday July 13, 2014
2004 Embraer ERJ-145 N688AE
Seat 18A
Scheduled Departure- 6:40AM
Actual Departure-7:29AM (departure delayed because of the computer issues)
Scheduled Arrival- 7:43AM
Actual Arrival- 8:11AM
Departure Gate-5
Arrival Gate- G8
Flying time- 1 hour 42 minutes
Boarding video
Gate 5
View of the wing
B6 pilots
I then looked out my window as they were loading up the bags and saw my bag on the lower left. All the bags had the yellow handwritten bag tags
Eventually the pilot came on said that as we knew there were computer issues and the last of the passengers were still at check in and that as soon as they got everyone done we would pushback and they hoped to be able to make up some of the time in the air. He then said the weather and flying time and after about 15 more mins the rest of the passengers boarded and they closed the doors. Within 5 minutes we were pushing along with the B6 E190 to MCO pushed at the same time as us and he turned to the right we pushed straight back. We started up our engines and began our taxi. We taxied to runway 28 on taxiways Echo then Alpha then crossed over runway 33 and we then held short of runway 28. The E190 followed us then turned onto runway 33 then onto runway 28 and backtaxied to the end and took off infront of us. As soon as the E190 was in the air, we taxied onto the runway and took off. I was not sure why the E190 taxied onto the runway and backtaxied and took off infront of us. Just before 730AM we taxied onto the runway and took off.
Pushing back
Starting our taxi
Passing by the US A320
Crossing runway 33
Taxing onto the runway
Departure Video
Taking off
Right after takeoff we made a right turn and flew a 310 heading to join the V483 airway and began our flight west towards ORD
Climbing out
The engine
The cabin during the beverage service
Once the beverage service was completed, one of the pilots came on and informed us of arrival gate and the time of our arrival. He then said the weather and thanks for his business and that we would be descending into ORD shortly.
Descending into ORD
10 minutes prior to landing the flaps were lowered and we made a right turn to line up for landing
During the flight up at cruise we passed right above a DL 757WL and as we were on final an AA E170 descended from above us and then followed us and landed on the parallel runway.
Short final
Landing video
We touched down around 30 minutes late. Once we landed we taxied off the runway and made a right turn and then another left turn and taxied down to a runup area and we taxied off the runway and then the pilots shut down the engines. The pilot made an announcement that since we were late, there was another plane using our gate and that it should be pushing shortly and that he would get back to us. About ten minutes went by and the pilot once again came on and said the plane was the still there and he hoped it would not be too much longer. Ten minutes passed again and he came on and said “well, im out of excuses…. They are trying to get us a new gate. We realize that many of you with less than one hour connections have your connections. Once we get to the gate go to customer service to get rebooked. About five to ten minutes later the engines started and once again the pilot came on and said they got us a new gate and we were still far away and would have about a five to ten minute taxi and we would be at the gate. Once we got to the gate I was one of the last off because I was in the last row. The people next to me were traveling to SJC had about 30 minutes, but only had to go a few gates away. I had about 40 minutes but had to switch concourses. My original layover was supposed to be 2 hours but ended up being 40 minutes with all the delays. Once I got off the plane I went to the agent to try to get my ATL boarding pass (since they could not print it out at SYR). Someone else from the plane was doing the same thing. I didn’t have too much time and had to get from the G concourse to the H concourse so I decided I would get my boarding pass at the ATL gate. Once I got to the gate, the plane was not there. But within a couple minutes the E170 N428YX with the new extended winglets pulled into the gate and boarding began within twenty minutes.
DL 3322 N912XJ to JFK at gate E14
On the way to the holding area, we passed a UA 747 in the old blue tulip livery. N174UA as UA 835 PVG
Passing by two AA E145 one eagle one AA connection. The Eagle N623AE arriving from MHK as flight 3446 and the connection E145 N295SK arriving as flight 5335 from SDF
Next to this E145 in the holding area
After starting up our engines and getting taxi clearance we started to taxi to the gate.
N15555 as flight 4504 from SAV
N13133 as flight 3851 to LNK
Pulling into the gate
Since I was in the last row, it took a while to deplane
My plane from in the terminal
SkyWest CRJ200
FIDS (my flight to ATL AA4289/US8523)
On the way to my gate
Once I got to the gate the plane was not there yet, so I went up to the gate agent and explained her what happened at SYR and she seemed pretty confused that the boarding pass was handwritten and then she asked for my ID and reprinted my ORD-ATL boarding pass. After a couple of minutes my plane pulled into the gate. Within twenty minutes of the plane pulling in they made an announcement that the flight was full so they needed people to gate check there bags to the baggage claim at ATL for free. Anyone who let them check there bag they let board before they began preboard. After preboarding and first class they began general boarding. Overall boarding was pretty quick and they got everyone on the plane and seated fairly quickly. The two flight attendants Chris and William were getting all the bags stowed and once everyone was on the plane they closed all the overhead bins and the boarding door. Prior to the flight attendants beginning the safety demo they came over to person on the aisle next to me and the woman in our row in the opposite window, they both were traveling together and after takeoff they switched around and the person on the other aisle came and sat next to me. Both people had really young babies so the flight attendants told them where the infant lifevests were. We pushed back and started our engines. Within a few minutes the flaps were lowered and we began our taxi. It was a fairly quick taxi. We taxied by the international terminal and I saw some 747s and triple seven’s. A couple minutes later the pilots came on and said how long our flight time would be, the weather in ATL and then said we were a couple planes away from takeoff and then asked the flight attendants to be seated for takeoff. Within a couple minutes we were taking the runway and after a brief hold we were beginning our takeoff roll on runway 28R from the intersection Echo Echo. It was a pretty short roll and before long we were airborne. Immediately after departure we made a wide left turn and then began to climb out. After one right turn we were on the way to ATL.
Gate H6
My plane to ATL N428YX with the new extended winglets
Extended Winglets
My plane on the right with the new winglets and the old winglets on the left
American Eagle “Republic” 4289
Sunday July 13, 2014
2014 (2 months old at the time of flight) Embraer ERJ-175 w/ extended wingets N428YX
Seat 12A
Scheduled Departure- 9:45AM
Actual Departure-10:19AM
Scheduled Arrival- 12:25PM
Actual Arrival- 12:46PM
Departure Gate-H6
Arrival Gate- T10
Flying time- 1 hour 27 minutes
Looking forward at the end of boarding
Wing view out the gate
Extended winglet
Flaps down, starting our taxi
JAL 777
N794AN AA289 preparing for departure to PVG at gate K12
N907DE DL 2183 also headed to ATL
“Brickyard 4289 cleared for takeoff 28R Echo,Echo”
Departure Video:
“Brickyard 4289 contact Chicago Departure”
Getting closer to cruise
Once we got up to our cruising altitude the flight attendants came through with the beverage cart. The only served drinks they didn’t give anyone any snacks in coach.
As we got closer to ATL, the pilots came on and told us the weather and our arrival information. As we began our descent the clouds started to increase and we made some turns to fly around them. At the end of the descent the flight attendants came through the cabin for trash pickup and at 12:34PM the pilots lowered the flaps. We then made our final descent and the flaps got lowered a little more and we slowed down for landing. At 12:40PM the landing gear was lowered as we turned final for runway 26R. We then flew a parallel approach alongside a DL A320. We made a rough landing on runway 26R at 12:46PM as we rolled out a DL 717 took off from 26L. We rolled down the rest of the runway and taxied via the Victor loop and without crossing over 26L we taxied into gate T10.
Final Descent
DL 370- N340NW on final from MGA
Departing Traffic with KAL 36 A380 HL-7619 preparing for departure to ICN from 27R
About to touchdown
Arrival Video:
UA E170 departing
DL 717
Arriving at the gate
View out the window from row 1, while I was waiting to go in the cockpit
Once we got to the gate, they connected the jetway and deplaning began within a few minutes. As I was getting off I asked the flight attendant who was standing up in the front if I could talk to the pilots. She said the CA left the plane and the FO was in the lavatory if I wanted to wait so I told her I would and sat down in seat 1A in first class. A couple of minutes later I heard the flight attendant say to an agent who wanted to clean first class that there was still someone in first class, as she said that the FO came out of the bathroom and I went in to the cockpit. The CA was Henry and the FO was Benjamin. I talked to Benjamin for about ten minutes. I told him how I am going to be a pilot and fly a Cessna 172. We talked for a few more minutes and I took some pictures and then I thanked him and left. I then went down to baggage claim and got my bag, I then had to walk over to the other side where DL baggage claim is and I met up with my ride.
Cockpit- lower left is the yellow sticker that says extended winglets
Gate T10
My plane at the gate
Leaving the airport
After the week in ATL it was time to head back to SYR. I went to ATL for a camp so there were lots of people flying different airlines to different cities. My flight was scheduled to leave at 510PM on US to PHL. Different people’s fights started leaving at 3PM so we all got to the airport around 1230PM. I was one of the few people flying US. Since it was ATL the majority of the people were flying DL and some WN. I was one of the few people flying US so I got checked in and was able to meet back up with the group pretty quickly. Once everyone got checked in and we all went through security then and then I went down the escalator and got on the underground (plane train) from security to concourse D where my flight was leaving from. I then got some dinner and found a place to charge my phone and video and take pictures of planes arriving and departing.
Driving into ATL

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RE: Atlanta On AA/US And E170 With Extended Winglets

Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:44 am
Of course the first two planes ATL I saw were DL
DL curbside check in
Once I got to the US counter, I used the kiosk to check in and print out my boarding passes and then I selected that I would be checking one bag, then I went around all the kiosks to get on line for the bag drop. Once I got to the counter I paid the $25 and my bag was 51 pounds so she made me take something out so it would be 50. Otherwise she said she would have to charge me.
“Thank You for riding the plane train”
Concourse D
Plane spotting from concourse D
N216FR flight 423 to DEN at gate D7

FL 717 N923AT
DL 738
DL 767WL
N531US touching down, finishing DL 1068 from RSW
N909DE taxing to gate E16 after arriving from KDAY as flight 2467
DL MD88 and 717
N393DA DL 392 from PTY
N670US at gate E26 from NRT as DL 296
N570AS to PDX as AS 753
N814NW DL 240 to FCO
Split scimitar WN
N844MH DL 130 to MUC at gate E28
N809NW DL 115 from BCN headed for gate E18
N206FR from DEN flight 420
N165US US 1787 to CLT
N305DQ DL 510 from PLS headed foe E34
I then headed to my gate and there was another E170 that had been delayed to PHL around 2PM was boarding. They made an announcement that my plane was on the ground and as soon as this plane was pushed out my plane would taxi over deplane, they would get the plane ready and we would start boarding for PHL a few minutes late.
US 516 to PHX boarding at the next gate….D23
N112HQ US 3356 the delayed 245PM flight to PHL pushing back
My flight …. 3282 to PHL
My plane N126HQ arriving at the gate from PHL as flight 3387
At the gate
Gate D21
As soon as all the passengers from the inbound flight were off they started boarding. It was a full flight and the gate agent made several announcements that the flight was full and anyone who wanted to check there bag, to their final destination could do so for no charge. A couple people went up and did that. Boarding was fairly quick and they boarded the aircraft by zone. It was a full flight so once everyone was on the flight attendants closed up all the overhead bins and the door was closed. The flight attendants then did the safety demo to a recording and we began our pushback. Once we pushed the pilots started up the engines and lowered the flaps and we began a slow taxi. When we reached the end of the ramp, the pilots were given taxi instructions to runway 9L intersection mike 2 for takeoff. We made a right turn for a ramp and taxied down to the runway. When we got to the end we had to hold for about 5 minutes for 2 or 3 planes in front of us. It was a very quick taxi from our gate to the runway was probably a little over 5 minutes and we didn’t stop until we go to the end. Once it was our turn we taxied onto the runway and held for about a minute and at 5:20PM (10 minutes late) the pilots began our takeoff roll. As we took off a Silver Wings Saab 340 took the runway behind us. It was not to powerful of a takeoff and we didn’t use up to much runway and after a pretty quick takeoff roll we rotated a little over half way down the runway(just pass where earlier I had been watching planes takeoff from the end of concourse D). We flew the runway heading for about 5 minutes them made a slight left turn as we climbed towards the bases of the clouds that were covering most of ATL. We had some light turbulence as we climbed through the clouds and once we got on top the flight attendants came through the cabin with a drink service. About half way through the flight I got up and headed back to use the aft lav and someone was using it so the flight attendants said that I could not wait there and needed to return to my seat immediately. The last time I flew US (republic) they did the same thing and made everyone go back to their seats if the lav was occupied. I had someone on the aisle next to me and I didn’t want to make him have to get up an extra two times so I just stood in the aisle for about 5 minutes until it was open. The rest of the flight to PHL went by quick and before long the pilots were announcing our descent and that we should be on the ground within twenty minutes. We made a fast descent down and made two wide turns over the city of Philadelphia as the sun was setting as we got closer to the ground the sky went from sunshine to a nice sunset as we began the last few minutes of the flight. We made one last left turn and were lined up for landing. At 6:47PM we crossed over the threshold of the runway and we landed very hard. It was probably the hardest touchdown I have ever had and the pilots used full reverse and heavy breaking. Once we cleared the runway the pilots came on and said there was a lot of traffic at PHL tonight and that it would take a few minutes to get into the gate. It was not too bad of a wait, and within 10-15 minutes we arrived at gate B7.
US Airways “Republic” Express 3282
Friday July 18, 2014
2008 Embraer ERJ-175
Seat 18A
Scheduled Departure- 5:10PM
Actual Departure-5:20PM
Scheduled Arrival- 7:12PM
Actual Arrival- 7:43PM
Departure Gate-D21
Arrival Gate- B7
Flying time- 1 hour 27 minutes
Gate D21
Getting on the plane
Now oneworld
View out my window
Looking forward
About to start taxi
DL CR2 during its takeoff roll
“Brickyard 3282 9L Mike 2 line up and wait”
Departure video
Right after takeoff
Flaps up
Climbing through 10,000 feet
Left turn
Up above the clouds
Up at cruise
Flight attendants during the service
On this flight I got apple juice
Starting the descent
Turning final
Flaps down
Short final
Hard landing
Video of the landing
Rolling down past a US A330
Exiting the runway
N570UW leaving to CLT as flight 1803 at gate B15
N108HQ Brickyard 3291 to CHS
N76528 split scimitar 737-800 arriving from IAH UA 1559
Taxing to the gate past all US planes
Pulling into the gate
US A320 pulled into the gate next to us
My plane after I got off, flight 3282 continuing onto BTV later that night
During my layover I walked around there terminal, then I went to a place to find a place to charge my phone and watch planes. I found a place where the planes were landing and a A321 to LAX pushed back so I watched them and then I headed down the to where my flight to SYR was departing from.
N808MD flight 3418 to MHT at gate B1

Old and new colors the new color A319 is N703UW US1888 to BOS
N941UW at gate A13 to EDI as flight 784
N271AY as flight 718 to FCO at gate A12
N530VA as flight VX 126 from LAX
N805EX flight 4160 begininng its takeoff roll for the 34 minute flight over to EWR
N307JB arriving as flight 1159 from BOS
N707TW getting pulled over to its gate for flight 196 to CDG
N182UW US 755 to LAX
DL2162 from DTW taxing to gate D12
N551NW DL 1661 to ATL departing runway 27L
N953UW US 722 from BOS arriving at gate b15
This layover was pretty quick, and before long it was time to board the flight to SYR. The flight was full, they also boarded this plane by zone. I boarded right after they started and went to my seat in 18A. On the ATL-PHL flight seat 18A was in the back about four or five rows from the last row. But on this plane since it was only a 170 and the first one was a 175, row 18 was the last row. So when I boarded I headed all the way to the back and towards the end of the boarding some guy sat down on the aisle next to me. Once everyone was seated to we sat for a little bit then pushed back. As we pushed N129HQ ( I flew N129HQ from PHL-ATL in July 2012) pushed back just as we did. It was flying flight 3463 to CVG. It taxied right behind us and took off after we did. Once we pushed back the pilots started the engines and we taxied out made a left turn and taxied past the terminal. We then headed out towards 27L the active runway. We crossed over 27R made a right turn taxied parallel to 27L then made 2 left turns and came back up the way we just came, a couple of planes took off ahead of us including a A330 and a A321 to DEN. We taxied onto the runway and at 9:19PM we began our takeoff roll. It was a longer takeoff roll then the first flight. We climbed out on the runway heading and then made a right turn on course. As we climbed through 10,000 feet and the flight attendants made the announcement about the service a plane passed close to us in the opposite direction, probably descending into PHL. We climbed up to our cruising altitude and the flight attendants came through with a beverage service. This flight went by really fast and before long we were on our final descent into SYR. The flight attendants came through the cabin once to collect trash. We then made a right turn, and we were on base for runway 28. We were on a visual and turned final 5 miles out. The landing was pretty smooth and we rolled down to taxiway Charlie and then taxied to gate 9 on taxi alpha and then echo. Since I was in the last row it took about ten minutes for everyone to deplane then I got off and headed down to bags. My friend was at the airport to see me land. So I met him at bags and once I got my bag we headed down to the area under security in the middle of the airport. I saw my plane and a few other ones that were spending the night. There was a guy there with a kid who liked planes so my friend and I told him we are going to be pilots and then we headed out to where my mom was waiting to pick me up and we saw a couple planes land including a DL MD88 from MSP, MD90 from ATL and AA from ORD. The eagle E145 would be going to ORD the next morning, the same flight I took to ORD a few days earlier. A couple minutes later we left the airport and it was about a ten minute drive home.
US Airways “Republic” Express 3208
Friday July 18, 2014
2004 Embraer ERJ-170
Seat 18A
Scheduled Departure- 9:00PM
Actual Departure-9:19PM
Scheduled Arrival- 10:05PM
Actual Arrival- 10:01PM
Departure Gate-B14
Arrival Gate- 9
Flying time- 42 minutes
Gate B14
First Class seats were blue and Coach were gray. On the first plane the whole plane had blue seats
View out my window
Looking forward
View out my window
N745VJ at gate B$ as flight 2004 to DTW
Almost ready to go
Pushed back—about to start engines
Flaps down, taxing
“Brickyard 3282 Philly Tower, runway 27L line up and wait”
Departure Video
Climbing out
Descending into SYR
Short final
Landing video
My friend sent me this of my plane right after exiting the runway

Headed to the gate
Pulling into gate 9
First Class
Gate 9
My plane from the terminal
Baggage Claim
Before I went outside, I went down to the area under security to see my plane
DL2286 N934DL arriving from MSP
N373JB at gate 15 after arriving from MCO as B6 656
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RE: Atlanta On AA/US And E170 With Extended Winglets

Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:01 pm

Sir, this is nearly impossible to read.

Paragraphs are your friend!
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RE: Atlanta On AA/US And E170 With Extended Winglets

Sat Aug 23, 2014 1:42 am

Quoting FlyAA757 (Reply 2):
Sir, this is nearly impossible to read.

what about it is hard to read
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RE: Atlanta On AA/US And E170 With Extended Winglets

Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:13 am

Great report and pics, thanks for sharing! I really like how you include where each plane is going to/coming from, a very nice touch...
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RE: Atlanta On AA/US And E170 With Extended Winglets

Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:19 pm

Quoting MSNfan (Reply 4):
Great report and pics, thanks for sharing! I really like how you include where each plane is going to/coming from, a very nice touch...

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RE: Atlanta On AA/US And E170 With Extended Winglets

Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:58 pm

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