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KLM CityHopping! LHR-AMS-TLS And Back Pt2

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:02 pm
by michaelg90222
Welcome to the second half of my KLM CityHopping report.

here is a link to the first part: KLM CityHopping! LHR-AMS-TLS And Back Pt1

I'l pick up where I left off... after arriving in TLS.


We found Toulouse to be a charming city with many back streets and old buildings.

We caught the tram out to Beauzelle to get to the “Lets Visit Airbus” site. This was about a 45 minute tram ride from the centre of the city, and only EUR3 (ish) for 2 journeys I seem to remember. Much cheaper than the taxi would’ve been I’m sure!

The museum and A380 tour were a short, well signposted 15 minute walk from Beauzelle tram stop. Although it was well above 40 degrees centigrade and the walk has absolutely no shelter!   

We had a quick look around the museum first, which had a Concorde, an A300, a Sud Caravelle, a Super Guppy, some fighters and light aircraft on offer.    We only spent 45 mins in there due to the timing of our tour, but could’ve happily spent longer.

The A380 tour was excellent, we had an great guide who knew everything inside out. She answered all awkward questions as well, for example when my dad piped up “what are those ones with the blue tailfins over there?” (referring to the stored Skymark birds). She knew the entire Skymark situation inside out and explained it thoroughly to the whole tour group. To top everything off, we saw a Beluga land while we were on the tour, although cameras weren’t allowed so I couldn’t take a photo unfortunately   

Here are a few photos of our stay.
A large and important looking building
Inside a cathedral
Pont-Neuf bridge over the Garonne River
Well signposted from the tram
The Sud Caravelle basking in the heat
Waiting for the tram. Much more interesting than a taxi!
A quiet morning

We checked in on the self check-in desks which were very easy to use and headed to security. There are two security areas at TLS, but nothing tells you which one you have to go to. After much deliberation we thought screw it, it’s only one terminal they probably go to the same place anyway so how wrong can we go??   

As it turns out we chose the wrong one. A group of teenagers decided they wanted to each have a picture in front of the security gates. Why they had to do this while at the front of the queuing area and not on the other side of the rope I couldn’t understand. Nevertheless this forced my dad to put his impatient face on and began huffing and muttering under his breath.

Once we were through security I began some serious planespotting.
Ooooh a white-tail ATR
New EasyJet livery. Wasn’t a fan when I first saw it, but after seeing it in person it has grown on me

TLS has quite a good selection of shops and cafes for such a small airport, and was very bright and airy.

We picked up a couple of beers and perched ourselves in a prime position to watch the movements, even though it was a Sunday so all was quiet over the runways at Airbus.
Was ok. Not sure where its from, but the name suggests a Swiss beer
A Beluga having a weekend break in front of some new A330 faces

After a while we made our way to the gate to await the arrival our second Fokker of the trip. All along the terminal there are seats in front of big windows, however our gate area wasn’t so accommodating.
A view similar to that at Schipol

Suddenly I saw a little blue thing through the bits of wood, so I went to find a good photo spot back towards the main terminal.
The human sign post directing our plane onto the stand
Awww it has a white radome, thats cute   

Airline: KLM CityHopper
Aircraft: Fokker F70
Registration: PH-KZC
Delivered in: 1996
Seat: 15F

When choosing our seats earlier in the month there were no rows left on the 2 side of the 2-3 seating arrangement so we had to sit on the right side.

As we were boarding the plane I noticed we had the same flight attendant as our LHR-AMS flight a couple of days ago. I was concentrating so hard saying hello I smacked my head on the “mind your head” sign above the door frame. You can see a family trend emerging here!   

The flight attendant recognized us instantly “aaaah hello again, welcome on board. Good weekend?” He remembers us!   Some good memory from the FA and a nice touch.
An excellent view!

I must clarify at this point, that despite what the picture above may look like, I wasn’t actually naked on board this flight!   

Still can’t get a tan though, obviously...

At this point, the captain appeared at the front of the cabin. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We have some bad news I’m afraid. Due to some severe thunderstorms in the Paris and Amsterdam areas we are unable to leave Toulouse for another 30 minutes” Uh oh, a 30 minute delay doesn’t sound too promising for our 45 minute transfer time!   
The captain then went through all of the connections on board the flight one by one and said what our chances were of making our connecting flights. I'm not sure if this is standard practice but I found this very useful and thought it was excellent! Passengers connecting to LHR would be touch and go apparently.

I hadn’t read the KLM CityHopper seatback reading material yet, so while we waitied I decided to see what was on offer. The magazine looked like it had been given to my rabbit...
ooooh that looks yummy!

Luckily, the route maps were intact so I studied these for a while (if you have read my interests, I love maps!) The magazine was ok but nothing out of the ordinary.

After 28 minutes we set off for the runway and took off to the north.
[I]Crossing the eastern runway[/l]
[I]A last look at the Airbus site. Thanks for a great short break!
Powering into the air

Once we made it to cruising altitude we were given sandwich in similar packaging to the chicken sandwich we had on the Embraer. This was a Beemster cheese sandwich and it was excellent. Never heard of Beemster cheese but it went down really well!

For the rest of the flight I had my face stuck to the window as our flight weaved around the storm cells that the captain had mentioned earlier.
That looks scary   

We had another one of those nice caramel biscuits before we began our descent. As soon as we plunged into the cloud the seatbelt lights were switched on, as our little jet was thrown around like it was in a washing machine.

We emerged from the clouds to land on the Kaagbaan once again.
Spoilers up

Just before we landed our captain updated us on our connections and said the LHR connection should just about be ok.

We ran through the terminal looking for our gate, and made it just in time to catch the last bus to the aircraft. Meanwhile, the rain had really started to come down outside.
An Arke Dreamliner getting a wash

Airline: KLM CityHopper
Aircraft: Fokker F70
Registration: PH-KZM
Delivered in: 2000
Seat: 09A
Waiting to leave a very soggy Fokker Farm

I couldn’t snap a picture of our aurcraft because it was absolutely throwing it down outside, so we ran up the stairs to keep as dry as possible.

After boarding was completed, we set off on our long taxi to the Polderbaan.
Finally made it!

We took off towards the north into a surprisingly clear sky after the storm that had ust passed, and turned to the left towards home.
Off we go for the last leg!

This turned out to be a pretty standard (but good) flight with nothing noteworthy to mention – and some more Mini Cheddar crackers to eat. So I’ll keep this bit short.
Flying over LCY on descent
The Myrtle Avenue contingent snapping some shots of us as we descend towards 27L   

And unfortunately that was my final picture before my camera ran out of battery.   That mixed with the rain at AMS meant I couldn’t grab a picture of our aircraft. But I can tell you that PH-KZM was in the revised livery.

In conclusion:
I was very impressed with KLM CityHopper. The seats were comfortable, although the F70 seats may have become a bit cramped for a longer flight. (Not sure if the F70 flies much further than Toulouse to be honest!). The food on offer was excellent, apart from the cheesy cracker things. Both the F70 and the E190 were a delight to fly on, although if I wasn’t an AvGeek I may have found the engine seat on the F70 quite loud, but luckily I am an AvGeek so I loved every minute!

I found Schipol airport quite hectic, although we were there on Friday evening so this may have played a factor in this.

TLS was a fabulous airport, lots on offer, airy with lots of windows, although I wasn’t a fan of the wooden things covering the windows in the satellite gate area.

I highly recommend the A380 tour and the aviation museum, as they are both highly interesting, the only annoying thing was that they weren’t offering the bus tour of the whole Airbus site on a Saturday. I can’t compare to Boeing in Seattle because I have never been – another thing on my to do list!

Thanks for reading my very first, and as it turns out, quite long trip report, I welcome any feedback you may have.

Next trip: LHR-ZRH – Swiss A320 and Helvetic F100

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RE: KLM CityHopping! LHR-AMS-TLS And Back Pt2

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:29 pm
by lesfalls
Hey Michael  

Great TR  

Tolouse looks beautiful ! Would love to visit it one day. Also very cute rabbit you have  

Anyways great TR and thanks for posting  

RE: KLM CityHopping! LHR-AMS-TLS And Back Pt2

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:36 pm
by michaelg90222
Hi Lesfalls,

Quoting Lesfalls (Reply 1):
Tolouse looks beautiful

I must admit it was nicer than I was expecting! I wouldn't want to spend more than a couple of days there though, as I think I would run out of things to do. Having said that, if I was there on a day when there's more going on at Airbus I could probably waste a day or two at the airport  
Quoting Lesfalls (Reply 1):
Anyways great TR and thanks for posting

No worries. Thanks for reading!

RE: KLM CityHopping! LHR-AMS-TLS And Back Pt2

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:43 pm
by mark2fly1034
I have wanted to visit TLS but as I understand the only way to the Airbus factory is via a bus same with the airport itself? Is it easy places to get to without a car?


RE: KLM CityHopping! LHR-AMS-TLS And Back Pt2

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:58 am
by michaelg90222
Hi Mark2fly1034,

Quoting mark2fly1034 (Reply 3):
Is it easy places to get to without a car

Very easy! They have a small underground Metro system which you can use to cross the city, although this doesn't go to the Airport. We didn't use this though, as everything of interest in the city centre is fairly contained and easily walkable.

There is also a tram line starting from the centre of Toulouse. This splits into T1, which runs to the north of the city and T2 which recently opened to the Airport.

The T1 tram line will take you to the Airbus museum and the A380 tour starting point (10/15 minute walk from Beauzelle station, well signposted). It's about a 40 minute journey from the centre but its really cheap and was almost empty (at least it was when we went on it!) FYI the airport is a 30 minute journey from the centre.

I believe there is also a regular bus service to the airport but we didn't use this.

Hope this helps!


RE: KLM CityHopping! LHR-AMS-TLS And Back Pt2

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:25 am
by EL-AL
Hey Micheal,

Thank you for both parts of your report. I was in TLS airbus factory in 2003, I wasn't so orginaized back then, apart from the factory tour they just let you walk around the old planes as much as you wish.

Your writing was very enjoyable, I love the way you use smilies   

Thx for shearing and for reminding me I still need to fly the fokkers while they are around, Jonathan

RE: KLM CityHopping! LHR-AMS-TLS And Back Pt2

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:20 pm
by michaelg90222

Quoting EL-AL (Reply 5):
they just let you walk around the old planes as much as you wish

That sounds like fun!

Quoting EL-AL (Reply 5):
Your writing was very enjoyable, I love the way you use smilies

thanks!  I was aiming to make it easy to read and witty. Although I have just read through my report again and found a few spelling mistakes   . I'll endeavour to improve my spelling in future reports!

Thanks for reading


RE: KLM CityHopping! LHR-AMS-TLS And Back Pt2

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:54 pm
by MH017
Quoting michaelg90222 (Thread starter):
(Not sure if the F70 flies much further than Toulouse to be honest!).

BOD, MPL. TRD, KRK and BHD are about the longest F70's stretches flown by KLC...