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VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:24 am

Hello fellow A.netters!

I recently took a short holiday to Perth, and had the pleasure of flying on Virgin Australia’s new Business Suite on their A330-200s and their new domestic pier at Perth Terminal 1, so I thought I’d share my experiences.

A little background to this trip, I had booked my tickets back in September with the main intention of attempting to try the new VA business product. My chosen flights were VA677 departing Melbourne at 7.15am on 23rd, returning on VA694 at 5.15pm on 25th Nov.

The normal retail price of a return transcon business class is out of my reach, so I utilised VA’s UpgradeMe cash auction upgrades. I booked myself on the cheapest economy saver fare during a sale, then immediately went on the UpgradeMe site to put in my bids. The minimum bid was AUD300 for each sector, which was what I bid. For the next 2 months, I kept an eye on the loads in business for my flights. At one point, I went back to review my bids and found the minimum had gone to $390, but my bids were still valid so I didn’t bother to top up.

The results of UpgradeMe bids are emailed any time between 72-24h before departure, and sure enough, on Friday the 20th I woke up this email:

I immediately went online to manage my booking and found I had been allocated the last window seat, the bulkhead 1K. On Sunday night, again roughly 70h before the return flight, I received another email congratulating me on ‘winning’ my bid for that flight. I went online to select my seat for VA694, this time opting for 5A, the last row of business class.
Seat selection for VA677
VA694. Load turned out to be higher, 13/20 seats taken.

As an added bonus, in late Oct/early Nov VA announced they would commence operations from their new Perth T1 domestic pier on 22nd, which meant I would be flying in on day 2 of operations. With upgrades confirmed and a new terminal to look forward to, this trip was starting off very well.

23rd November 2015
Airbus A330-200 VH-XFJ
Scheduled dep time: 7.15am
Scheduled arr time: 8.30am
Seat: 1K

I usually don’t sleep well before early morning flights and Sunday night was no exception, no doubt my excitement at flying a new product played a part in the lack of sleep. I reached the long-term carpark at Tullamarine at 6am and was at the Virgin terminal shortly after. I headed up to departures where there was a slightly long queue for priority check-in. Nonetheless, check-in moved fast and after a friendly chat with the agent about the new product, my bag was priority tagged, boarding pass issued, and I was off to the lounge in about 10min.
Boarding pass
Priority check-in at Melbourne
Busy lounge entrance

The lounge was crowded, being a Monday morning, but I found myself a seat by the window. I had just used the lounge when flying to Sydney the week prior, so I was familiar with the offerings, There was an assortment of cereals, pancake machine, toastie station and a couple of hot items. For drinks, there was a barista station and various juices.

Breakfast menu in the lounge
Fruits and various items to make a sandwich
Toastie machine
Pancake machine

I decided to grab a couple of pancakes and almost the same moment that the machine finally spat out my pancakes, a boarding announcement for VA677 was made, at about 6.35. I ate quickly, grabbed some photos around the lounge and made my way to the ‘premium exit’. The VA lounge in Melbourne is pre-security, so for flights departing from gates 1-10, there is an exit with a dedicated security area.
View from the lounge. The A330 in the foreground will operate VA811 to SYD, while the second A330 in the background is VA694

Premium exit to dedicated security screening area

VA677 was boarding from gate 8 this morning, and when I got there general boarding was well underway.

I used the empty priority lane, but with only door 1L in use, the queue to board had backed up halfway down the aerobridge anyway. At the door, I was greeted by a smiling crew member, “Welcome to business class”. A quick stride across the galley and I was at my seat.

With passengers still boarding, I couldn’t get a photo of my seat but took one after we got airborne.

My seat 1K

First impressions of the seat were good; I like the colour palette that VA has gone for, rather elegant in my opinion. I did notice that the aisle-side panels of the seat do pick up scratches and scuffs from the knocking of bags rolling by.
The first thing that struck me about the seat when sitting down, was the enormously deep footwell. VA (if I recall correctly) boasts that the new suite - based on the BE Super Diamond - is the longest business class bed in the sky. I wouldn’t argue with that given how deep the footwell stretches.

The rather long footwell

The seat has a number of storage spaces, all neatly hidden away under various panels. The IFE controller is also tucked away under one of these panels. The various outlets, USB, power, headphone jack are all located in the storage compartment, and there is a gap for wires to pass under the panel when closed.
Side panels
Seat controls, IFE controller with side panels open
Storage space and various ports
Headphones stored in the aisle-side armrest

The literature pocket is at head-level, along with an adjustable reading light.
Literature pocket

The seat control panel is touchscreen and easy to use. There’s presets for take-off/landing, lounging and full flat. Of course, the angle of recline and legrest can be individually adjusted as well.

The one thing I like about the Super Diamond compared to the similar reverse herringbone Zodiac Cirrus, is that the PTV is fixed directly in front, no need to stow for take-off and landing. The screen is a big 16in touchscreen. I found the touchscreen reasonable responsive and the interface easy to use. On both my flights, I don’t think I used the handset at all. The screen is sharp and didn’t suffer from glare.
PTV and tray table

The volume of entertainment options isn’t the most extensive, but should suffice given the A330s pretty much just do transcon runs. A slightly irritation is that episodes of TV series are not organised by series, rather each episode is listed one-by-one within each genre (Comedy, Drama etc.). Music selection is okay, with emphasis on Australian artists. The only movie that interested me was the latest Mission Impossible, so that’s what I put on.
Picture quality is quite good
Not the best quality headphones around

As I was settling in, a crew member came over to enquire if I would like a pre-departure beverage of juice or water. My recent experience of VA business is that pre-departure drinks are not served from a tray, rather the crew member serving would introduce himself or herself, take an order and then bring the drink out. This had not been the case on my first VA business experience in April though. In any case, a glass of orange juice was promptly brought over, along with the menu. She also asked if I had flown in the new suites before, and proceeded to describe the various features of the seat when I replied in the negative.

We push back right on time, taxiing past the international and Qantas terminals on our way to runway 27. Despite it being peak hour, we didn’t hold for long and were airborne by 7.25.
Pushed back
Heavies at the international terminal
VH-VKE resting having arrived as JQ8 from Singapore earlier in the morning
QF Oneworld logo jet VH-EBV being towed to a remote stand after operating QF36 from Singapore
SQ227 operated by 9V-SNA taxiing to the gate
Passing the Qantas domestic terminal
Climbing out of runway 27

Once the seatbelt sign was extinguished, the crew got to work. Blankets and hot towels were offered, and breakfast orders were taken. Australian chef Luke Mangan is VA’s chef consultant and my past experiences with his menu on VA have been largely positive. Here’s a look at the menu and drinks selection:

Menu cover

Full breakfast menu

Express breakfast option

Snacks available throughout the flight

Champagne and white wines

Red wines

I opted for the full breakfast service, with the frittata for my main, accompanied by a mug of earl grey tea. The earl grey was delivered first.
Tea with proper sugar cubes, not sachets

The bread basket was next together with a choice of spreads. I selected a roll and strawberry jam.
Bread and table setting. Love the salt and pepper shakers in the shape of the Sydney Opera House

This was followed by fruits and greek yoghurt, which somehow managed to escape the attention of my camera. I didn’t finish the yoghurt but had the fruits, which were sweet and refreshing. My barely-eaten yoghurt was cleared and my frittata arrived.
My choice of main – goat’s cheese frittata with bacon, onion relish and Boston beans

The frittata was rather disappointing. I found the onion relish too sweet, while the frittata itself was rather bland, which the bacon could not compensate for. Overall, a rather average breakfast.
Once Rogue Nation finished, I decided to take a walk, having never flown on VA’s A330 before.
Rear economy cabin
Business cabin
Business class centre seat

My tour of the aircraft complete and with nothing else that I felt like watching, I decided to put the seat fully flat to test it out. It passed the test, as I managed a quick nap and woke up with just under an hour to go.
Seat in flat mode
Wanting to hit the ground running to maximise my short time in Perth, a cup of coffee felt in order. After all, it would be waste to not get a coffee from the new Nespresso machine that was part of the business cabin refit. I made a visit to the lavatory (nothing special so no pics) and requested a latte on my way through the galley. This was brought to my seat with a small bar of Pana chocolate. To be honest, I’ve never had coffee from a Nespresso machine so I don’t know what it tastes like on the ground, but I found the latte lacking in depth and richness. My search for good airplane coffee continues.
Latte with a bar of Pana chocolate

About 40min before landing, the captain came on to give some details of our arrival. I must have missed his welcome announcement having boarded relatively late, as this was the only time I heard from the cockpit up to that point. We would be arriving from the south and expected to be docking at the gate around 8.15. A second hot towel run was done as we descended. I should mention that I find the hot towels VA use rather cheap, thin and small; I think I get better towels in SQ economy.

The approach, and indeed most of the flight, was fairly smooth and as predicted by the captain we touched down on runway 03 at 8.11am.
Almost there

We held for awhile after exiting the runway to the right, before very slowly and cautiously making our way to gate 50 at the new T1 domestic pier.
First sighting of the new T1 Domestic pier
A 738 parked at gate 49
Our gate – gate 50

We parked and for a couple of minutes nothing happened. The captain finally announced they were having issues with the bridge and I later overheard a conversation between another passenger and a crew member which seemed to imply there was some confusion over whether we would be disembarking through door 1 or 2. In the end, only door 1 was used and we were off the aircraft with just a few minutes delay.

Into the brand new terminal I went, and immediately one realises how modern it is compared to the considerably older buildings of the other major Australian airports. The pier is bright, airy and wide. I don’t pause for many pictures, since I’ll be passing through again in a couple of days and I figure (wrongly as it turns out) that I would have more time then. Instead, it’s quickly down to arrivals.
Towards arrivals and baggage claim
Down to baggage claim
Carousel number 1 for us today

There’s only two carousels, and it seems we’re the only arrival at this time. It’s not long before the belt starts moving and my bag is amongst the initial wave of priority-tagged bags. The rental companies are just beside and somehow, despite my bag being out quickly, I’ve still ended up at the back of a six-deep Thrifty queue, which moves slowly because the computers are suffering Monday blues in the new office. No one else comes to Thrifty after me so when my turn comes I’m the only one left and I have a nice chat with the staff. Although I booked my rental just a couple of days prior, there’s no compact car left, instead I get upgraded several categories to a full size Camry. From the terminal, it’s a 200m walk out the right to the rental lot, where I meet my unnecessarily (for my needs) large wheels for the next 3 days. I load up, and then it’s off to explore Fremantle before heading to my hotel in East Perth in the evening.

The return

25th November 2015
A330-200 VH-XFC
Scheduled dep: 5.15pm
Scheduled arr: 11.50pm
Seat: 5A

After a pleasant couple of nights in Perth, it’s time to head back to Melbourne and experience departing through the new T1 domestic. I drop off the Camry at 3.45pm and head for the terminal. I spent the morning walking around Kings Park and I’m rather keen on grabbing a shower in the lounge.
Exterior of Perth T1 Domestic

Walking in the side, priority check-in is directly ahead. There’s the usual self-check-in kiosks, and the interchangeable check-in counters. According to VA, these desks can serve as either manned check-in desks or self-check-in, leaving passengers check-in and tag their bags themselves. I’ve used the Qantas machines in Melbourne before and frankly I’m terrible at tagging my bag, so I’m glad there is one manned desk at the priority area today. The one major drawback of these machines/desks? The boarding pass is the same flimsy, thin paper that you get from the kiosks, not the solid boarding cards.
Priority check-in area
Priority check-in kiosks. Purple rather than the usual red background
Regular check-in area
Check-in kiosks
Priority area from another angle
Flimsy paper boarding pass

As you can see, check-in is pretty much deserted, so the process takes just a minute. I walk around a little bit, but there isn’t much to see since this is basically just a small extension of the international side of T1. I head up the escalator and security is straight ahead to the right. There’s nothing else here, except a toilet, so no getting lost. There’s a priority screening lane, which leads back to the main screening area. I assume at crowded times the priority line gets dedicated screening or cuts the general queue, but today there’s only one machine in use. I don’t bother walking down the priority line since there’s no need to. Security is quick and I turn left for the lounge.
Overview of check-in area from departure screening level
Heading towards security screening
Priority screening lane. Not necessary this afternoon
Lounge entrance
Lounge reception

The lounge agent welcomes me in and checks my boarding pass. I request a towel and he disappears momentarily to get one. The toilets are just past reception, so I head there first. I have one major criticism of the shower and that is the lack of a seat or bench, or indeed anywhere for me to place my bag except the floor. The lounge in Sydney is annoyingly the same, though I think the Melbourne one has a bench (I think I glimpsed a bench there but have never used the shower, so can’t be certain). The shower is rather dark, with no light in the shower stall itself, nor is there a curtain or door to prevent splashing onto the ground outside the stall. I try my best not to splash water out but it’s inevitable, at least it’s not as big as the puddle I caused in Sydney the week before.
Shower area. The shower room has its own toilet and sink area, separate from the main toilet.

Refreshed, I head into the lounge proper and fortunately find a seat by the window. The lounge is similar to other VA lounges. It’s bright with lots of natural light. In fact, I think the lounge almost directly faces west, so there’s large panels installed on the outside to block out the full force of the afternoon sun. The offerings are standard VA: the ever-present toastie station, barista station, chips, mixed nuts, a soup that’s missing its label and a decent selection of soft drinks and alcohol. I get some water and a bowl of the nameless soup, whose composition remains a mystery even after I’ve tasted it. I’m not hungry and there’s dinner on-board anyway. The lounge is pretty much like any other VA lounge, so it’s baffling that VA CEO John Borghetti described it as their “flagship”. There’s nothing flagship about it to me, save for the fact that it’s brand new. I was hoping there would be some ‘opening week specials’ in terms of food offerings, but alas there’s nothing.
Corridor leading to the main lounge area
Entering the main area
Buffet area
Espresso bar
FIDS in the lounge. Not many departures in the evening
View from the lounge

Boarding is supposed to be at 4.45pm at gate 49 and I plan to leave the lounge early to look around, particularly since the only thing keeping me in the lounge is my comfy window seat and wifi for my ipad. That plan is ruined when a boarding announcement for VA694 is made 10min early at 4.35pm. I grab my things, keeping the camera handy and head towards gate 49. Interestingly, the gates are numbered sequentially in a u-shape around the pier, instead of the usual left-right even-odd numbering in Top
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RE: VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:29 am

numbering in MEL and SYD. Literally in the middle of the pier is where the shops and food outlets are located. I don’t know if this a result of space constraints of the terminal, but in some ways it’s more practical as passengers patronising these outlets have a relatively shorter walk to the gates than if the F&B and retail was at the start of the pier.
Down the travellator to the gates

Looking towards the end of the pier. Gates 43-46 are on the left, 47 straight ahead and 48-50 on the right.
Gate 49 is a dual-bridge gate and this afternoon both bridges are in use. There’s a priority boarding lane, and door 1 appears reserved solely for business class, with Velocity Plat and Gold pax in economy seemingly sent to door 2 as well. That’s what I inferred on account of not having any passengers walk through the business class cabin, yet there was a constant wave of passengers entering door 2 behind my seat.
VH-XFC taking me back to Melbourne
Down the aerobridge to the plane. Still has the new carpet smell.

When I got to 5A, I noticed something different from my previous flight. This time, there was a booklet on the features of the business suite placed on the seat, which was not present on my previous flight (I checked the literature pocket then as well). The usual service protocol began, flight attendant Kate came over to introduce herself and inform me that she would be serving my aisle tonight. A choice of champagne, juices or water for pre-departure was offered. I requested the champagne, which was delivered with the dinner menu.
Seat 5A
Pamphlet describing the business suite
Literature pocket and cubby hole for tablets
Another look at the side panel
Purple mood lighting

The FO made the welcome announcement, warning us to expect some bumps during the flight today and our flight time was estimated at 3h15min. We pushed back on time for a runway 21 departure.
Racing a QF 738 to the threshold of runway 21. Who’s going to take-off first?
Turns out it’s neither of us, as a JQ A320 performs an intersection take-off ahead of us. We line up behind and wait our turn.

Once airborne, a hot towel was offered. No blankets were offered on this flight. I decided to watch The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, having rather enjoyed the first one. Kate came round to take dinner orders. As far as I remember, the beverage selection was the same as that listed on the previous flight. Here’s the dinner menu:

Back of the menu has the same pattern as the shell of the seats

I found the presence of laksa on the menu amusing and being Asian, there was no way I could go past that, even if I found pumpkin as an ingredient somewhat a crime. The starter was a slightly more difficult choice as I enjoy a good soup, but duck is one of my favourite proteins, so I got that for the starter. To accompany my meal, I asked for still water and lemonade, preferring to lay off the alcohol since I had to drive home after we land.
Table setting

Dinner began with a choice of breads, from which I chose a seeded roll that also somehow escaped the attention of my camera. Shortly after serving the bread, Kate reappeared to apologise that somehow there hadn’t been enough knives loaded on-board. I assured her it was no issue and that I was happy to just dip the roll in the olive oil, and we both agreed that I would probably not need a knife for my duck salad or laksa anyway. Nonetheless, a couple of minutes later as I was happily tearing through my bread roll, Kate appeared again with a knife.

The bread plate was cleared when I was done and the starter brought out. I find the term ‘Peking duck’ tends to be used rather loosely in Australia and this dish applied that loose definition. That aside, the salad was tasty and the duck well cooked, if a little dried out as tends to happen with plane food.
Duck salad starter

Next was the laksa. It was at this point when the turbulence started getting a little more serious with the seatbelt signed turned on and the cockpit instructing all crew and passengers to be seated My drinks were getting sloshed around in their glasses. Thankfully laksa gravy is a little denser, so that stayed fairly stable in the bowl. The flavour of the laksa turned out to be fairly good, though I was longing for some sambal chili to give it an extra kick.
Prawn laksa

Turbulence continued and it was awhile before the crew could continue service. My laksa bowl was eventually cleared once we passed therough the rougher bit of bumps for the moment, and I went up to use the lavatory. On my way back, Kate enquired as to my preference of dessert or cheese, I chose the former. My vanilla custard slice was duly brought to my seat.

Dessert was good and capped off a rather nice dinner. This was a much better meal compared to the breakfast on the previous flight.

The turbulence continued throughout the flight and everyone was told to be seated at least twice more. 40min before landing, the FA came on the PA to apologise for the bumpy flight, explaining that similar turbulence was reported at all flight levels, and that we could expect more bumps on approach.
Half an hour to go, we’ve begun our descend

The cabin crew began preparing the cabin for arrival. Another hot towel was offered, though it was lukewarm rather than hot, and very dry. It had been a windy day in Melbourne and the winds could be felt on approach. The turbulence got particularly bad below the cloud layer at 6-7000ft as the northerly wind came at us from the side. Turbulence eased as we turned left to line up for runway 34, and the touchdown was surprisingly smooth, 12min early at 11.38pm. We made our way to the VA terminal, passing international along the way, docking at gate 4.
VA 738sResting for the night

No dual bridge gates here, so only door 1 was used for disembarkation. It seems VA694 was the last arrival, as the terminal was virtually deserted. Bags were out quickly and mine was the second to arrive. I headed out to find a waiting long-term carpark shuttle bus and found my car without too much difficulty once we got to the carpark. Roads were pretty empty at that time of the night and I was home at my apartment in the CBD in less than hour of stepping off the aircraft.

Final thoughts
It was another good experience with VA. The crew were friendly, professional and sufficiently attentive. Service wasn’t flawless and there were little lapses like my requested bottle of water after dinner never materialising, but these didn’t detract from the overall experience much. The new business suite is arguably overkill for transcontinental hops, but in my opinion is an excellent seat and right up there with the best globally. The level of privacy felt good, I never felt disturbed by people walking past whether sitting or lying full flat. The nature of the layout also means I can’t see the person across the aisle and vice versa. I do wonder how it stacks up against Qantas own new A330 business suite, I’d love to hear from anyone who has flown both products.

The new Perth T1 domestic is a far cry from any other domestic terminal in Australia. It’s functional, and looks like a modern terminal should. Bright with lots of glass to allow natural light in. The width of the pier also makes it feel less crowded with the caveat that on the days I used it, there weren’t many flights at that time. The lounge is no different from those in MEL or SYD, not really the flagship that JB described it as. I’m not sure how the general flying public likes the self-bag drop, but the cheap paper boarding pass is rather disappointing. That aside, I don’t think there should be too many complaints about the experience of the new terminal.

I hope you enjoyed this trip report, thanks for reading! As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

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RE: VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:40 pm

Thanks for sharing this report!

Virgin Australia looks very nice. Sorry to hear about your outbound flight's meal, but the food looked nice on the return flight for sure. I really like the stylish look of everything on VA; love the use of silver, white, and the striking blue colors as well too. Very nice!

Looking forward to your next report.


I love to fly!
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RE: VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:11 am

Hi Joel,
Thanks for bringing this report featuring the new domestic pier at Terminal 1. It certainly looks bright and spacious (previously I'd only caught glimpses from nearby Gate 51).

The ability to switch between self and manned check-in seems a good idea, provided VA retain sufficient staff to allow that flexibility.

It's a shame that your meal on the inbound flight was bland. It look visually appealing.

A man may learn wisdom even from a foe - Aristophanes
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RE: VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:12 am

Great report. Thanks for posting.
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RE: VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:42 am

Quoting 767747 (Reply 2):

Hi Matthew!

Thanks for reading! I really like the overall cabin colours that VA uses as well. I find it has a cool elegance that's not too dull.

Quoting WearyDrover (Reply 3):
The ability to switch between self and manned check-in seems a good idea, provided VA retain sufficient staff to allow that flexibility.

Hi Weary!

I read that VA plans to vary the number of staff according to the time of the day. There weren't many passengers around at the time I departed that day and not many staff either. Will be interesting to see how it is during the morning and late evening when there's probably more passengers.

Quoting WearyDrover (Reply 3):
It's a shame that your meal on the inbound flight was bland. It look visually appealing.

To be fair, it was just the frittata that was bland, but nothing that couldn't be solved with a little salt to bring out the flavour.

Thanks for stopping by!

Quoting MilesDependent (Reply 4):

Thanks for reading MilesDependent, glad you enjoyed it!
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RE: VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Tue Dec 01, 2015 5:01 am

Great to see the first report from the new least it was hopefully worth the wait!

Need to get on with the new domestic terminal for Qantas now ready for 2025....

VA business certainly look good
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RE: VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:50 am

Excellent trip report, I really enjoyed reading it. A lot of luxury for a relatively short flight!

I love the feature that allows you to keep a map on the screen at the same time as watching a movie. Never seen that before.

Pity about the bumpy flight back. Uggh. Sounds like one of those fronts that has swept the continent.

Quoting 9vswa (Reply 1):
I found the presence of laksa on the menu amusing and being Asian, there was no way I could go past that, even if I found pumpkin as an ingredient somewhat a crime.

Fusion food or CONfusion food. That's what you get from celebrity chefs!
I like artificial banana essence!
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RE: VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:47 am

Love the report! Glad to see the new extension in Perth fully functional, they got it up in record time! Melbourne's extensions at the international pier is coming along fine too. But this is my beef with Aussie airports... they keep adding all these extensions without bothering to do anything about the main central infrastructure, bottlenecks will ensue at arrivals. Don't know why no one has brought up this constant.

Plus, no matter how beautiful the extensions are, the OCD in me will always cringe at the inconsistent facades these airports have.

Glad you enjoyed the Aussie holiday.

Welcome to my starry one world alliance, a team in the sky!
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RE: VA A330 Business Suite+New Perth Terminal

Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:23 am

Quoting jrfspa320 (Reply 6): least it was hopefully worth the wait!

I'm not sure if it's worth the wait, but it looks and feels better than any other terminal in the major airports around the country I think!

Thanks for reading!

Quoting allrite (Reply 7):
Excellent trip report, I really enjoyed reading it

Hey allrite!

Glad you enjoyed the report. Big fan of your reports as well.

Quoting allrite (Reply 7):
I love the feature that allows you to keep a map on the screen at the same time as watching a movie.

I'm not sure, but I think one or two other airlines have that feature as well, though this was my first time seeing it as well. Funny thing is the in-picture map wouldn't centre on the aircraft, so I couldn't actually see the flight path from that! The flight details (altitude, distance to destination etc) were useful though.

Quoting allrite (Reply 7):
Fusion food or CONfusion food. That's what you get from celebrity chefs!

Absolutely! Sometimes I wish they'd leave some of the traditional Asian dishes alone.

Thanks for reading!

Quoting Ryanair!!! (Reply 8):

Hi Ryan,

Glad you liked the report. Have to agree with you on the central infrastructure and bottlenecks. I find it somewhat depressing when arriving in MEL at morning peak and seeing a queue that starts from before duty free. At least Singaporeans can use SmartGate so that helps, even if you do still end up waiting ages for your bags!


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