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Part 2:Thailand Domestic -Nok Air And Thai AirAsia

Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:01 am

Video Reports of this leg of the trip
Nok Air DD8316 - Bangkok (DMK) - ChiangMai - Boeing 737-800
Thai AirAsia FD3162 - Chiang Mai to Phuket - Airbus A320-200


Hello A’netters. This is the second part of our epic three week Meet the Parents/Chinese New Year/Tour around India Trip.

This part of the report comprises of the flights and sights within Thailand.

The entire trip has been split into four reports:

Report 1: Part 1:Qatar Airways - Thailand And India (by newbief1yer Mar 9 2016 in Trip Reports)
Report 2: Thailand Domestic - Nok Air and Thai Air Asia.
Report 3: Bangkok Airways - Economy - HKT-BKK-BOM - A320
Report 4 - India Domestic - Economy - BOM-JAI; UDR-DEL; DEL-COK - Jet Airways, SpiceJet and Air India.

Thanks to GCMaps for the map illustrations below:;bkk-cnx;cnx-hkt;hkt-bkk-bom;bom-jai;udr-del;del-cok;cok-doh-lhr&MS=bm&MR=540&MX=720x360&PM=*

3 days in Bangkok and now it was time to head to Chiang Mai to continue with the rest of our trip.

Few sights and sounds across Bangkok

Chatuchat Weekend market

River Dinner Cruise

Nok Air – DD 8316
Route: DMK - CNX
Flight Reg: HS-DBT ; Delivered July 2015. The second newest aircraft in their fleet. At the time of flight.
Aircraft type: Boeing 737-800(Winglets)
Seat:41 A (seat rows starts from row 30)
Flight time: 14:30 - 15:40 (14:50 - 15:55)
Actual flight time:1Hr 05 min
Distance: 351 Miles
Load: around 70%
9th February 2016
My Log book: 1st Flight on Nok Air/19 th flight on Boeing 737-800/ 99th Total overall flight

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Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Jakkrit Prasertwit
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Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Teerawut W.

Previous day online check in for Nok Air

Email from Nok Air. Quite helpful.
Booking Process, website usability and online check in

The first leg of our Thailand escapades was to get us from Bangkok to chiang mai. Being one of the most busy routes for tourists we were spoilt for choices. We could virtually take any Thai airline. But the choice was Nok air - or bird air in English. New airline with whacky livery. Done deal.

The booking process was simple enough on Easy to navigate and got our seats booked in around 5 minutes. Looking forward to flying the funky looking aircrafts.

Upon booking I had pre-booked an extra 5 kilos of excess baggage for our entire group in case if we needed it.

Day before flight, online check in was seamless and quick. Seat selection was also possible during check in.

Entrance to the Airport

Airport service / checking in / Lounge

Arrived with a lot of spare time at the airport. Baggage drop only starts 2 hours prior to departure time. Waited in the queue but was asked to come back in 25 minutes.  

Once we returned to drop the bags it was a quick process. The boarding pass was a bit odd. Looked like a restaurant receipt. Then came the really strange bit.(have seen this previously when travelling domestic in China ) We had to watch our bags pass through the conveyor belt security check via a television monitor. Of our 8 checked in bags, 2 were checked for portable charger. The entire process of waiting for bags to pass through, removing the portable chargers and re-doing the process took a good 15 minutes to complete. The airport staff barely spoke English too. Not ideal given the vast amount of foreign tourists visiting Bangkok.

Post the portable charger fiasco, security was quick. Once airside, there are quite a few restaurants to choose from albeit all a bit expensive. A pint of singha with cashew nuts will set you back £7. Quite expensive and very expensive for Thailand. But decent enough airport to spend an hour before departure. The fast food corner is near the security check. But the Asian food corner is quite a trek away near the air Asia gates.( Gate 50 onwards). The walkalators only traverse In the directions of gate 50 onwards. If you want to get back you'd need to walk back the entire distance.

Nok Air Check in desks

The strange looking boarding pass

Flight seems to be on time (for now)

Bangkok Don Meung Airport (DMK) Departure hall

The baggage screening area

Airside at DMK

A lot of eating options, albeit at different ends of the terminal

Boarding Process

Incoming flight from Hat Yai got delayed and we only disembarked from the gate at 14:50 and airborne by 1500. Once boarding commenced it was quick.

Plane Spotting at DMK
The Beauty - Thai B747-400

Our eventual Neighbours

There is our ride to CNX Today, a 6 month old Boeing 737-800

Boarding time

First impressions/Hard product/Aircraft Interiors

A 6 month old Boeing 737-800 with sky interiors. As expected it looked brand new.
Onboard Nok Air - Shiny new interiors

Our seats - Row 41 (Actually Row 11, as the rows start form row 30)

Reading material on board Nok Air

Nok Air destination map

Neighbours at DMK - Thai Smile A320-200


Comfortable seating with more than adequate leg space. Comfortable for an hours flight.

Cabin Crew/Captain announcements

No announcements from the flight deck. Cabin crew were cheerful and very helpful. Helped the elderly load all their bags in the overhead locker.

The cabin crew on this flight was especially very good. They were quick and efficient. And also good with selling items - not too forceful yet persuasive.

Bye Bye Bangkok, I'll be back!

Plane spotting while taxiing

Time to take off

Just before taking off from DMK


A snack pack was provided which consisted of a sweet Asian flavored pastry with drinking water. Decent offering for a LCC and for a flight of a very short duration.

You could also buy other items on board. But not sure if anyone had bought any.

Meal on board Nok Air

Cabin shot of Nok Air B737-800


None on this aircraft, except for the reading material, which was only in Thai. So spent my time formulating this report. Not amiss for a 60 minute flight.

Decent gift items on board and some cute Nok air branded items for the kids. Bought a t-shirt and a cap for my nephew.

On time Performance

Flight departed half an hour late and arrived 15 minutes behind schedule. Not the best given it was only an hours flight.

WOW Factor

It Has to be the whacky livery, the clean interiors and the cheerful cabin crew.


In a nut shell I'd definitely fly Nok air again. They run a neat operation although I'd like to see how's their on-time performance going ahead. Apart from that it was a very good experience and the aircraft decals is a laugh.

Landed at CNX

Plane Spotting at CNX

Exiting at CNX

Welcome to Chiang Mai - Thank you

Baggage collection at CNX

Arrivals at CNX

After a short 2 day stopover in Chiang Mai, onward to our next destination in Thailand - Phuket.

Few sights and sounds round Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai

White Temple, Chiang Rai

Casino at the Burmese side a tthe Golden Triangle

A 30p Chiled can of Laos Beer in Laos

Dancers at Chiang Mai Night Safari

White Temple, Chiang Rai

Thai Air Asia – FD 3162
Route: CNX - HKT
Flight Reg: HS-ABY ; Delivered on Dec 2011. Previously D-ABFY with Air Berlin. Joined Thai Air Asia fleet on March 2013
Aircraft type: Airbus A320-200
Seat: 25A
Flight time: 13:00 - 15:05 (13:28 - 15:27)
Actual flight time:1Hr 59 min
Distance: 734 Miles
Load: 175/180
11th February 2016
My Log book: 1st Flight on Thai Air Asia/17th flight on Airbus A320-200 / 100th Total overall flight

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Photo © Sudpoth Sirirattanasakul
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Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Andrew Hunt

Booking Process, website usability and online check in

For the next part of the trip we needed a convenient way to reach Phuket from chiang mai. Our options were limited on this route. In the end Thai air Asia flight in the afternoon seemed out best option given the timing and the price of the flight.

Another easy site to navigate. Booking process was very easy and transparent.

The night before, online check in was simple enough. During the check in process we were automatically allocated seat numbers. This is free but for any other changing of seats there is a charge from 70-200 Thai baht depending on the seats you want to change to. We opted from our pre-allocated seats.

Chiang Mai International Airport

Entry into CNX - Long queue, althoguh it proceeded quite quickly

Airport service / checking in / Lounge

Reached the airport with an hour and 40 minutes before departure. Chiang mai airport is like any other domestic airport in Thailand. Cramped, people everywhere. But it just works. Check in was quick although there was a long line at the departure gates.

Air Asia Check in counters at CNX


The single escalator toward Departures

Photos of Chiang Mai Airport Departure terminal

Queue at Security check

Calm before the storm at CNX

Bangkok Airways Lounge, before security at CNX

Chaos reigns supreme at CNX Airport, Airside

Massage anyone?

oddly, so many empty seats at one corner of the airport

Plane spotting at CNX
Our eventual neighbours at CNX

One of the numerous Thai Air Asia's

Kan Air ATR72

Rare - A 1988 Saab 340, currently with Legacy Air with an interesting past (

Lion Air B737-900ER

Boarding Process

A lot of gate changes. Apparently due to a lot of late running flights. Our gate got changed from 5 to 6 to 12. From the announcements it sounded like every flight have their gates changed and it seems to be a normal thing.

Boarding only commenced at 1300 which meant another late flight. Does any flight in Thailand ever leave on time?

Boarding process was a mess. The gates are way to small to cater for any priority boarding. I didn't see any one use it although I did hear people had paid for it but not able to walk in front as it was too crowded.

We were then bussed to our aircraft.

Chaos at Boarding gates, after numerous gate changes

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RE: Part 2:Thailand Domestic -Nok Air And Thai AirAsia

Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:04 am

Finally, time to Board

First impressions/Hard product/Aircraft Interiors

The usual LCC affair. High density seating in grey and red leather seat covers. Aircraft was clean and we were welcomed very cordially by the very attractive Air Asia flight attendants.

On board Thai Air Asia A320-200

That's a lot of reading material, would need a few more flights to get through them

Neighbours at Chiang Mai - Air China B737-800


The seats felt a bit tight although I'm not sure of the exact pitch dimensions. But just about alright for a 2 hour flight.

Cabin Crew/Captain announcements

I don’t think I heard any announcements before the flight took off. Although during flight the captain apologized for the delay and even explained that the route chosen/given is a longer one and hence will not be eve able to make it up during flight.

Cabin crew otherwise, were well groomed and had the makings of the 'Singapore Girl' campaign. Very professional and perhaps the most positive point about Thai Air Asia.

Take off time

Just before take-off from Chiang Mai

View of Chiang Mai airport after take off


A very wide range of food and beverage available on board to purchase and compared to European standards extremely reasonable. Looking at my beer currency, £1.8 for a can of premium Thai beer served chilled at 35000 feet in the air is a winner in my books.

That being said when it came to being served we were told that all warm food were sold out. Looks like they had only loaded in pre-ordered warm meals. So had to make do with a Tom yum pot noodles with a Singha (a couple).

Meal on board to Phuket

More the merrier


A lot of reading material. Perhaps the most I've ever seen on board.

Cabin view of Thai Air Asia A320-200

On time Performance

Flight departed nearly 30 minutes behind schedule and airborne at 1340.

Once airborne we were told that that reason for the delay was congestion at chiang mai airport and they did not have a gate to park. I would believe them as chiang mai airport was indeed crowded and the numerous gate changes was in line with this explanation.

To make matter worse we were not even allowed to make up for lost time airborne as we were asked to take a longer route by the ATC due to congestion in the skies.

WOW Factor

Very attractive flight attendants. had a chat with them and they enquired if i work for the airline. I said that i blog about it. They were more than willing to give me information about the delay of this flight and the reason for not having warm food on board. Good on them since they've been on board since 600 am this morning. Phuket. Bangkok. Phuket. Chiang mai. And now back to Phuket where this aircraft is based.


On the whole it was a decent offering by Thai Air Asia. Once again, as our other flight experiences within Thailand, the timing were not adhered to, and the chaos at Chiang Mai airport, may not be entirely under Thai Air Asia's control. Nevertheless the non-availability of warm food is a missed opportunity.

Over all it was like any other LCC, new(er) aircrafts, decent crew, safe flights, and the most important factor of all, enables us to travel from Point A to B in the most efficient manner.

Neighbours at Phuket - An Ikar Airlines B737-800 with an intersting past (

Welcome to Phuket

Gorgeous Thai B777-300 at Phuket

Phuket Baggage Hall

Phuket Arrivals hall

This concludes Part 2 of my Trip report. 2 more to come in this series. Until then, keep the trip reports coming and safe flying.
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RE: Part 2:Thailand Domestic -Nok Air And Thai AirAsia

Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:06 am


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