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Phoenix-San Juan Delta/jetBlue

Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:28 am

For spring break my friend and I decided to go to Puerto Rico. After looking at a few different options I decided that I would fly home for a few days, then go to Puerto Rico and then back to Phoenix. I would be flying PHX-MSP- SYR on a DL 757-300 and MD90. It was scheduled to be a 717 but got switched to an MD90 about a month before the flight. Then SYR-ATL-SJU on a DL MD88 and 757-300. For the flight home it would be SJU-JFK-PHX on a B6 A320. When I flew home for thanksgiving in November on B6, we boarded the plane and were getting ready to pushback someone found a pair of scissors in their seat. Everyone had to deplane and the police and TSA searched the plane. Once we took off from JFK there was a mechanical issue with our #1 engine and we had to divert to BOS. Once in BOS we had to wait for a new E190 and a new crew as well. We ended up arriving in SYR over 6 hours late. For the delay I received a $250 credit. My flight from SJU-PHX was $266 with my $250 credit I only had to pay $16. All of the flights combined cost me less than $450. On the day of the flight I arrived at Sky Harbor Just before 10am for my 1235pm flight. After waiting about 10-15 minutes to drop my bag at the DL counter I headed for security. This line was also 10-15 minutes. Once I was through security I headed to my gate and waited for boarding. Boarding began around 12pm. The 757-300 was 100 % full today. Boarding took a while and they had to stop multiple times to check people’s bags once they ran out of overhead bin space. At 1230 with 5 minutes until departure the door was closed and we began our pushback ontime at 1235. Within a few minutes we were taxing to runway 8. We were the first aircraft in line for departure. We had to hold for a few minutes for an arriving AA A319 from PSP. Once the A319 was clear we taxied onto the runway and were airborne within 45 seconds.
DL check in

Delta 1432
Phoenix, AZ (PHX) – Minneapolis, MN (MSP)
Boeing 757-300
Seat 34A
Scheduled Departure- 1235pm
Actual Departure- 1256pm
Scheduled Arrival- 440pm
Actual Arrival- 425pm
2 hours 28 minutes
Departure Runway- 8
Arrival Runway- 12R

N584NW at gate 23
View from 34A
Taxing to runway 8
Departing runway 8
Once we reached our cruising altitude of FL 350 the flight attendants began the service. On this flight the only snack option they were offering were biscoff cookies. It was a smooth flight and the seatbelt sign was off for most of the flight. We encountered some light turbulence as we began our descent into an overcast MSP.
Final for 12R
Taxing to gate F13
N584NW at gate F13 after arriving from PHX
I had a little under 3 hours until my flight to SYR was scheduled to depart. This was only my second time at MSP so I walked around for a while and then got some dinner. After this I went to my gate and waited for boarding to start. Boarding began about 25 minutes before departure. This flight was not even half full so boarding did not take long. During boarding TSA were checking boarding passes and ID’s. Once everyone was onboard and the door was closed we began our pushback. A short time later with the engines started we began our taxi to runway 30R. We were second in line for departure behind a 9E CRJ900 to YUL. A few minutes later we were climbing into a dark, overcast and rainy evening sky.

Delta 935
Minneapolis, MN (MSP) – Syracuse, NY (SYR)
McDonnell Douglas MD90
Seat 33A
Scheduled Departure- 744pm
Actual Departure- 754pm
Scheduled Arrival- 1055pm
Actual Arrival- 1050pm
1 hour 56 minutes
Departure Runway- 30R
Arrival Runway- 28

Gate C8
Taxing to 30R
We got bounced around quite a bit on the climb out but once we leveled off it smoothed out. The flight attendants came through the cabin with snacks and drinks. The flight went by fast and before long we were beginning our initial descent into SYR. The flight attendants came through the cabin to collect trash. We made a smooth touchdown on runway 28 at 1050pm. After a short taxi we parked at gate 23. Deplaning did not take long as the flight was not full. By the time I got down to baggage claim the bags were already coming out. After a short wait, I had my bag and was on the way home.
Flying over YYZ
Descending into SYR
Parking at gate 23

After spending a few days at home, it was time to leave for Puerto Rico. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 545am. We got to the airport at 4am. After using the kiosk to print my boarding passes I then got online to drop my bag and head for security. I had Pre check this morning so did not have to wait on the line. When the agent went to scan my boarding pass it would not scan. She told me that if she could not get it to scan I would have to go on the regular line, or I could go and print another boarding pass and see if that one worked. DL has a kiosk across from the checkpoint, so I quickly printed off a new boarding pass and made my way back to the Pre check line. This time it worked and I was through security a few minutes later. We then headed to our gate. The boarding area was packed with people as there was a CRJ700 to LGA, CRJ900, A319 to DTW and my MD88 to ATL. The A319 was scheduled to depart at 526am. There was a slight delay due to maintenance and they ended up boarding the A319 and my MD88 at the same time.
DL Check in

Delta 2014
Syracuse, NY (SYR) – Atlanta, GA (ATL)
McDonnell Douglas MD88
Seat 31A
Scheduled Departure- 545am
Actual Departure- 551am
Scheduled Arrival- 817am
Actual Arrival- 758am
2 hours 7 minutes
Departure Runway- 28
Arrival Runway- 8L

N907DL at gate 25
Almost ready for pushback
Once everyone was onboard we began our pushback at 543am, 2 minutes early. Once the engines were started we began to taxi to runway 28. It was a quick taxi and within 5 minutes we were holding short behind a B6 E190 to JFK. Once the 190 was airborne we began our takeoff roll. A few seconds we were climbing into a dawn sky. About 25 minutes after takeoff flight attendants came through the cabin. On this flight I got apple juice and biscoff and watched the sunrise as we made our way down towards ATL.
Taxing to runway 28
About 30 minutes prior to landing the CA made an announcement mentioning the weather and some other arrival information. At this time the flight attendants came through to collect trash and prepare the cabin for arrival. It was an overcast morning in ATL, and we had some light turbulence as we descended through the clouds. We touched down on runway 8L just before 8am, and arrived at gate B3 about 10 minutes later. We had just under 2 hours until our flight to SJU was scheduled to depart. Our flight was departing from the A concourse, so after a short train ride later and a quick stop for some breakfast we were at gate A29. About 10 minutes after we got to our gate our 753 arrived from MSP. Boarding began about 45 minutes before departure. After first class had boarded it was kind of a free for all and everyone started to board at one time. About 5-10 minutes prior to departure there were still many passengers who had not boarded. Once everyone was on the plane there was a mother and 2 youg kids who were sitting in separate seats and they wanted to sit together and another couple was also sitting separately. After a little rearranging by one of the flight attendants, everyone was sitting together. After this a few bags would not fit in the overhead bins, so they had to be checked. After all of this was taken care of the door was closed and we began our pushback 10 minutes late.
N907DL after arriving from Syracuse

Delta 559
Atlanta, GA (ATL) – San Juan, PR (SJU)
Boeing 757-300
Seat 19A (Economy Comfort)
Scheduled Departure- 955am
Actual Departure- 1025am
Scheduled Arrival- 224pm
Actual Arrival- 217pm
2 hours 52 minutes
Departure Runway- 9L intersection Mike 2
Arrival Runway- 10

N583NW to SJU
Starting our taxi to 9L
Passing N307DQ to MTJ
After a 25 minute taxi we were next in line for departure. At 1025am we began a powerful takeoff roll and a few seconds later we were off. Soon after takeoff we made a right turn and climbed up to FL 320. We flew south over Georgia and then over northern Florida made a turn out over the water, then straight towards SJU. The flight attendants came through the cabin with drinks and snacks. Once we were out over the water the Wi-Fi stopped working. It was a smooth flight and we began our descent 25 minutes before landing. As we descended through 10,000 feet the flight attendants came through the cabin to collect trash and make sure the cabin was prepared for landing. A few minutes later we made a smooth touchdown on runway 10 at 217pm. A few minutes later we parked at gate B9. Before we deplaned my friend and I asked one of the flight attendants if we could talk to the pilots and see the cockpit. The FO was standing in the galley, but the CA was more than happy to talk to us about the 757 and show us around. After a few minutes upfront we deplaned and headed down to get our bags.
Climbing out of ATL
Flying over FL
Descending into SJU
Welcome to San Juan the local time is 220pm
Gate B9
We had a good week in SJU. Our hotel was right on the ocean. We spent a lot of time at the beach. One of the days we went to Old San Juan, and we also went to the Courtyard Marriot across the street from SJU and did some spotting
AA A330 from CLT
NK A321 from FLL
American A320 to CLT
N236WN from MCO
N847DN DL1595 to ATL
N586JB B61151 from TPA
Copa 737-700
N127UW AA1796 to CLT
Volaris A320
B6 A321 from JFK
N938AN AA2414 to MIA
Norwegian 787 to OSL

After a fun couple of days in San Juan it was time to head back to Phoenix. Our flight today was on B6. My friend and I were flying SJU-JFK on an A320. Then he was going to fly on an E190 JFK-SYR, and I would fly on another A320 from JFK-PHX. Our flight today was scheduled to depart at 1:52pm. We left our hotel at 11am. After a short 10 minute cab ride we were at the airport. Before checking in you had to have your bag inspected by USDA. Once this was done you could check your bag. After all this was done we headed for the security line. The line for security was long and the agents working were not very efficient. I had Pre check so I was through the line in about 15 minutes. It took my friend about 40 minutes to get through. Once he was finished, we got some food before boarding.
N598JB Bluemanity B6462 to BOS
My plane to JFK arriving from BOS flight 61
N588JB “Hopelessly Devoted to Blue” flight 1304 to JFK

jetBlue 1304
San Juan, PR (SJU) – New York, NY (JFK)
Airbus A320
Seat 11A (Even More Space – Emergency Exit)
Scheduled Departure- 152pm
Actual Departure- 221pm
Scheduled Arrival- 558pm
Actual Arrival- 623pm
4 hours 2 minutes
Departure Runway- 8
Arrival Runway- 4L

Boarding began at 130pm. They had one agent scanning boarding passes and the other was checking your seat assignment and only allowing people to board when there row was called. This made boarding faster and efficient. Once I got to my row the person sitting in the middle asked if I would mind switching with his friend sitting in row 11 (an even more space seat and the emergency exit). I said it would be no problem and after waiting for a few people to pass, I made my way up to row 11 and took my seat. One of the last passengers to board had a larger bag that would not fit in the overhead bin, as they had already ran out of space. The flight attendant told him this but he opened one up anyway. When he saw it would not fit, he slammed the bin down hard and the flight attendant yelled at him “Sir! Do not do that, that is how it breaks and will cause a delay.” He rolled his eyes as she took his bag to the front of the plane to check it. There was also another issue with this flight attendant and a man who did not speak English in the row in front of me. He did not want her to move his bag one row up. After everyone was finally seated and all the bins were closed, the door was closed and we began to pushback as the flight attendants began the safety demo. After a quick engine start and taxi, we began to takeoff at 221pm. After a short takeoff roll we were airborne, and made an immediate left turn and climbed up to FL 360. The flight attendants came through the cabin with drinks and a variety of snacks including Blue Chips, Popcorners, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Doritos. jetBlue has complimentary WI-FI called Fly-Fi and it worked for part of the flight. About 40 minutes prior to landing I put on JFK Approach on the LiveATC app on my phone to see what runway we would be landing on. When I first put it on they were landing runway 31R. But a few minutes later they switched runways to 4L and were telling aircraft to expect delays as they were in the process of switching runways. By this point we had already begun our descent into JFK. The Flight Attendants were coming through to collect trash and prepare the cabin for landing. A few minutes later we made a turn to the south, and the CA made an announcement about the weather at JFK and that we were holding due to the runway change. He said that the delay should only take 10-15 minutes and we should be able to continue for JFK. Just as he said about 10 minutes later we were on final descent into JFK. We made a really smooth touchdown on 4L at 623pm. They did not deploy the reversers until about 20 seconds after touchdown. After a left turn off the runway and a quick taxi, we were parked at gate 14 a few minutes later.

Taxing to runway 8
Taking off

Climbing out of SJU
Final 4L
N588JB at gate 14
I was supposed to have a 1 ½ hour layover at JFK. Since our flight arrived from SJU about 30 minutes late I had just over an hour until my flight to PHX was scheduled to depart. Since I did not have much time, we went to my gate and I charged my phone while I waited for boarding to begin. Boarding began about 10-15 minutes later. I had purchased an Even More Space seat for this flight so I could board early, but I wanted to let my phone charge so I waited a little while. Once the agent scanned my boarding pass I made my way into the jetway and the entire jetway was filled with people. It took about 10 minutes to board. Once I finally got to my seat and got settled the agent came on, the woman behind me had a dog that would not stop barking. She said it was an emotional assistance animal but she did not have paperwork. He told her that she would have to pay. She then said that she had already talked to a supervisor. The woman continued to argue with the agent and the flight attendant for about 5 minutes. Finally the agent said he would follow up with the supervisor later because he did not want to take a delay on the flight. Once the door was closed we pushed back and the engines were started. Runway 4L was still being used for takeoff this evening but we took off runway 31L from the Kilo-Echo intersection. After a short delay on the runway, we began our takeoff roll. Once Airborne we made a left turn and climbed to FL 320 as we flew over New Jersey, West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Northern Texas, New Mexico then straight to Phoenix. The Flight was smooth for the first 3 ½ hours, but we started to encounter some turbulence the further west we flew. The Flight Attendants on this flight were the best of any of the flights. They were all really nice and came through multiple times with drinks and snacks. The flight went by fast as there was TV and Wi-Fi just like on the SJU-JFK flight. We started our descent about 25 minutes before landing. As we descended through 10,000 feet, the flight attendant made announcement that this aircraft was headed right back to the east coast (BOS) and to please don’t leave anything in the seatback and please throw out any trash you had. A few minutes later we touched down on runway 26 at 1007pm. Once we landed, we taxied to the holding bay near Terminal 3. The JFK redeye was still at gate 26. We had to wait for about 15 minutes until that flight pushed back. Once that flight was taxing, we made our way over to gate 26. Since I was sitting in row 5, I did not have to wait long to deplane. After I was off the plane I headed down to baggage claim. It took about 25 minutes for our bags to come out. Once I had my bag, I went out to get a taxi to take me back to school. Turns out the driver was the same guy who drove me back to school in January.

jetBlue 135
New York, NY (JFK) – Phoenix, AZ (PHX)
Airbus A320
Seat 5A (Even More Space)
Scheduled Departure- 729pm
Actual Departure- 754pm
Scheduled Arrival- 1014pm
Actual Arrival- 1007pm
5 hours 13 minutes
Departure Runway- 31L intersection Kilo - Echo
Arrival Runway- 26

N516JB to PHX
Pushed back
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RE: Phoenix-San Juan Delta/jetBlue

Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:35 am

My friend took these pictures of my plane pushing back
Climbing out of JFK
Cabin halfway through the flight
Descending into PHX
Final for runway 26
Waiting for our gate
N516JB “Royal Blue” at gate 26
Waiting for Bags

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