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Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 4:18 am

Hey everyone,

I plan to buy a bike very soon to fully enjoy the summer this year. I would like something of good quality, but i wouldn't like to ruin myself with it, so i was wondering what is the most important thing to look for when bying a bike?

Thank you

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RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 4:19 am


RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 4:34 am

LOL I would have never thought!  Smile
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RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 4:37 am

I look for a comfortable saddle (buy one if the bike doesn't come with one) good brakes, V-brakes or if you have the money disk brakes, And if you do buy one don't try and buy a cheap model, they will only fall apart and give you grief.

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RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 4:41 am

Find a good bikeshop in your neighborhood. They will likely have several different manufactorers there covering all price ranges. They should be able to find a bike that suits you best and if you are going to be in the same place they will be able to provide you with good personal service when you need it. Don't go to a department store or a sporting goods store. The folks at the bike shop are there to help you out and find you a bike. Plus it is always good to support local small merchants.
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RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 7:25 am

Some Peugeot models are great. Very fine quality and design. They can be expensive (thats why I don't have one LOL!).
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RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 7:43 am

On top of what has been said: I would look for something with a quality frame, such as aluminum. (At least aluminum is my favorite frame material - light and stiff, responsive.) Components may break, fall off, cease to function, but the frame is what you are stuck with. I know this may be termed "elitism," but I would make sure the components were pretty decent too. That way you can enjoy the bike for many summers to come. My personal dream bike for the moment is a Schwinn Moab. I would avoid disc brakes unless you absolutely need them. Disc brakes are superior to V brakes as far as stopping power, but in most situations, they are overkill. But make sure you get good V-brakes. Now that I've been riding for a while, I wouldn't spend less than $900. Also, remember that at most prices that normal people would pay for a bike, there are a lot of compromises. You may be getting a great frame, but a weak drivetrain. Or a great component mix, but crappy wheelsets. A lot of it depends on where you plan to ride. If you are going to do a lot of dirt riding, you would be ahead to buy the more expensive stuff, because you will be less likely to have to replace it later. Also, if you are planning to do dirt riding, clipless pedals are the way to go. They are hard to get used to, but well worth it in the end.
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RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 8:29 am

I would say the most important things are to first establish whether you want a road bike (racing bike) or a mountain bike (all terrain bike). Once you have made that decision, borrow, or hire one and ride around on it to make absolutely sure. In my case I was convinced an all terrain bike was the way to go. After having borrowed one from the bike shop, I eventially decided I wanted a racing bike. I am happy with my decision.

The next most important thing is to ensure that you get the right size bike for your height and there is a formula used to calculate this.

Set yourself a budget and see what is available that meets with your criteria. Buy reasonably good components from a well known manufacturer. I would suggest Shimano - it is good quality and not as expensive as some of the other makes from Italy (Colnago) and France (Mavic).

Bike shops often have a selection of used bikes. Borrow them, ride them and decide what you like or don't like. Eventually you will be able to select a bike with which you will be happy. There is nothing worse than buying a bike and deciding a day later that you bought the wrong thing. It will end up in your junk room and never get ridden.

What kind of a budget have you set yourself and is it to be a road bike or all terrain bike? Perhaps we can point you in the right direction.


RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 8:38 am

Well thanks for the great answers guys. The bike I am looking for would be mostly for recreational, aka no off-road stuff,mostly for paved road. I'm on a very tigh budget, maximum 200$ CAN.

Thanks again



RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 8:40 am


I agree with EGGD! Make sure you get a bike with good shocks, at least in front, handlebar brakes (Make sure they're good buggahs), strong frame and at least 18 speed. Go out and buy a Velo X-tra large bike seat, they're da kine, man!!

You get a bike like that, come on over and we'll bike Haleakala!!! (Maui)

Aloha 737-200 (I LOVE 737s!!)
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Thu Apr 19, 2001 9:00 am


Aloha, maybe you could help me out with a little pidgin... "Da kine..." how do you pronounce that?


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RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 9:02 am

You will battle to find anything decent for $200 Can. However, you possibly need to consider a used bike. Check out you local classified ads, or check out what is available at the local bike shops. People are always upgrading and trading bikes in.

Buy some cycling magazines - Bicycling is one of the best. You can visit their web site at

Here are some 2001 bikes along with their prices which are in US$. The list may be found at the bicycling website.

(Bianchi) 2001 Lynx $419.99
(Bianchi) 2001 Ocelot $319.99
(Calfee Design) 2001 Luna Tri Dura-Ace $3032
(Calfee Design) 2001 Luna Tri Ultegra $2642
(Calfee Design) 2001 Tetra Tri Dura-Ace $3733
(Calfee Design) 2001 Tetra Tri Ultegra $3343
(Cannondale) 2001 R600
(Cignal) 2001 Ozark $190
(Cignal) 2001 Ozark 20 $160
(Cignal) 2001 Ozark SX $230
(Cignal) 2001 Zanzibar $260
(Diamondback) 2001 Islander $219.99
(Diamondback) 2001 Islander 7 $259.99
(Diamondback) 2001 Outlook $219.99
(Diamondback) 2001 Outlook 24 $219.99
(Diamondback) 2001 Recoil 20 $199.99
(Diamondback) 2001 Response $359.99
(Diamondback) 2001 Sorrento $259.99
(Diamondback) 2001 Sorrento Sport $299.99
(Diamondback) 2001 Wildwood $269.99
(Diamondback) 2001 Wildwood Deluxe $329.99
(Free Agent) 2001 Expert
(Fuji) 2001 Crosstown $230
(Fuji) 2001 Diamond super-lite $3000
(Fuji) 2001 Monterey $400
(Fuji) 2001 Roubaix $1200
(Fuji) 2001 Roubaix Pro $1300
(Fuji) 2001 Sagres $349
(Fuji) 2001 Supreme $299
(GT) 2001 Lil' Timber $219
(GT) 2001 Mach One $329.99
(GT) 2001 Outbound $219
(Griffen) 2001 Vulcan $2350
(Iron Horse) 2001 Glory $1100
(KHS) 2001 T-Rex
(KHS) 2001 Team ST
(Klein) 2001 Adept Comp
(Klein) 2001 Adept Race
(Klein) 2001 Adept Race Disc
(Klein) 2001 Attitude
(Klein) 2001 Attitude Comp
(Klein) 2001 Attitude Comp Disc
(Klein) 2001 Mantra Carbon
(Kona) 2001 Hoo-Ha $649
(Kona) 2001 Yee-Ha $399
(Lightning) 2001 P-38 $2600
(Lightning) 2001 P-38 FS $2950
(Lightning) 2001 Phantom $1350
(Lightning) 2001 Phantom FS $1550
(Lightning) 2001 Phantom II $1750
(Lightning) 2001 Phantom II FS $1950
(Lightning) 2001 Phanton DS $1850
(Lightning) 2001 R-84 $5200
(Lightning) 2001 Voyager $3800
(Litespeed) 2001 Blade $3975
(Litespeed) 2001 Blade $4675
(Litespeed) 2001 Saber $2850
(Litespeed) 2001 Saber $3550
(Mongoose) 2001 Zero G $399.99
(Norco) 2001 Arctic
(Norco) 2001 Bushpilot $320
(Norco) 2001 Carerra
(Norco) 2001 Katmandu
(Norco) 2001 Mountaineer
(Norco) 2001 Pinnacle
(Norco) 2001 Scrambler
(Norco) 2001 Screamer $370
(Norco) 2001 Sidewinder $300
(Norco) 2001 Wolverine
(Otis Guy) 2001 Otis Guy Campagnolo Chorus Trple Road Bike $2761
(Otis Guy) 2001 Otis Guy Smoothie Shimano Ultegra Triple Road Bike $2524
(Peugeot) 2001 Dune $350
(Peugeot) 2001 Hurricane Creek $470
(Peugeot) 2001 Monaco $200
(Peugeot) 2001 Nature $425
(Raleigh) 2001 M20 $239.99
(Raleigh) 2001 M30 $269.99
(Raleigh) 2001 M40 $299.99
(Raleigh) 2001 M50 $359.99
(Raleigh) 2001 Mountain Scout $239.99
(Raleigh) 2001 Retroglide NX7 $349.99
(Raleigh) 2001 Retroglide One $219.99
(Raleigh) 2001 Retroglide Seven $259.99
(Raleigh) 2001 Rowdy $199.99
(Raleigh) 2001 SC30 $269.99
(Raleigh) 2001 SC40 $329.99
(Raleigh) 2001 SC7 $269.99
(Softride) 2001 Rocket TT
(Softride) 2001 Rocket TT
(Specialized) 2001 Crossroads
(Specialized) 2001 Crossroads A1 Sport
(Specialized) 2001 Hardrock Sport
(Sun Bicycles) 2001 Marathon Hybrid
(Torelli) 2001 Corsa Strada TIG $1490
(Torelli) 2001 Corsa Strada TIG 105 $1559
(Torelli) 2001 Countach OS $1829
(Torelli) 2001 Countach OS 105 $1839
(Torelli) 2001 Express OS $2929
(Torelli) 2001 Nitro Express $3179
(Torelli) 2001 Record Carbonio $2049
(Torelli) 2001 Spada $1829
(Torelli) 2001 Super Countach $2749
(Torelli) 2001 Super Countach Ultegra $2449
(Torelli) 2001 Super Strada $1599
(Torelli) 2001 Super Strada 105 $1679
(Trek) 2001 2000 WSD
(Trek) 2001 2200 WSD
(Trek) 2001 2300 WSD
(Trek) 2001 4900
(Trek) 2001 4900 Disc
(Trek) 2001 4900 WSD
(Trek) 2001 6500
(Trek) 2001 6700
(Trek) 2001 6700 Disc
(Trek) 2001 6700 WSD
(Trek) 2001 7500 FX
(Trek) 2001 7600
(Trek) 2001 8000
(Trek) 2001 8000 Disc
(Trek) 2001 8000 WSD
(Trek) 2001 8500
(Trek) 2001 8500 Disc
(Trek) 2001 Bruiser Two
(Trek) 2001 Elite 9.8
(Trek) 2001 Elite 9.8 Disc
(Trek) 2001 Fuel 100
(Trek) 2001 Fuel 80
(Trek) 2001 Fuel 90
(Trek) 2001 Fuel 90 Disc
(Trek) 2001 Fuel 90 WSD
(Trek) 2001 Fuel 98
(Trek) 2001 STP 200
(Trek) 2001 STP 300
(Trek) 2001 STP 400
(Trek) 2001 XO 1
(Vision) 2001 VR68 $4995
(Waterford) 2001 X-22 Cyclocross/Ultegra $2925


Western 727!

Thu Apr 19, 2001 9:11 am


da kine is pronounced like "DAH-KIND, without the "d" sound!

More words to know-

Bummahs- Bummer, too bad, hard
Brah- Brother
Fo Days- Alot, in great quantity (I got friends fo days!)
How you figga? How do you figure, that makes no sense
Suck Rocks- buzz off
Shahk Bait- A pale, untanned man or woman
Mo Bettah- That is better (This food is mo bettah)
Shaka- great! All right!!
Stink Eye- dirty looks

I have more, but I think for the sake of space I'll save it!!
Planning on coming to the islands? Get a pidgin guide, it'll help!!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Aloha 737-200 (Sexy plane!!)

RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 9:13 am


Seems like you're really into bikes. You know, since here i would only be able to ride my bike 6 month a year. But you're right, i will have a look for used bicycles.

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RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 9:14 am

LOL - I discovered a bicycle forum at the bicycling web site. One of the posters wrote the following and he's probably right:
"At the level of cost you are talking about, let your ass and legs make the choice, not a brochure."

RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 9:43 am

Get a Mercedes bike!!! I know they make them, because i saw them give away one on The Wheel of Fortune looks pretty cool.
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Aloha 737-200

Thu Apr 19, 2001 9:48 am

Dude, let me just say that you totally rock!!!

Yeah, I'd love to come to the Islands sometime. I always cruise around Island hopping on FS - it's pretty sweet in my downloaded King Air C-90. If pretty much a dry land kid, but I did learn to surf last summer in San Diego (Well, encinitas, but close) and I love the ocean. I know I'm a ways from hitting pipe or backdoor, but hey, I can ride a longboard in knee-high. I guess that's a start. I know I'm just a haole punk, but I'd really want to come out to Hawaii sometime.

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RE: Buying A Bike

Thu Apr 19, 2001 10:41 am

Look for one with a rusty chain, bent spokes, and flat tires. Also, an old, corroded frame is a good idea.

Western 727

Thu Apr 19, 2001 11:00 am

Gee, thank for your compliment!! (I think I made a new friend, what do you think, Lindy? LOL  Wink/being sarcastic )

Well, I have a bit o a confession to make. God I am embarrassed to say this....but.....I can't swim well at all!!! I am ashamed!!!  Laugh out loud

But I love the other stuff about the ocean. HEY!! I've been to San Diego!! Man, that's one Kickin' town!! California was a party and a half!!

About the islands-

Oahu is amazingly beautiful. My fav part would have to be the windward side. If you stand on the eastern side (windward), you are actually inside the magma chamer of an ancient volcano. The wind and rain have eroded all but one flank of the volcano, the flank that's left is the Ko'olau range (Pronounced Koh-oh-laoo). Have you ever been to Salt Lake City? The mountains there look just like the Ko'olau, but the Ko'oalu is much, much greener. Sometimes you'll see mist coming down from the peaks. It's awesome!

But Oahu has too many people. Stay away from Oahu except to see Pearl Harbor (Which is very cool to say the least, brings a tear to your eye!) Avoid Waikiki altogether, unless you like a rush-hour New York feel.

The South Shore is alright, the beaches are a bit dirty, though.

the Southeast shore is fantastic!! Go to Hanauma Bay, you won't forget it. The North Shore has the Banzai Pipeline and killer waves!!! East shore is kinda dry, but some good beaches (some VERY good beaches).

Maui is not what you expect. Travel mags create scenes with the computer that don't exist. Maui's very pretty, but you need to know which areas to see. Forget the Central Valley, all there is is cattle ranges and cane fields. The South Shore is dry, but gorgeous!!
From Kahului to Hana is complete rainforest, complete with mist!! If it were up to me I'd live somewhere between Pa'ia and Hana itself, where you get more than 30 inches of rain a year in the dry spots, all the way up to 360 inches just a mile or two up Haleakala!
There's so many waterfalls, too!! You start to take them for granted!!

The Crater itself is fantastic! It's like a moonscape, it's real cool.
West Maui is very pretty. Lahaina is a gorgeous little town, and the mountians have been cut deep by 400 inches of rain.
Just avoid Central Valley and Maui will impress you.

Kaua'i can be described with one word- WOW. Green everywhere, enough green to take your breath away. Na Pali, need I say more?

Moloka'i (Pronounced Moloka-ee) is pretty on the north shore, with the Pali sea cliffs and all, but take a flight over it, landing there isn't worth your time. They hate tourists there, and there's not much to see.

Lana'i is fine if you have a million bucks.

The Big island- Go see Kilauea and the Hamakua Coast, maybe Kona, and avoid Hilo for its bad crowds. Drive the Saddle Road, and then leave, the rest of the island is cattle ranch.

Drop me a line if you like!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy  Smile/happy/getting dizzy  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

[email protected]

Aloha 737-200 (FEEL THE POWER OF THA PLANE!!!)


Thu Apr 19, 2001 11:03 am

Hey Western!! I made a typo!!! When I said "Avoid Oahu except to see Pearl Harbor," I meant Aoid HONOLULU!!!


Aloha 737-200 (Humbly ashamed!)
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Fri Apr 20, 2001 3:01 am

Yeah, I grew up, skiied, biked, camped, backpacked, learned to fly, and lost love in Salt Lake.

RE: Buying A Bike

Fri Apr 20, 2001 3:32 am

Just go to K-mart or Target and buy a Huffy.
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RE: Buying A Bike

Sat Apr 21, 2001 11:19 am

Yeah... u need to see your local smal bike shop.. do not go to a major store. Any experiences I have had in local shops are that they will work with u if u are open and tell them what u need. If they are impersonal, don't buy a bike there, and go somewhere else. Test-ride some of the bikes, and see what you like. Have a salesperson show you how some things work, etc.

Some brands to consider for a good, low-cost bike are Raleigh and Trek. If you do come up with a little more cash, consider a Marin or a Cannondale.

Good luck.

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RE: Buying A Bike

Sat Apr 21, 2001 11:52 am

Starship do you have no better thing to do than post all those prices??? Seems like you got no life! Buy a good Schwin (nice bikes)
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RE: Buying A Bike

Tue Apr 24, 2001 3:41 am

Did you check Canadian Tire? I'm looking at their catalog right now and they have some pretty cheap bikes. I don't know how good they are as I'm not into bikes all that much (I just have one that I got as a gift and I ride it mainly because it's a good mode of transportation). Anyway, SuperCycle seem to be the cheapest.

(all prices are Canadian)
for $129.99

Falcon derailleur

for $109.88
SC 1500
Shimano rear deraileur

for $159.00
SC 2100S
21 speed
Dynagrip indexed shifting

Experts, any comments?
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Huffy = Crap

Tue Apr 24, 2001 3:54 am

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy anything huffy-esque. You will just have to replace it...soon.

I agree - go to the small bike shops. They are a lot more friendly and knowledgeable, and they will usually swing you a deal.

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