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707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:21 am

Following on from the Boeing 747-400 Passenger Fleet Tracking/Retirements Thread and the DC-8 Fleet Tracking/Retirements Thread, here is another edition, this time looking at the Boeing 707. According to the production list at, there were no 707s in airline service by April 2013, but there are a fair number which remain in non-airline service. In addition to airlinerlist, I am using to source information for this thread, although it seems a bit patchy in accuracy for currently in-service aircraft. Where one has the aircraft as stored and the other as current, I'm including it unless it is clear one has more recent data. This list doesn't include the KC-135 and derivatives, which is related to the 707 but is a distinct type with a different fuselage (and with over 450 in service, it would be too time consuming to put together a thread like this for that type at this point in time).

From what I can gather, there are 130 707s still in service with 13 operators, of which 8 with 4 operators are on civil registers (although all those are connected with military or government operations), while the remaining 126 with 11 operators are on military registers. 43 were built as standard 707s, while 87 were purpose built as E-3 or E-6 aircraft. So while it is true what has been said in the DC-8 thread that the DC-8 has outlasted the 707 in airline service, the 707 is definitely more common now thanks to its widespread use as a military platform, and will likely remain in service for some time still to come.

Chilean Air Force
2 aircraft

903 18926/446 Boeing 707-330B(KC)
904 19000/447 Boeing 707-385C Phalcon - listed as stored on airlinerlist, current on rzjets, may well be out of service

French Air Force
4 aircraft

SDA201 24115/1000 Boeing E-3F Sentry
SDA202 24116/1003 Boeing E-3F Sentry

SDA203 24117/1006 Boeing E-3F Sentry
SDA204 24510/1009 Boeing E-3F Sentry

Indian Air Force
1 aircraft

K2899 19988/736 Boeing 707-337C - Indian Air Force (no photos)

Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
8 aircraft

1002 20832/886 Boeing 707-3J9C - the identity of this one is a little suspect, it may also be 5-8303, while the aircraft listed as EP-AJD also appears to carry the code 1002 (no photos)
5-8301 20830/876 Boeing 707-3J9C
5-8316 20834/894 Boeing 707-3J9C
5-8317 21123/908 Boeing 707-3J9C

EP-AJD 21124/910 Boeing 707-3J9C
EP-AJE 21396/928 Boeing 707-386C

EP-CPP 21128/917 Boeing 707-3J9C
EP-CPQ 21126/914 Boeing 707-3J9C

Israeli Air Force
10 aircraft

140 17625/99 Boeing 707-329(KC) Re'em - listed as current on airlinerlist (which notes it had been withdrawn then appeared to return with JT3D turbofans in place of the original JT4A turbojets), listed as stored on rzjets. Also noted with civil registration 4X-JYT
246 20230/819 Boeing 707-344C Phalcon - also noted with civil registration 4X-JYS
248 20429/846 Boeing 707-331C(KC) Re'em - also noted with civil registration 4X-JYU

250 20428/845 Boeing 707-331C(KC) Re'em - also noted with civil registration 4X-JYY
260 20716/880 Boeing 707-3J6B(KC) Re'em - also noted with civil registration 4X-JYN
264 20721/875 Boeing 707-3J6C(KC) Re'em - also noted with civil registration 4X-JYH

272 21096/900 Boeing 707-3L6C(KC) Re'em - also noted with civil registration 4X-JYV
275 21334/923 Boeing 707-3P1C(KC) Re'em

290 21956/941 Boeing 707-3W6C(KC) Re'em - this was the final commercial 707 built, initially built as a 707-700 with CFM56 engines before being rebuilt as a -320C with the standard PW JT3Ds. Also noted with quasi-civil registration 4X-980
295 20919/888 Boeing 707-366C(KC) Re'em

16 aircraft

LX-N90442 22855/972 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90443 22838/947 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90444 22839/949 Boeing E-3A Sentry

LX-N90445 22840/951 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90446 22841/953 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90447 22842/954 Boeing E-3A Sentry

LX-N90448 22843/956 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90450 22845/959 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90451 22846/961 Boeing E-3A Sentry

LX-N90452 22847/963 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90453 22848/964 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90454 22849/966 Boeing E-3A Sentry

LX-N90455 22850/967 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90456 22851/968 Boeing E-3A Sentry

LX-N90458 22853/970 Boeing E-3A Sentry
LX-N90459 22854/971 Boeing E-3A Sentry

Omega Air Refueling
2 aircraft

N624RH 19624/689 Boeing 707-338C - from the latest photo looks like it may be stored, but both airlinerlist and rzjets list it as current.
N707MQ 21368/925 Boeing 707-368C

Republique du Congo
1 aircraft

9Q-CLK 17702/64 Boeing 707-138B - first flight in 1959, this is the oldest jetliner still in use, and the only -120 series 707 still flying (in fact, it is even more rare, as it is a shorter-body -138B).

Royal Air Force
6 aircraft

ZH101 24109/993 Boeing E-3D Sentry
ZH102 24110/996 Boeing E-3D Sentry
ZH103 24111/1004 Boeing E-3D Sentry

ZH104 24112/1007 Boeing E-3D Sentry
ZH106 24114/1011 Boeing E-3D Sentry
ZH107 24499/1012 Boeing E-3D Sentry (final Boeing 707 built)

Royal Saudi Air Force
14 aircraft

1801 23419/974 Boeing E-3A Sentry (no photos)
1802 23418/973 Boeing E-3A Sentry
1803 23417/972 Boeing E-3A Sentry
1804 23420/976 Boeing E-3A Sentry

1805 23421/980 Boeing E-3A Sentry (no photos)
1811 23422/975 Boeing KE-3A Sentry (no photos)
1812 23423/977 Boeing KE-3A Sentry (no photos)
1813 23424/978 Boeing KE-3A Sentry (no photos)
1814 23425/979 Boeing KE-3A Sentry (no photos)
1815 23426/981 Boeing KE-3A Sentry
1816 23427/982 Boeing KE-3A Sentry
1818 23429/985 Boeing KE-3A Sentry

1901 23428/984 Boeing RE-3A Sentry
1902 24503/1001 Boeing E-3A Sentry - prototype YE-8, subsequently delivered to RSAF, current on airlinerlist, stored on rzjets, may well be out of service.

United States Air Force
49 aircraft: 31 E-3 Sentry, 17 E-8 Joint STARS, 1 civilian registered Boeing 707-321B

71-1407 20518/856/898 Boeing E-3B Sentry (Boeing EC-137)
71-1408 20519/858/920 Boeing E-3B Sentry (Boeing EC-137)

73-1675 21185/904 Boeing E-3B Sentry
75-0556 21047/902 Boeing E-3B Sentry
75-0557 21207/907 Boeing E-3B Sentry

75-0558 21208/909 Boeing E-3B Sentry
75-0559 21209/913 Boeing E-3B Sentry
75-0560 21250/916 Boeing E-3B Sentry

76-1604 21434/921 Boeing E-3G Sentry
76-1605 21435/924 Boeing E-3B Sentry
76-1606 21436/926 Boeing E-3B Sentry

76-1607 21437/927 Boeing E-3G Sentry
77-0351 21551/930 Boeing E-3G Sentry
77-0352 21552/931 Boeing E-3B Sentry

77-0353 21553/932 Boeing E-3B Sentry
77-0355 21555/934 Boeing E-3B Sentry
77-0356 21556/935 Boeing E-3B Sentry

78-0576 21752/937 Boeing E-3G Sentry
78-0577 21753/939 Boeing E-3B Sentry
78-0578 21754/940 Boeing E-3B Sentry

79-0001 21755/942 Boeing E-3G Sentry
79-0002 21756/943 Boeing E-3B Sentry
79-0003 21757/944 Boeing E-3B Sentry

80-0137 22829/946 Boeing E-3C Sentry
80-0138 22830/948 Boeing E-3G Sentry
80-0139 22831/950 Boeing E-3C Sentry

81-0004 22832/952 Boeing E-3C Sentry
81-0005 22833/955 Boeing E-3C Sentry
82-0006 22834/958 Boeing E-3C Sentry

82-0007 22835/960 Boeing E-3G Sentry
83-0009 22837/965 Boeing E-3C Sentry

86-0416 19626/703/T-1 E-8A Joint STARS (Boeing 707-338C)
92-3289 19622/660/P-1 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-338C)
92-3290 19295/617/P-2 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-338C)

93-1097 19296/630/P-4 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-338C)
94-0284 19293/546/P-5 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-338C)
94-0285 19442/609/P-6 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-373C) - (no photos)
95-0121 20016/752/P-8 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-321C)

95-0122 20495/852/P-7 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-3D3C)
96-0042 20319/833/P-9 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-347C)
96-0043 20316/825/P-10 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-347C)

97-0100 19986/730/P-11 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-355C)
97-0200 20317/826/P-12 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-347C)
97-0201 20318/829/P-13 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-347C)

99-0006 19998/750/P-14 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-307C) - (no photos)
00-2000 20043/786/P-15 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-396C)
01-2005 19382/627/P-16 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-323C) - Airlinerlist appears to have this listed incorrectly as 91-2005
02-9111 19581/638/P-17 E-8C Joint STARS (Boeing 707-323C)

N404PA 18835/408 Boeing 707-321B

United States Navy
16 aircraft

162782 23430/983 Boeing E-6B Mercury
162783 23889/986 Boeing E-6B Mercury
162784 23890/987 Boeing E-6B Mercury

163918 23891/988 Boeing E-6B Mercury
163919 23892/989 Boeing E-6B Mercury
163920 23893/990 Boeing E-6B Mercury

164386 23894/991 Boeing E-6B Mercury
164387 24500/992 Boeing E-6B Mercury
164388 24501/994 Boeing E-6B Mercury

164404 24502/995 Boeing E-6B Mercury
164405 24504/997 Boeing E-6B Mercury
164406 24505/998 Boeing E-6B Mercury

164407 24506/999 Boeing E-6B Mercury
164408 24507/1002 Boeing E-6B Mercury

164409 24508/1005 Boeing E-6B Mercury
164410 24509/1008 Boeing E-6B Mercury

Venezuelan Air Force
1 aircraft

6944 19760/715 Boeing 707-384C - listed as current on airlinerlist, stored on rzjets, may well be out of service

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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:19 am

As suggested by your comment regarding one of the IAF's Re'em, can a JT4A engined 707 (so NOT a 320B or C) be retrofitted with JT3Ds ? The JT4A powered 707 shared the RR Conways -400 wings and many systems, but just for the wing it's quite a different bird compared to the JT3D-powered -320B/C (different slats arrangement, different trailing edge so different flaps setting, different wingtips etc.)
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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:28 am

97-0100 had a previous life with NMB corp, (Nippon Miniature Bearings), which used to shuttle between SIN and Japan.

It was in pretty pristine shape with highly polished lower fuselage. One thing which struck me was the main gear doors were always lowered, even when the aircraft was parked unattended on the ramp.

This was a combi and had an APU fitted.

This was later replaced by a DC-10 with the reg. N10MB

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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:58 am

Many thanks for this thread on my favourite aircraft! You've clearly invested a lot of time and research! Much appreciated.

ITMercure wrote:
As suggested by your comment regarding one of the IAF's Re'em, can a JT4A engined 707 (so NOT a 320B or C) be retrofitted with JT3Ds ? The JT4A powered 707 shared the RR Conways -400 wings and many systems, but just for the wing it's quite a different bird compared to the JT3D-powered -320B/C (different slats arrangement, different trailing edge so different flaps setting, different wingtips etc.)

Yes, you're right, the -320B is much more than just a re-engined -320. You may know it, but I can recommend the following site to anyone interested in classic jets: This is an excellent guide to all 707 versions over the years with lots of pictures and clues on how to recognise the different types. Much recommended.

This IAF 707 may very well be the only 'non-B' 320 ever to have its JT4A's swapped for JT3D's. While a considerable part of the 707-120s had their engines changed from JT3C turbojets to JT3D turbofans (AA, PA, QF did this, to name a few), no -320 was ever converted with JT3D fans (except for this one). I don't think that it would have been too difficult for the IAF to do. The JT3D's performance was more of less comparable with that of the JT4A (but it was much quiter and had better fuel economy).

This IAF bird, the 140, is an ex-Sabena 707-329 OO-SJC.

There used to be a picture of this plane in the database, taken somewhere in Spain in 2000 or 2001 I believe, when it was already flying for the IAF, and at that time it still had its original JT4A turbojets, which was unique in the 21st century. The picture has since disappeared, unfortunately.
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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:38 pm

The -320 with JT4As or the -400 with RR Conways was always my favorite 707. Something to do with those engine nacelles being both sleek although not so tiny like the JT3C on the -120/138, and the wings' trailing edge curve where it meets the fuselage, just gracious. I am Lucky enough to have heard / seen them take-off and land when I lived near Paris-Orly, right Under their flight path.
And by the way thank you Turbojet707, so this is a one-off conversion, but as it's a military plane there was no need for certification ('just' a lot of engineering and some flight test)
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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:53 pm

Amazing ! Never realised there where so many still flying, what a wonder thread. :bouncy:
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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:54 pm

Where is the civilian registered USAF bird used for?

ou learn something every day, didn't know the E-3 had received an upgrade, to the E-3G specs: ... ut-419318/
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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:45 pm

My fellow maniacs!

I had the great chance of catching two of the last revenue flights of a 707. As far as I remember, I flew at the end of April 13 on EP-SHU, just days prior to it's retirement. Saha Air was the last civil operator of the 707. The airline operated several 707s, mostly only one at a time. HV was the one in use prior to HU, featuring the modernized 727 interior. HV instead had the classic, "first gen" interior. So it was a really classic, traditional 707 that ended civil ops. Actually Saha Air 707s were all intended tankers, with preparations for the boom (is it called that way?) and a double window in the rear of the cabin.

There was no business class, only a "VIP" table in the very forward part of the galley, feat. 2 vs. 2 seating on the left and a small galley to the right. in the aft part there were the lavs, including a lot of space for walking around, smoking (not confirmed hihihi) and stowing trolleys.

I will never forget these two flights, both on HU. Actually I am more into Russian aircraft, and the 707 was a kind of "need to do" for me. It made a 707 fan out of me. Hell, the 707 is one classic airliner and what a fun it is to fly on it.

When flying in Iran, there is one desired view out of the window: Mount Damavand. It is Iran's highest mountain and an iconic landscape, such as Mount Fuji. There are spotters that made hundreds of Iran tours and never got to see Damavand. I caught the iconic Saha 707 and on this very flight got the engines and Damavand on HD video, there is not a lot of footage out there like this.

The landing in Mashhad was really amazing, with the reversers deployed. Oh, and service aboard was really great at that time...

My other flight was to Kish Island, also on HU. I actually didn't want to go on this trip, but since I had the ticket (27 EUR!!!) and didn't have anything better to do, I did the night leg to Kish. This time I wanted the impression of the flaps, which was not possible during the night landing. But at least the take off was great again. Oh, and the 707 is really loud in the back, and whiny up front, I like both but prefer the classic first gen turbofan whine...

Maybe you 707 fans might enjoy my videos. I post them once in a while and don't want to bore anybody, but that's just my story I can share with you... and to me these kind of pictures never get boring.

Oh... on a sidenote. The day before my 707 flight the 727 was scheduled (Aseman). So I was sitting in the rear exit row, and suddenly the 727 started shaking and it got really loud. I thought it might be the APU, so I didn't pay much attention... and then Saha Air's 707 flew by, trailing smoke. And I thought to myself that in 2013, sitting in a 727, witnessing 707 take off, is surreal. And while climbing out of THR in 2013, below those wonderful JT3D engines, you could see 747-100s, IL-62s, Tu-154s and 707's, Fokker 27 and other real classics. How I miss these days!

Have fun and don't save energy on the speakers!!! (hope the links work)

Iran was always a great place to go, 747SP was a wonderful ride, and the 727 still is flying. For those in love with classics, it was the place to go to. Now it's all more or less gone. Time goes by fast my friends. Better catch every 747-400 you can, get aboard those 757s, don't miss classic 767s!!! Any A340 - get it as long as they still fly. Trust me, A350s and 787s won't make you happy!!!!!! God, even 737-3/4/500s are rare meanwhile.
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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:46 am

I almost missed the 707's because they were quickly getting phased out by the time I started flying but I'm glad I still managed to work on that wonderful plane. IMHO it's the most beautiful jet ever built, I'm happy to see there are still so many of them still flying.
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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:01 am

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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:41 am

I was 8 years old in 1978, and 707's were still rather common in the U.S. A soft spot in my heart the type is for me, as my first plane ride was aboard a TWA 707 between BDL and ORD in August of '78. Loved it!!! Not sure what series it would have been, but I believe the flight number was 175.
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Re: 707 Fleet Tracking & Retirements Thread

Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:50 pm

Any updates on this thread?

According to this EP-CPP crashed.

Any more updates?

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