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JAT: 80 Years

Mon Jun 18, 2007 8:36 am

Dear fellow A.Netters,

Jat Airways celebrates 80 years of service today.
On June 17, 1927 Aeroput (JAT predecessor) was founded.
I wish them clear skies, all the best, and a bright future ahead!

I saved a copy of this company's history from their old web site, and I will post it here. It covers everything through 2002. It's an amazing piece of history! Enjoy!

- Initial stage of aviation in Yugoslavia. The Supreme Command of the Serbian Army ordered an Air Force squadron to establish mail services between Novi Sad, Belgrade, Niš and Skoplje using "Breguet 14" planes.

- March 25th, Belgrade became part of the international civil aviation system. Airplanes of the Compagnie Franco-Romaine started making stopover landings in Panèevo (near Belgrade) on their Paris-Istanbul flight.
- September 9th, Compagnie Franco-Romaine inaugurated the first scheduled night flight in aviation history: Panèevo-Bucharest.

- April/May the flight from Paris to Bombay (India) and back to Belgrade made by Yugoslav flyers Tadija Sondermajer and Leonid Bajdak received enormous publicity and public acclamation, and inspired trust in the future of the newly founded "Aeroput" airline company.
June 17th, the "Aeroput" airline company was officially established.

- February 4th, the first two "Potez-29" planes landed at the Belgrade airport; two other identical planes were added to the "Aeroput" fleet that same year.
- February 15th, a "Potez-29" dubbed "Belgrade" took off on the first scheduled Belgrade-Zagreb flight.

- October 29th, "Aeroput" inaugurated its first international flight: from Belgrade to Graz and Vienna via Zagreb.
- The Belgrade-Skoplje route was also opened.
- "Aeroput" joins International Air Traffic Association (IATA).

- The Belgrade-Skoplje route extended to Thessaloniki.
- The Belgrade-Sarajevo-Podgorica and Zagreb-Sušak routes were opened.

- The Belgrade-Split and Zagreb-Split routes were added to the domestic network.

"Aeroput" planes performed a highly effective dusting operation to disinfest Bosnian forests.

- The flights to the isle of Sušak renewed and a new Zagreb-Ljubljana-Sušak route opened.

- "Aeroput" included Klagenfurt (Celovec) in its route network.
- Two British three-engine Spartan-Cruiser planes purchased to modernize the fleet.

- "Aeroput" expands its route network to Niš and Bitolj.

- The Belgrade-Sarajevo-Dubrovnik route opened.
- A special taxi and mail service plane designed by Mitroviæ B.E. built in the "Aeroput" workshops.

- Seven most advanced planes of the time: Lockheed Electra-10 purchased in the US.

- The Belgrade-Sofia and Belgrade-Podgorica-Tirana routes inaugurated. In cooperation with Italian and Romanian airline companies, the Turin-Milan-Venice-Zagreb-Belgrade-Bucharest route opened. The Dubrovnik-Zagreb-Vienna-Brno-Prague seasonal route also introduced.

- The Belgrade-Budapest route opened, and the Belgrade-Podgorica flight extended to the coastal town of Bar.

- November 6th, the first plane bearing New Yugoslavia insignia took-off on a regular Belgrade-Prague international flight.

- February 22nd, by order of the Supreme Command of the YPA the Head Department of Civil Aviation was formed by the Air Force Command, with the task to establish regular air transport in Yugoslavia.
- April 8th, the first scheduled flights in new Yugoslavia were introduced: Belgrade-Sarajevo and Belgrade-Podgorica. Three flights weekly.
- May 6th, regular passenger flights Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubljana inaugurated.
- July 9th, the second scheduled international route: Belgrade-Tirana. It was covered by Yugoslav Air Force planes.

- Mid-January, the Head Department of Civil Aviation separated from the Air Force Command and attached to the Ministry of Transports with the task to establish the State Airline Company.
- February 1st, by agreement with the USSR, the joint Yugoslav-Soviet civilian air transport company - JUSTA was founded.
- March 17th, by Decree No. 106 of the Head Department of Civil Aviation of FPRY, 28 first and second pilots, navigators, radio operators and flight engineers were demobilized from the 1st Transport Regiment and transferred to the Yugoslav Airlines.
- March 29th, by Decree No. 1395 of the Head Department of Civil Aviation of FPRY 12 airplane mechanics and electricians transferred from the 1st Transport Regiment to form the JAT technical department.
- April 1st, JAT planes took off on their first regular flights. This date is considered the founding day for JAT. At the time JAT had three JU-52 and three DC-3. The first official route network was modeled on the 1946 flights.
- May 4th, the first JAT time-table was published together with the Yugoslav Railroads Schedule by the Transport Publications Department of the Ministry of Transport of FPRY.
- May 27th, a Yugoslav delegation visited Prague to discuss the new agreement on air traffic between Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. According to the Agreement signed, JAT was granted the right to two lines: Belgrade-Prague-Warsaw and Zadar-Zagreb-Bratislava-Prague.
- July 1st, a contract on transport of mail and parcels was signed by the Ministry of Posts and the Head Department of Civil Aviation.
- Between August 6th and October 10th, JAT PT-17 planes took part in a dusting operation to eradicate malaria in Macedonia.
- JAT had three PT-17 planes that were the initial core of its present agricultural aviation fleet.
- By the end of the year, JAT had the following passenger lines: Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubljana, Belgrade-Titograd, Zagreb-Sarajevo, Belgrade-Prague and Belgrade-Titograd-Tirana. Since JUSTA did not have sufficient planes, JAT also covered its routes: Belgrade-Zadar-Zagreb, Belgrade-Sarajevo and Belgrade-Bucharest.
- In 1947 JAT had a fleet of:
- Three JU-52 (YU-CCA; YU-CAB; YU-CAC),
- Five DC-3 (YU-ABA; YU-ABB; YU-ABC; YU-ABD; YU-ABE) and
- One C-47 (YU-ACA).
- During the first year of operations, JAT carried 26.423 passengers and 89.512 kilograms of mail and cargo. JUSTA had 6294 passengers and 77 tons of cargo.

- January 5th, JAT opens a route to Warsaw.
- JAT inaugurated a scheduled Zagreb-Rijeka-Ljubljana-Rijeka-Zagreb flight.
- The Grobièko Polje air-strip was used for flights to and from Rijeka. This line was not active for long, and was re-opened several times.
- April 20th, JAT printed a special time-table, the cover page text and directions being in Russian.
- April 27th, by Decree of the Government of FPRY IV No. 3062 the establishment of JAT was made legal. In May of that same year, Yugoslav Airlines was registered by the Ministry of Finances of FPRY and included in the Register of highly important state companies.
- On October 4th-8th, JAT took part in the Conference of Airlines of People's Democratic Countries organized in Prague by CSA. (The other participants were LOT, JUSTA, BBC and "Aeroflot" as an observer).
- JAT fleet included DC-3 planes only. During this year, other four airplanes of this same type were added.

- April 1st, by Decree of the Government of FPRY IV No. 1379 the civil aviation company JAT and the "Aeroremont" State Company for Aircraft Material Repairs were merged into a single company.
- JUSTA was liquidated upon a request by the Yugoslav Government.
- JAT staff potentials were improved by the arrival of former JUSTA pilots and technicians.
- Yugoslavia faced an extremely difficult international position, and JAT abolished all international flights to eastern block countries.
- August 24th, JAT introduced a regular Belgrade-Zagreb-Zurich flight.
- During the year, another DC-3 joined the fleet.

- March 24th, the new JAT international flight Belgrade-Zagreb-Munich-Frankfurt became operational.
- JAT organized therapeutic DC-3 flights for children suffering from whooping cough.
- Three more DC-3 are added to the fleet.

- JAT became a regular IATA member.
- March 15th, the first JAT Worker's Council formed.
- March 17th, the first JAT Management Board meeting was held, marking another step towards the introduction of self-management in the company.
- April 24th, JAT opens a new international route: Belgrade-Skoplje-Thessaloniki- Athens.

- March 17th, the first JAT Belgrade-Munich-Paris flight.
- October 1st, the Belgrade-Zagreb-Graz-Frankfurt route opened.
- August, the first JAT helicopter YU-HAA arrived in Belgrade in pieces. After being put together by local technicians, it made the first test flights for agricultural use.
- During the year, the Worker's Council adopted the decision to send representatives and open branches in Frankfurt, Munich, Athens, Paris and Zurich, which marked the beginning of organized JAT appearance on the European market.

- April 21, JAT opened the Belgrade-Zagreb-Graz-Frankfurt route.
- May 20th, the Belgrade-Skoplje-Istanbul international flight was inaugurated.
- Due to its obsolete fleet, JAT focused on the development of domestic route network. New lines are introduced: Belgrade-Skoplje-Ohrid, Belgrade-Sarajevo-Dubrovnik-Herceg Novi.
- JAT starts using flight codes in its time table. For example the Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubljana was coded YU-720, and the return trip YU-721.
- During the year, JAT technical staff underwent UN sponsored training in Switzerland; the technical department was reorganized; beginning of company training and modernization of equipment.
- The last DC-3 planes added to the fleet (YU-ABK and YU-ABM).

- In mid-April the first Convair CV-340-58 (YU-ADA) landed on Belgrade Airport. An American instructor started pilot training on April 16th.
- Two more Convair CV-340 (YU-ADB and YU-ADC) were purchased during the year.
- August 28th, a ceremony to celebrate the first JAT "millionaires" in airborne kilometers: Dragica Pavlovic, Milisav Semiz, Miloš Drakulic, Rodoljub Milovanoviæ and Zvonimir Seršic.

- January 8th-10th, on his visit to Burma, during one of the first peace and friendship flights, President Tito had a Rangoon-Heho-Mandeley-Rangoon flight on a JAT Convair 340 (YU-ADA).
- April 18th, the Belgrade-Vienna route opened.
- April 19th, JAT inaugurated the first international overseas flight: Belgrade-Athens-Cairo.
- April 21st, the new international flight Belgrade-Istanbul-Beirut became operational.
- June 17th, the Belgrade-Vienna-Frankfurt-London route opens.
- After the signing of the "Belgrade Declaration" between Yugoslavia and USSR, Negotiations between JAT and eastern-block airlines begin. JAT signed the first agreement with "Aeroflot".
- December 12th, the agreement between JAT and LOT was signed.
- At the end of the year, JAT opens the Belgrade-Žabljak line.

- January 28th, signing of agreement between JAT and CSA.
- February 9th, agreement between JAT and TAROM.
- June 15th, the Belgrade-Rome flight inaugurated. JAT briefly had flights to Milan as well.
- June, a new hangar was built at the Belgrade Airport near Bežanijska Kosa.
- October 13th, the Belgrade-Sofia flight promoted.
- The Ohrid-Skoplje-Dubrovnik route became operational and flights to the coastal town of Zadar were re-introduced.

- January 16th, reopening of the Belgrade-Tirana line.
- January 28th, the first of six IL-14 planes that were added to the JAT fleet landed on Belgrade Airport. The IL-14's were: YU-ADE, YU-ADF, YU-ADG, YU-ADH, YU-ADI and YU-ADJ.
- February 15th - April 9th, JAT crews undergo IL-14 training in USSR.
- February 22nd, JAT received the first Convair 440-Metropolitan. It bore the JAT code YU-ADD.
- April, the first JAT cargo line: Belgrade-Sarajevo-Titograd.
- September 16th, JAT received the second Convair 440-Metropolitan called YU-ADK.

- April 3rd, the Belgrade-Prague line reopened.
- May 29th - October 3rd, JAT crews undergo DC-6B training at KLM in Amsterdam.
- October 26th-29th, DC-6B YU-AFA flied from Santa Monica via New York and Gender to Belgrade. The JAT crew performed the flight.

- January 14th-19th, on his voyage of peace and friendship, to India, President Tito had a Madras-Delhi-Hayderabad-Madras flight JAT DC-6B (YU-AFA). The flight was performed by a combined JAT/Air Force crew.
- March, JAT introduced another DC-6B (YU-AFB) into its fleet to cover international and charter flights.
- April, the first issue of Yugoslav Airlines Bulletin was published.
- August, according to statistical data, JAT carried its 1.000.000th passenger at the end of the month.

- Between January 25th and February 6th, negotiations between state delegations of the German Democratic Republic and FPR Yugoslavia to establish regular flights between the two countries were held, and an agreement was signed.
- March 31st, JAT opened its new international line: Belgrade-Berlin.

- JAT purchased three Convair 440-Metropolitan from Alitalia (YU-ADL, YU-ADM and YU-ADN).
- The first five-year plan envisaging the purchase of jet liners was adopted.
- July 21st, the Belgrade-Ivangrad line was opened.

- March 8th, the contract for the purchase of the first JAT jet liner: Caravelle. The contract was signed by JAT General Manager Milan Simovic. - March 15th, JAT adds another flight to the domestic network: Belgrade-Mostar. - April 28th, President Josip Broz Tito opened the new Belgrade Airport near Surèin in the outskirts of the capital. This marked the closure of the previous airport near Bežanijska Kosa. - June 10th, ceremonial opening of the new Dubrovnik Airport in Æilipi. The old "Gruda".
- January 21st the first Caravelle (YU-AHA) landed at Belgrade airport. During the year, two more planes arrived (YU-AHB and YU-AHD).
- June 16th, flights to Warsaw renewed. The line was extended to Copenhagen.
- December 28th, by Decree No. 23 of the President of FPRY - Josip Broz Tito, JAT was awarded the Medal of Brotherhood and Unity with Golden Wreath for special merits in organizing and providing aid to the victims of the earthquake in Skoplje.
- During that same year, the Duty Free Service was established and sale of customs-free goods on the planes started.

- May 2nd, the line to Amsterdam was opened.
- The Company Tourist Service was founded.

- June 10th, the fourth Caravelle (YU-AHE) was delivered to JAT.
- The Operative Department for Traffic Monitoring was founded in the summer, representing the nucleus of the Operations Center formed later.
- The new Belgrade-Pri{tina line opened in the summer.
- July 4th, the new Belgrade-Vrnjaèka Banja line opened.
- August 5th, the new international line Belgrade-Warsaw-Moscow opened.
- September 28th, a direct telex channel between Belgrade and Vienna opened for a link with the SITA headquarters. A major step in the evolution of JAT telecommunication facilities.
- Statistics at the end of the year show that JAT had 500.000 passengers for the first time.
- JAT built and equipped a modern hangar with all the necessary workshops at the Belgrade Airport which became the Company base airport. The concentration of technical facilities enhanced work quality and productivity, and according to IATA criteria, JAT was one of the airlines with lowest aircraft maintenance costs. In the new hangar the first block-check was performed on a Caravelle jet liner.

- April, JAT decided to install weather radars on Convair CV-340/440 planes to detect cumulonimbus zones in flight.
- The Technical Department mastered the general overhaul procedure for the Caravelle and complete or partial overhaul of numerous ancillary components, with major savings in hard currency expenditures.
- JAT Agricultural Aviation purchased 2 new Antonov AN-2M planes. These were AN-2 planes modified for agricultural use.
- July 1st, the SITA center in Belgrade became operational, linking JAT departments to all airports and branch-offices in the country and directly to the world through Vienna.

- April 1st, the flight to Budapest re-opened.
- June, the catering department serving JAT planes and other airlines was founded. The first to use its services was Air France. This ended the cooperation with the Metropol Hotel that used to supply the meals.
- World Tourism Year. Yugoslavia abolished visas for all tourists visiting the country that year.
- May 28th, dubbing ceremony for the fifth JAT Caravelle (YU-AHF).
- November, the JAT Training Center moved into a new building at the Belgrade Airport.
- Lines to Sofia and Graz were reintroduced.

- January 11th, the sixth Caravelle (YU-AHG) delivered. JAT technicians made immediate modifications in the cabin increasing the number of passenger seats from 86 to 91.
- April 1st. JAT re-opens the flight to Bucharest.
- April 5th, JAT purchased another Convair CV-440 (YU-ADO) from Lufthansa.
- April 6th, JAT opens the line to Stockholm.
- April 24th, JAT Agricultural Aviation purchased five Grumman G 164-A planes, adding a new type of aircraft to the specialized fleet.

- March 17th, JAT purchased two more Convair 440 from Lufthansa (YU-ADP and YU-ADR).
- April 4th, the line to Brussels was opened.
- April 11th, the first DC-9-32 landed at Belgrade Airport to join the JAT fleet. This aircraft (I-DIKY) was under lease agreement until the summer of 1970.
- May 15th. JAT carried its 5.000.000th passenger.
- May 20th, the first issue of JAT Bulletin appeared.
- May 22nd, JAT opens a new international line Belgrade-Tunis. Soon after a flight to Tripoli was added to the network.
- June 7th, the seventh Caravelle (YU-AHK) landed at Belgrade Airport.
- July 1st, the JAT Ambulatory was transformed into a Work Medicine Dispensary.
- July 31st, Air Yugoslavia - YUGAIR was formed as an independent JAT Dept. with independent financing and management. Along with charter flights in Europe, Air Yugoslavia organized the first charters to the US and Canada.
- December 10th, The JAT Technical Direction was granted a Certificate of the Federal Aviation Administration confirming its extreme technical competence. The document gave the JAT department the right to maintain and overhaul all aircraft manufactured in US, which greatly broadened the range of technical services offered by JAT.

- January 16th, the purchase agreement for five DC-9 planes already under construction was singed by JAT General Manager Vidomir Krunic.
- March 6th, the Cargo Booking Dept. started operating as part of the reservations service.
- May 11th, the first JAT DC-9 (YU-AHL) landed on Belgrade Airport. In May and June four other identical planes arrived (YU-AHN, YU-AHM, YU-AHO and YU-AHP).
- May 19th, the first Boeing 707-320 (YU-AGA) landed at Belgrade Airport. JAT leased it from PAN-AM. It stayed in the fleet until July 25, 1974.
- June 1st, a B-707 was used to initiate charter flights to Australia. In the first year of the Belgrade-Karachi-Singapore-Australia line there were three flights weekly: two to Sidney and one to Melbourne.
- June 19th, the first Belgrade-Toronto charter flight (B-707). During the year, JAT initiated charter traffic to the US.
- November 10th, for the first time in its history JAT reached the figure of million passengers in one year.
- During the year, JAT had 1.106.000 passengers on scheduled flights and was rated 51st among 122 world airlines.

- January 10th, for the first time JAT employees received their wages processed by the Company Electronic Computing Center.
- February 2nd, a new DC-9 was purchased (YU-AHT).
- May 7th and 14th, two new DC-9 liners landed at Belgrade Airport (YU-AHU and YU-AHV).
- May, two other B-707 leased from PAN-AM. They were in the fleet for less than a year.
- September 25th, the new Tivat Airport became operational and was given international rating.
- September, JAT Internal Bank started operations.
- November, during his visit to the US, President Tito visited the McDonnell Douglas aircraft factory in Long Beach and was shown the production line and the latest company design - DC-10.
- November 29th, Serbian Chamber of Economy Award for JAT as one of 16 most successful companies in Serbia.
- December 11th, the first B-707 flight to China organized by Air Yugoslavia.

- January 26th, a bomb exploded on the JAT DC-9 (YU-AHT) flying over Czechoslovakia. Twenty seven passengers and crew members died and, while stewardess Vesna Vuloviæ survived miraculously after a fall from an altitude of nearly 10 kilometers and was included in the Guinness Book of Records.
- May 22nd, A DC-9 flight simulator became operational at the JAT Training Center.
- Two 22. B-707 planes were leased from PIA to cover intercontinental traffic. Both planes (YU-AGE and YU-AGG) were purchased in 1975.
- June 15th, the first Workers' Councils in JAT BOALs were elected thus completing the first phase in the implementation of constitutional amendments.
- June, regular charter flights to FR Germany introduced. The first of the "workers' charter flights" was to Dusseldorf. Hamburg and Stuttgart were added later.
- August 9th. McDonnell Douglas organized a DC-10 promotional flight in Belgrade. In the passenger lounge of a DC-10 parked at the Belgrade Airport the purchase agreement for 6 new DC-9 was signed.
- August 10th, with the election and appointment of the JAT Assembly the mandate of the JAT Worker's Council was terminated and a new phase in the development of self management was initiated in accordance with modified constitutional amendments.
- August 24th, representatives of the Worker's Councils of the BOALs signed the JAT Self-management Agreement on the merger of work and assets.
- September 10th, the line to Niš was opened.
- Integration between the JAT Training Center and the Vršac Aviation Center.

- February 12th, a new JAT DC-9 arrived (YU-AJH). During the year other DC-9 planes were delivered (YU-AJI, YU-AJJ, YU-AJK, YU-AJL and YU-AJM).
- May 18th, Air Lift established (osnovan Vazdušni most. ).
- June, by decision of the JAT Assembly the Pilot Academy was established. The first trainees are taken on in July.
- July 13th, the Charter of the Senate of the State of California was presented to JAT and Air Yugoslavia representatives, acknowledging the important role played by the Yugoslav airline in establishing charter flights between the US and Yugoslavia.
- December 20th, the purchase agreement for two B-727-200 was signed.
- During the year, JAT introduced flights Lyon and Manchester.
- Air-taxi service opens with Cessna 402-B planes.

- February 2nd, the "Vršac" Agricultural Aviation joins the Self-management Agreement and joins the JAT system.
- The Training BOAL purchased thirteen Cessna-172 and two Zlyn airplanes.
- April, JAT purchased two B-707 from NWA (YU-AGI and YU-AGJ).
- May, JAT Agricultural Aviation signs a purchase agreement for 12 Grumman AG-CAT planes.
- June 10th, welcome ceremony for the first JAT B-727-200 (YU-AKA) at the Belgrade Airport.
- June 14th, arrival of the second B-727-200 (YU-AKB).v - June, Air Lift packages (Greece, Turkey, Tunisia) become operational.
- June 24th, the Priština Airport re-opens after being reconstructed and modernized.
- July 31, the JAT Assembly brings in a decision on the training of flight engineers.
- JAT initiated flights to Kiev and Gothenburg.
- Domestic line to Mostar opened.
- September 18th, DC-9 YU-AJN is leased from Inex Adria; on September 23rd it suffers an accident.
- October: independent department for charter business formed. It became operational immediately. In the purchase of a B-727, counter-delivery of Yugoslav goods is agreed in part-payment.
- November 10th-29th, JAT's first round-the-world flight, using a B-727 on the route Belgrade-Beirut-Bombay-Singapore-Tokyo-Honolulu-Los Angeles-New York- London-Belgrade.
- November, the JAT Assembly decided that the Mihajlo Petroviæ Light Aviation Technical Service BOAL is to be made part of the JAT system.
- December 18th, JAT's third B-727-200 (YU-AKE) lands at Belgrade Airport.
- December 24th, a new Self-management Agreement on merger with the JAT system is signed in Vršac by representatives of 23 BOALs.
- A new test-bench for aircraft engines was purchased. The engine service unit moved into a new building.

- January 12th February 6th, the Agricultural Aviation Belgrade unit involved in afforestation of desert lands in Libya.
- End of March: JAT's fourth and fifth B-727 (YU-AKF and YU-AKG) arrive.
- April 1st, JAT opened a scheduled intercontinental line Belgrade-Karachi-Singapore-Sydney. It was based on the basis of an agreement between the Yugoslav and Australian governments and one between JAT and Qantas. It was operated twice a week using a B-707.
- November 1st, the line to Baghdad introduced.
- November 7th, service to Malta introduced.
- Aircraft overhaul for foreign airlines starts.
- December 24th, JAT's three-millionth passenger that year lands at Belgrade Airport.

- May 18th, the Belgrade-Leningrad line opened.
- May 26th, the Maribor Airport opens.
- June 15th, scheduled service from Belgrade to New York via Zagreb opened.
- June-September, 12 Agricultural Aviation planes from Belgrade and Vršac units carry out dusting of cotton fields in Egypt.
- July 1st, JAT lands in Kuwait en route for Australia.
- August, Agricultural Aviation Belgrade unit purchased four Grumman planes, bringing the total number of Grummans in its fleet up to 24.
- November 12th, agreement on air services to Jordan signed.
- First "block inspection" of a DC-9.
- December 31st, last Caravelle flight, on the Belgrade-Skoplje-Belgrade route.
- During the year, the Operations Center is formed within the flying operations department.

- April 1st, at a ceremonial meeting the JAT Assembly passed the decision that Golden Plaque be awarded to President Tito on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Yugoslav civil aviation and JAT's 30th anniversary.
- April 1st, scheduled flights to Damascus and Kuwait introduced.
- May 20th, JAT's management board approved the purchase of a wide-body aircraft for intercontinental operations. The DC-10 was chosen.
- July 13th, Titograd Airport is formally reopened after reconstruction and modernization.
- July 15th, in Long Beach, California, a purchase agreement is signed for JAT's first wide-body plane, the DC-10-30.
- November 25th, scheduled JAT service opens between Belgrade, Zagreb, Lyons and Madrid.
- A new prefabricated hangar installed at the Belgrade Airport.

- February 2nd, in New York, JAT general manager Dragoslav Radisavljeviæ signs the agreement for the purchase of a second DC-10.
- February 3rd, an agreement on scheduled services between Yugoslavia and China is signed at the Federal Transport Committee in Belgrade.
- February 9th, the JAT automatic reservation system, JATARS, became operational. The agreement on introducing an electronic reservation system was signed with KLM in Amsterdam in mid-September 1977.
- February 13th, on board JAT B-707 (YU-AGI), en route between Belgrade and Sydney, passenger Marija Todev gave birth to a little boy - nicknamed Jatko.
- April 2nd, Air Yugoslavia started charter flights to Beijing.
- September 15th, JAT's first DC-10 (YU-AMA) underwent its first test flight at Long Beach California.
- October, in the JAT Training Center at Belgrade Airport, the VITAI IV visual landing system is formally inaugurated.
- 12 December: JAT's first DC-10, YU-AMA, lands at Belgrade Airport. At the welcoming ceremony, dubbed "Nikola Tesla".

- February 15th, JAT starts a scheduled service to Melbourne.
- February 16th, the first-ever picture auction in world aviation history is held in JAT DC-10 YU-AMA on a scheduled Belgrade-Zagreb-New York flight.
- April 30th, scheduled Belgrade-Beijing service starts.
- May 16th, JAT's second DC-10, YU-AMB, lands at Belgrade Airport, and is named the "Edvard Rusjan".
- May 18th, JAT DC-10 starts flying to Australia once a week, replacing the two weekly flights of the B-707.
- June, the JAT Motor Vehicle Department buys 30 Zastava 101 cars (taxi version) to open a new JAT Taxi Service.
- September 25th, the new Belgrade Airport international flights terminal opens Features include "fingers" for plane-docking.

- April 1st, JAT made a stopover at Dubai Airport on its services to China and Australia.
- April 10th, JAT introduced a charter service to Cleveland and Chicago.
- May 31st, formal opening of Osijek Airport, and introduction of JAT services to Osijek.
- November 4th, scheduled service to Chicago opens.
- December 16th, two more B-727-200s (YU-AKI and YUAKJ) arrive at Belgrade Airport.
- December 23rd, JAT introduced a second DC-10 flight to Australia.

- July 30th, reopening of the older part of the Belgrade Airport terminal after reconstruction, to handle domestic services.
- September 21st-26th, while Belgrade Airport runway is being re-paved, JAT successfully operated its services from Osijek.
- September 26th, a JAT B-707 on the Dubrovnik-Titograd-Belgrade route is hijacked. The crew and passengers overcome the hijackers at Larnaca Airport on Cyprus.
- December 30th, JAT's last two B-727s arrive (YU-AKK and YU-AKL).

- January 27th, for the first time after the outbreak of the Iraq-Iran war, JAT resumed flights to Baghdad.
- April 4th, the line to Beijing re-opens, but only three flights are made.
- April 7th, Trans Adria merged with JAT.
- June 30th, JAT introduced services to Amman, via Istanbul.
- December 25th, the "Welcome drink" is introduced on routes to America and Australia, served by stewardesses in national costume.

- March 27th, JAT opens new services to Algiers and Thessaloniki, and flights are resumed to Beirut and Kuwait.
- April 15th, flights to Warsaw are resumed.
- June 1st, by agreement with Air Africa, a B-727 and crew are sent to Abidjan.
- June 23rd, the Workers' Council announced a self-management agreement on organizational changes; the airline's 14 BOALs are reduced to 9.
- July 9th, a second B-727 is sent to Africa.
- August 13th, runway at the Vršac Air Training Center is paved.
- December 15th, the Adriatic Class is inaugurated on a flight to Frankfurt.

- February: JAT is the official carrier for the 14th Winter Olympic Games at Sarajevo.
- May 21st, the corner stone of the giant Hangar II is laid.
- August 1st, site works and building of the new hangar begin.
- September 4th, the JAT EXPRESS service is introduced.
- September 23rd, a purchase agreement for two B-737-300s is signed by JAT general manager Miša Radojèiæ.
- October 26th, JAT introduced scheduled services to Canada.
- October 27th, the "No Fear of Flying" campaign starts.
- November 16th, an agreement on air transport services between Yugoslavia and Canada is signed in Belgrade.

- February 8th, a DC-10, TU-TAL, is leased from Air Africa.
- February 11th, the decision to buy two more B-737-300s is passed.
- May 21st, the airport at Banjaluka (Bosnia) opens.
- August 8th, JAT's first B-737-300, YU-AND, arrived in Belgrade.
- 15 August: the second B-737-300, YU-ANF, arrives.
- November 25th, a report recommending the purchase of three more B-737-300s is approved.
- November 25th, the decision is made to open the airline's own enterprises in England and FR Germany.
- November 30th, a scheduled cargo service to London using an AN-12 is opened.
- December 1st, a line to Kuala Lumpur is inaugurated.
- December 12th and 18th, the third and fourth B-737-300 arrive (YU-ANH and YU-ANI).
- After several years of being part of the Zemun Health Center in Belgrade, the Occupational Medicine Clinic rejoins the JAT organization as a BOAL with the title Institute for Aviation Medicine.

- February 28th, the corner stone of the new Catering Department building is laid.
- March 28th, a route to Barcelona is introduced.
- June 16th October 31st, a DC-10 JAT leased from SABENA joins the fleet.
- July 17th, an agreement on air services between Yugoslavia and India is initialed.
- July 22nd, the giant new Hangar II at Belgrade Airport is ceremonially opened.
- October 12th, the Niš Airport ceremonially opened.
- November 18th, JAT's fifth B-737-300, YU-ANJ, arrives.
- November 25th, the decision to integrate with the Slavija Hotel (Belgrade) is passed.
- December 15th, opening of the JAT "air-train" service between Ljubljana and Velika Gorica.
- December 21st, JAT's sixth B-737-300 YU-ANL arrives. The delivery of a seventh 737-300 is announced for mid-March 1987.
- December 22nd, an agreement is signed with the SNECMA enterprise on the acquisition of a test bench for the CFM-56 engine.
- During the year, JAT carried out intensive preparations to introduce its own automatic reservation system. In addition to the purchase of computer hardware, preparations for automatic ticketing and check-in were made.

- February 12th, automatic ticketing became operational at the JAT office in down-town Belgrade.
- February 20th, the third DC-10 leased (until the end of May) from the Dutch Martin-Air company arrived from Amsterdam.
- March 6th, the seventh B-737-300 (YU-ANK) purchased by JAT, landed at Belgrade Airport.
- March 20th, Yugoslav Airlines and the Paris-based SNECMA - one of the largest makers of civil aviation engines in the world signed a contract to jointly build a test bench for jet engines.
- April 2nd, the second cargo line to Paris became operational.
- April 16th, the fourth DC-10-30 (YU-LHA) arrived in Belgrade from Helsinki. It was leased from the Finnish airline FinnAir for a period of 18 months expiring on in October 1988.
- JAT joined the general anti-smoking campaign in public areas banning smoking on domestic flights.
- April 23rd, On April 23rd, the decision to lease two ATR-42 planes and purchase two more B-737-300 was given the green light.
- May 22nd, in accordance with a decision passed by the Belgrade City Council, the JAT bus terminal in front of St. Mark Church was moved to a new location in front of the Slavija Hotel.
- June 13th, a new DC-10 (OO SLA) leased from SABENA arrived. The lease agreement was to expire on October 31, 1989.
- June 17th, the first ATR-42 (YU-ALK) joined the fleet.
- JAT finally decided to sell the last B-707 (YU-AGI) it owned.
- July 4th, the second ATR-42 landed at Belgrade Airport.
- End of October, JAT introduced Adriatic Class service on domestic flights.
- October 26th, JAT reopened scheduled flights to Mostar from Belgrade and Zagreb.
- October 31st, last commercial flight of the JAT Boeing-707.
- December 20th, JAT introduced a DC-10 on the Belgrade-Ljubljana-London route.
- November 19th, the first guests were accommodated in the apartments of the Sunny Peaks (Sunèani Vrhovi) mountain resort.
- November 29th, a formal opening of the new Catering building was organized, although the facility was not fully fitted yet.
- December, the decision was made to purchase the third DC-10, the fifth one in the fleet.
- December 16th, the purchase agreement for three ATR 72 planes was signed.

- Slavija Hotel became JAT's 11th BOAL.
- February 27th, seven JAT employees died in a B-727 crash on Cyprus.
- March 2nd, the new catering plant became operational.
- March 22nd Formal welcome for the seventh and eighth B-737-300s (YU-ANV and YU-ANW) at the Belgrade Airport.
- May 4th, another (the fourth) attractive metropolis in Southeast Asia was added to the list of JAT destinations: Bangkok.
- May 8th, the fifth DC-10 in the fleet lands at Belgrade Airport.
- May 21st, the third ATR-42 (YU-ALN) is flown from Toulouse to Belgrade.
- Yugoslav Airlines joined the Amadeus computer distribution system shared by many European airlines.
- Offices were bought in downtown Ljubljana, to set up a new JAT branch office.
- A DC-9 (YU-AHL) sold to the North West airlines from Minnesota.
- The Municipality of Portorož and JAT made an agreement to open a line from Belgrade to this tourist resort on the Adriatic coast.
- With the winter schedule, new lines were introduced: Zagreb-Lyon and Niš-London, while in February and March flights to Rome were via Sarajevo.
- November 1st, Adriatic Club Class introduced on all JAT flights to the US, Canada, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
- After relying for 10 years on the KLM reservation system, JAT introduced its own system.
- September 5th, the reconstruction and remodeling of Slavija Hotel.
- Three new planes were purchased for the Agricultural Aviation Vršac Unit and two for the Belgrade Unit.
- The construction of the jet engine test-bench started (joint investment with the French engine manufacturer SNECMA).
- End of the second phase of fitting of the new Catering building.
- The new wing of the "Red Building" at Belgrade Airport completed to house the Computer Center.
- Numerous vehicles replaced in the car-pool. New JAT hotel facilities on Mt. Kopaonik opened.
- JAT owned summer resort near Pula opened.

- January 12th, the flight academy in Vršac introduced a new type of plane for training.
- January 15th, the Dubrovnik-Portorož line opens.
- March 3rd, the Company decided to replace the long-range fleet by introducing three MD-11 aircraft.
- March 16th, JAT signed a lease contract with the Jordanian RY airline for a Lockheed Tristar L-1011-500.
- February 5th-17th, At a referendum JAT workers decided that BOALs are to be abolished Yugoslav Airlines be reorganized into a single company.
- May 21st, Yugoslav Civil Aviation Day - the Aviation Museum formally opened.
- May 28th, JAT "broke away" from the KLM computer system, and switched over to its own reservations network.
- June 1st, casino, the "Paris" club-restaurant and the new reception desk inaugurated in Slavija Hotel.
- June 30th, the jet engine test-bench became operational.
- July 23rd, the first wing of the new JAT Building in New Belgrade completed. The JAT office building is part of a large administrative and business complex in this part of Belgrade.
- August 24th, the new "Slavija LUX" hotel formally turned over to its owner - JAT.
- October, in a competition held Paris, involving 23 leading world airlines, the Yugoslav Airlines stewardess uniform was awarded first prize.
- November 2nd, a joint investment agreement signed to establish a new company Amadeus-Yugoslavia.

- February 19th, Amadeus -Yugoslavia Ltd. was officially registered.
- April 26th, bilateral agreement between Yugoslavia and Venezuela signed.
- May 31st, JAT and the TNT international corporation signed a contract on joint activities in express shipments and courier services.
- The decision to purchase a fourth MD-11 was made.
- The JAT Business Center in Ljubljana formally opened.
- Yugoslav-Israeli air transport agreement signed.
- July 14th, the first ATR-72 landed at Belgrade Airport.
- September 21st, the first bilateral agreement on air traffic between Yugoslavia and the Republic of Korea was initialed in Belgrade.

- January 9th, JAT canceled the stopover in Dubai and re-routed the flights via Bombay.
- 11. January, the flights to Damascus annulled and on January 12th those to Amman and Cairo. When the war broke out, i.e. when multi-national forces attacked targets in Kuwait and Iraq on January 16th, none of JAT planes were in the region.
- January 29th, the third ATR-72 (YU-ALP) joins the JAT fleet.
- March 12th, after the Gulf-War JAT re-established flights to Damascus and Amman on March 12th, while flights to Cairo and Istanbul were reactivated even earlier.
- April 1st, on Belgrade Airport JAT introduced a new, approach to passenger and luggage processing - the automatic check-in.
- April 18th, New Belgrade municipal authorities decided to apply interim measures for the protection of self-management rights and social property in JAT.
- April 19th, JAT started regular service to Iran and effected the first Belgrade Teheran flight.
- Due to the spreading war in Croatia and the increasingly difficult situation in Slovenia, in August and September JAT canceled all flights to airports in these two former republics.
- JAT had its last flight from Zadar on August 3rd, from Krk Airport near Rijeka on the 5th, and from Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split on August 6th. The last flight from Pula was on September 13th, and from Ljubljana on the 15th. On November 23rd, JAT stopped its service to Mostar.
- October, the service to Larnaca opens.
- December, German government introduced the embargo on all forms of traffic to/from Yugoslavia. Officially the ban applied to the entire country, but in practice only Serbia and Montenegro were discriminated.

- February 28th, the Serbian Parliament passed the Law on the creation of the public company for air transport.
- February 19th, the Agreement on financial consolidation and ownership transformation of JAT was signed by the Republican Fund for Development and Restructuring in Serbia, "Investbanka dd", "NIS Novi Sad", "ZOIL Dunav", "JP PTT Srbije", "Beobanka dd" and Yugoslav Airlines.
- March 13th, the first Managing Board was formed. Mr. Branislav Popoviæ was appointed Chairman of the Board and Žika Petroviæ B.Sc.T.E. JAT General Manager.
- May 21st, the US introduced the embargo on air traffic with Yugoslavia. The last JAT flights to America were to Chicago (May 17th) and New York (May 19th).
- May 21st, in accordance with a decision of the Managing Board, JAT General Manager gave instructions that number of employees in the country and abroad is to be temporarily reduced.
- May 22nd, the decision to give the employees three months of paid vacation as of May 25th was adopted at a General Manager staff meeting.
- May 30th, the UN Security Council approved economic sanction that had direct, evident and immediate effects on Yugoslav Airlines.
- June 1st, international services were stopped except for several flights.
- June 1st, last flights out of Skoplje and Stockholm.
- June 3rd, the last flight before the full blockade - from Moscow.
- June 4th, the General Manager staff gave instructions that activities regarding the study on JAT new visual identity after the blockade be accelerated.
- July 3rd, JAT introduced bus lines connecting Belgrade and Novi Sad to Budapest and Timisoara.
- September 29th, JAT inaugurated the new Training Center and Aviation Medicine Institute building.

- June 9th, the Irish Government seized a JAT Boeing 737-300 which was being repaired at the Dublin Airport.
- September 18th, JAT organized services between Timisoara and Trieste in cooperation with Romavia.
- December 27th, JAT promoted its new visual identity comprising a new company logo and symbol. Instead of the ellipse containing the Company acronym, a new symbol was painted on the tail of each plane based on the colors of the Yugoslav flag. The Company anthem was also introduced.

- Preparations for the introduction of ISO quality standards.
- September 23rd, the UN Security Council passed the Resolution which partially suspended sanctions against Yugoslavia.
- October 5th, an Aeroflot flight from Moscow brings Yugoslavia back into the international network.
- October 6th, with a flight to Moscow, JAT re-opened its international services after the partial suspension of the sanctions.
- October 8th, services to Athens were re-established.
- October 14th, services to Cyprus were re-established.
- October 18th, services to Timisoara were re-established.
- October 21st, services to Paris were re-established.
- October 22nd, services to Rome were re-established.
- October 28th, services to Frankfurt were re-established.
- October 31st, services to Zurich were re-established.
- mid-October, the JAT agency in Požarevac was opened.
- November 2nd, services to Bucharest were re-established.
- November 4th, services to Dusseldorf were re-established.
- November 11th, services to Milan were re-established.
- November 12th, services to Amsterdam were re-established.
- December 5th, the JAT agency in Valjevo was opened.
- December 22-28, a special charter flight took the national soccer team and Yugoslav fans on a mini-tour in Latin America.

- January 7th, services to London were re-established.
- January 25th, The new JAT Managing Board was formed. Mr. Momir Pavliæeviæ was appointed Chairman.
- March 4th, services to Kiev were re-established.
- March 24th, services to Vienna were re-established.
- March 27th, the JAT agency in Užice was opened.
- April 1st, the new terminal at the Slavija Hotel became operational.
- April 2nd, services to Copenhagen were re-established.
- June 11th, services to Tel Aviv were re-established.
- June 27th, services to Malta were re-established.
- June 22nd, after a three-year pause JAT re-opened services to Thessaloniki.
- July 15th, services to Stuttgart were re-established.
- July, 22nd, the Ponikve Airport near Užice was opened for civil aviation use. During the summer season, the Belgrade-Užice-Tivat route was active.
- September 13th, services to Berlin were re-established.
- October 31st, a Yugoslav delegation headed by Serbian President Slobodan Miloševiæ flew to Dayton (Ohio) to attend peace talks.
- December 4th, DC-10 was flown to Rome for a D-check.
- December 10th, services to Stockholm were re-established.
- December 14th, services to Trieste were re-established.

- early February, the decision to renew the Euro-Mediterranean fleet (DC-9, B-727, ATR-72) was made.
- February 2nd, the new branch-office in Tivat and the agency in Kotor were opened.
- 20. February, the new agency in Zemun was opened.
- February 22nd, the overhauled and modernized DC-10 re-dubbed "Belgrade".
- February 29th, the old JAT terminal in down-town Belgrade reopened as a branch-office and exclusive café and pastry-shop.
- April, JAT joined WORLD TRACER - the computerized lost-luggage tracing system.
- March 12th, services to Gothenburg were re-established.
- April 1st, services to Brussels were re-established.
- April 2nd, services to Istanbul were re-established.
- April 22nd, services to Madrid and Barcelona were re-established.
- April 30th, JAT signed a lease contract for a B-737-300 with the Belgian Constellation airline.
- May 16th, the first flight to Skoplje marked the beginning of traffic between Yugoslavia and Macedonia.
- May 22nd, JAT adopted a Decree on Quality Policy.
- May, Phase 2 of the JAT Business Center in New Belgrade was completed.
- June 20th, services to Tunis were introduced.
- early July, JAT leased two more planes: a B-727 to Tunisair, and a DC-9 to Tuninter. At the end of the season another B-727 was leased to Royal Nepal Airlines.
- July 26th, the St. Sava Medal 1st Class was awarded to Yugoslav Airlines by the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
- August 4th, services to Prague were re-established.
- early September, JAT employees were given new uniforms.

- March 1 JAT resumed its membership in IATA Clearing House;
- July JAT adopted the Program for the revitalization and modernization of part of its fleet, namely for the DC-9-30 and B-727-200 type of aircraft, with the aim of providing conditions for the employment of all of its technical and personnel resources and for the renewal of its fleet;
- December 12 JAT introduced a service to Sochi, a Russian health center on the tourist "riviera" on the Black Sea, and scheduled services to Bucharest;
- December 18 JAT started flying to Beijing

- March 2 As of this date, JAT has flown to Banja Luka three times a week;
- March 21 JAT Radio began broadcasting. It is a music channel with a program addressing matters relating to transportation and tourism. The program is broadcast on frequency 95.7 MHz.
- April 9 The representatives of CFM International and JAT signed a Letter of Intent on joint construction of the Regional Center for the repair and maintenance of jet aircraft at Belgrade Airport;
- April 26 Agreement with Airbus Industries from Toulouse concluded for the acquisition of eight A319 type of aircraft with a defined delivery schedule from the year 2000 till 2005;
- May 24 JAT introduced scheduled services to Sarajevo, once a week;
- June 19 An agreement with the international corporation AVIS Rent-a-car and JAT was signed on long-term cooperation, on which occasion there was a presentation of the Fly & Drive program that makes it possible for the passenger when booking tickets to arrange for a limousine to collect them at any airport JAT operates to at home and abroad;
- June 27 JAT opened the Banja Luka - Tivat scheduled service;
- September 9 JAT was banned from operating to EU member states due to the sanctions imposed by the EU towards FR Yugoslavia. It discontinued its flights to Germany and Italy.
- September 10 JAT discontinued its services to Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Austria;
- September 11 JAT stopped its traffic operations to France and Sweden due to the EU ban placed on flying, namely to all the member countries of the Union except to Greece and Great Britain;
- September 15 The first up-dated DC-10 started operating. Besides general overhaul of the aircraft and all aircraft systems and components, the engine went through substantial mandatory modifications aimed at noise abatement, the so called HUSH KIT, in addition to the installment of the special ATMA system that reduces the vibrations deriving from engines in the rear part of the passenger cabin. The whole job was done by JAT engineers and mechanics;
- September 17 JAT discontinued its flights to Great Britain;
- October 6 JAT organized via Skopje transportation of passengers to international destinations from Belgrade to seven European cities (Amsterdam, Rome, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stuttgart);
- October 23 A scheduled flight was introduced to Minsk;

- March 11 JAT in cooperation with the Chinese flag carrier Air China made arrangements for links with Australia via Beijing;
- March 12 Greece decided to join the European Union in their decision to ban JAT flights to member states airports;
- March 21 JAT Radio marked its first anniversary. It is a music channel with program addressing matters relating to transportation and tourism. The program is broadcast on frequency 95.7 MHz.
- March 23 Total suspension of all air traffic operations due to the aggression of NATO alliance against FRY;
- April 8 JAT organized transportation with its buses to Sofia from where passengers could continue their trip to destinations in Europe and the Middle East by Balkan Air;
- June 6 JAT arranged for the transportation of its passengers to Banja Luka who were to fly from Banja Luka Airport by Air Srpska to Zurich and Saint Galen in Switzerland;
- June JAT resumed its domestic air traffic operations and, on 25 June, international services, the first flight heading for Moscow. During the aggression, part of the fleet was dislocated from the country in order to preserve it, initially to Bucharest and from there to other airports;
- July 15 JAT opened a scheduled service to Tunis;
- July 19 The Council of Ministers of the European Union passed a decision on lifting the ban on JAT flights to EU member states;
- September 3 Passengers bound for Australia could fly by JAT to Beijing and three hours later to Sydney by China Airlines;
- October 19 JAT introduced a second flight a week on the Belgrade -Beijing route;

- January 15 In cooperation with the Romanian flag carrier Tarom JAT organized transportation of its passengers to destinations in Europe and the USA via Timisoara;
- February 14 The EU lifted the sanctions on the ban on flying to EU member states;
- February 22 The Swiss airline Swissair was the first to open scheduled services on the Zurich-Belgrade-Zurich route upon the lifting of the EU ban on air traffic operations;
- February 28 The Ministers of the European Union, at a meeting held in Brussels, verified the suspension of the sanctions against air traffic operations to FR Yugoslavia. There were indications from Brussels that JAT was to commence flight operations in mid-March, at the same time as the European airlines to Belgrade;
- March 26 German airline Lufthansa introduced services on the Munich-Belgrade route;
- March 28 JAT established a service to Dusseldorf;
- March 29 JAT established services to Frankfurt, Milan, Athens and Thessaloniki;
- March 30 Prague;
- March 31 Paris, Stockholm and Gothenburg;
- March JAT received the Certificate for Quality JUS ISO 9001;
- April 1 JAT introduced scheduled service to Trieste, Amsterdam and London;
- April 2 JAT opened services to Berlin and Copenhagen;
- April 4 JAT introduced scheduled service to Stuttgart;
- April 6 JAT introduced a service to Brussels;
- April 7 JAT commenced air traffic with Malme and the same day the reconstructed and modernized Operation Center was put into operation at Belgrade Airport;
- April 13 JAT resumed its scheduled service to Banja Luka;
- April 25 Zika Petrovic, JAT General Manager, was murdered.
- May 9 JAT Boeing 737-300 aircraft holding the mark JU-ANJ (ALFA-NOVEMBER-JULIETT) , which had been grounded by force at Istanbul airport, landed at Surèin airport. In that way, the long-lasting legal proceedings of JAT with the Turkish administration ended;
- July 5 By the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, former JAT Executive Director, Mihailo Vujnovic, was appointed as Director General of the Company;
- June 9 JAT resumed three of its destinations in Europe: Rome, Kiev and St. Petersburg;
- June 27 The Meeting of the Management Board passed a decision on the introduction of the so-called JAR, Joint Aviation Requirements, the rules governing the behavior of all the participants in air transportation according to uniform European standards;
- July JAT resumed scheduled flight operations from Belgrade to four new destinations in the Near East: Amman, Abu Dhabi, Beirut and Damascus;
- October 9 JAT resumed its position in the international organizations and associations, first of all in ICAO and ECAC
- November 27 On November 27, a new phase in regulating the relationships in the region started with the signing of the Protocol on the cooperation of JAT, Air Bosnia and Air Srpska;
- December 21 At the initiative of JAT, a meeting of the scheduled air carriers of south-east Europe was held. The representatives of Adria Airways, Malev, Croatia Airlines, Air Bosnia and Air Srpska, Balkan, Montenegro Airlines, Macedonian Airlines and JAT met for the first time after 10 years. A decision was made for the JAT Training center in Belgrade and the Pilots Academy in Vršac to become a regional center for the education of airline personnel;

- January 11 JAT and the German railway decided to cooperate by incorporating JAT into the program called Fly & Rail, which enables JAT to organize for its passengers travel and to sell traffic documents for travel to all railway stations in Germany, included in the same traffic document;
- February 8 Protocol on cooperation between JAT and Montenegro Airlines was signed. The Protocol regulates the establishment of commercial and other aspects of cooperation (common approach to other markets, common traffic operations, airline personnel training, etc.);
- March 2 In JAT's Technical Department, full inspection and overhaul of the largest aircraft in the fleet, the DC-10aircraft, was performed, according to the HMV principle representing partial general overhaul;
- March 27 JAT continues cooperation with Boeing. An agreement on the continuation of full cooperation was signed;
- April 13 By the decision of the Government of Serbia, Dušan Kostiæ was appointed as acting Director General of JAT;
- May 25 In the course of May, JAT introduced three new international routes: on 3 May to Sophia, 6 May to Skopje and 22 May to Beirut and more flights were introduced to the already existing destinations;
- June 20 JAT introduced direct flights from Tivat to St.Petersburg and Dusseldorf,
- June 30 Direct flights to Moscow introduced
- July 6 Direct flights to Berlin introduced
- July 19 By signing the Agreement on the cooperation of JAT with the Lufthansa Systems and the Global distribution system - Amadeus, JAT resumed its membership in the world reservations systems and thus fulfilled the conditions for increasing the quality of services according to the highest world standards;
- August 9 The representatives of JAT and the National Bank of Yugoslavia signed the Agreement on Cooperation, by which JAT obtained the exclusive right of transport of all valuable consignments in connection with the exchange of European currency into the Euro;
- September 21 JAT introduced a direct flight from Belgrade to Hamburg, once a week;
- October 1 Due to the current situation in the insurance market, JAT introduced additional insurance per passenger on all its flights - for the international passengers 1 dollar per flight, and for domestic passengers 65 dinars per flight;
- October 5 JAT increased the surcharge for insurance per passenger for all its flights due to the new situation in the insurance market. For international passengers, the surcharge was 2 dollars per flight, and for domestic 110 dinars in Serbia and 4 DM in Montenegro;
- October 18 By the decision of the Government of Serbia, Predrag Vujoviæ was appointed as the Director General of JAT;

- January 15 JAT introduced a new program: Travel together - the possibility for two persons to travel together at the price of one in the period between January 15 and March 15;
- February 7 Skylink, a multinational company for air transportation, with its head office in Toronto, signed with JAT in Belgrade an agreement on the transportation of United Nations peace forces. On account of this agreement for cooperation with the company Skylink, JAT obtained the right to participate in all tenders of the United Nations for the transport of peace forces;
- April 5 In order to meet the needs of the majority of its passengers, JAT decided to prohibit smoking in its aircraft;
- April 18 A letter of Intent on the establishing of a joint company with its head office in Abu Dhabi from the United Arab Emirates was signed;
- April 28 JAT decided that payments for its services be effected only in local currency;
- May 16 JAT introduced the new reservations system Amadeus after one year of organisational and technical preparations and personnel training.
- May 16 After twelve years JAT resumed its flight to Dubai, and in cooperation with the leading world company Emirates provides passengers with a connection to Australia and the Far East.
- June 11 On 11 June, JAT introduced a direct flight Moscow - Tivat to be valid until 15 September;
- June 26 The JAT Pilot Academy introduced an air taxi service Avio Taxi from Belgrade to Tivat, by aircraft type Piper Cheyen PA-31T;
- July 2 By an agreement signed between JAT and the firm PanAlex a.d. Budget Rent a Car License, passengers now have the possibility of being transported by limousines from the airport to any place in Yugoslavia, Republic of Srpska to Bijeljina and Brcko, and in Romania to Timisoara. The driver duty is to accompany the passenger to the door and to take his baggage;
- July 15 By a scheduled flight to Tunisia, JAT introduced in its fleet the aircraft Boeing 737-300 leased from the company Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.

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RE: JAT: 80 Years

Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:01 am

Congratulations to JAT on 80 years of flying! What is the likelyhood of JAT returning to JFK, YYZ and ORD?
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RE: JAT: 80 Years

Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:11 am

I love this commercial!!!!

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RE: JAT: 80 Years

Mon Jun 18, 2007 1:55 pm

Great thread!

Wasn't there another crash though where the flight attendant survived the crash?
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RE: JAT: 80 Years

Mon Jun 18, 2007 2:41 pm

Quoting ABpositive (Reply 3):
Wasn't there another crash though where the flight attendant survived the crash?

This was the only one:

- January 26th, a bomb exploded on the JAT DC-9 (YU-AHT) flying over Czechoslovakia. Twenty seven passengers and crew members died and, while stewardess Vesna Vulovic survived miraculously after a fall from an altitude of nearly 10 kilometers and was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Quoting Timberwolf24 (Reply 1):
What is the likelyhood of JAT returning to JFK, YYZ and ORD?

Jat Airways will be privatised in a matter of a few months, and then we will know. SU and AI showed some interest, but we'll wait and see.

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RE: JAT: 80 Years

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Srecan Rodjendan! 80 years . I hope they celebrate another 80 years. Thanks for the brilliant thread with all the dates. It was an interesting read. It just shows you what JAT once was and I hope for a new and successful future.

This link does not work for me , can you re post ?? Thanks

Quoting Flug (Reply 2):

I love this commercial!!!!

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RE: JAT: 80 Years

Mon Jun 18, 2007 8:07 pm

srecan rodjendan  Smile

allow me to post a few jat videos

my favourite

jat pilots doing a visual approach with a 727 into BEG, casually having a smoke and a chat while they land the plane

"sta ga ljujas, mamu mu jebem" hahahahaha

and the new commercials, the first is still my favourite  Smile thanks to lukap for these  Smile

first commercial

and i must post this tribute to the beautiful yu-amb, my favourite plane.

enjoy  Smile
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RE: JAT: 80 Years

Mon Jun 18, 2007 8:27 pm

Quoting YUAMB (Reply 6):
the beautiful yu-amb, my favourite plane.

Yes mine also . Looks brilliant.

Thanks for sharing those ads....were they real TV ads ????
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RE: JAT: 80 Years

Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:46 pm

Yes there are really adverts. They are on TV frequently. Vesna Trivalic is priceless, the advert when she pretends to be an airhostess is excellent!

Happy birthday to JAT, its a great age to make. Its so sad to read the history of the airline and its sudden and total suspension in 1991. I really hope that JAT can regain a large foot hold in the region.

Anyone know if the special livery has been applied to any aircraft yet?

Pozdrav svima..
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RE: JAT: 80 Years

Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:48 pm

they are the new jat ads  Smile

i really hope they do apply those special liveries, but who knows  Sad

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