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How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:38 pm

Hello Everyone!  

How did your love of aviation start?

For me, my dad worked at LGW and from a very young age I use to go up to the airport to see him. And well after the first time I ever went to the airport I never stopped going back!!!  
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:44 pm

My uncle worked at CEB and often gave us private tours around the airport (my first real airplane encounter was standing next to a PR 744) We also went to the private hangars, etc.

Plus, my first flight when I was 4 years old was pretty exciting. I still remember it like it was yesterday

Airline: Cebu Pacific
Aircraft: DC-9
Seat: 5E

I had a can of sprite plus a bag of Mr.Chips (Nacho Cheese snack popular in the Philippines)
I also remembered that I tried placing my can on the window not realizing that there was a table tray infront of me 
It's a cultural thing.
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:52 pm

Quoting JetBlue777 (Reply 1):
Plus, my first flight when I was 4 years old was pretty exciting. I still remember it like it was yesterday

My first flight was on a BA 734 going from LGW-CDG (going to Disneyland) haha I was scared once the aircraft got airborne.

Quoting JetBlue777 (Reply 1):
I also remembered that I tried placing my can on the window not realizing that there was a table tray infront of me

Haha I could imagine your face when you saw the tray table in front of you.
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:12 pm

At the age of 13, I became "hooked" while on the earliest flight that I can remember (ATL-MIA on Eastern) in 1988. I still remember the amazing feeling of flying through clouds and seeing distant sights from the air for the first time.

My love affair with timetables/schedules started maybe a year later when I stumbled across a DL timetable for SAV in the brochure rack of a hotel lobby. I still remember trying to figure out what "CVG" and "MCO" stood for.

I became incredibly passionate about air travel in my late teens and began going on many independent trips starting with ATL-DCA on TW in 1992. Like any addict, I could not get enough!
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:47 pm

My dad traveled a great deal. When I lived in NJ we would drive to JFK to drop him off pretty frequently so I would always pay attention to the planes, then my dad would come back from his trips with all sorts of "cool" airline pariphenlia for me like headphones, saftey cards, inflight magazines etc. The best part was, he would also take pictures of the planes for me while he traveled. I have some FANTASTIC pictures of planes back in the early 90s specifically at IST, HKG (Kai Tak) and NRT that he took.
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:04 am

My Farther held a PPL and my Grandfather was a pilot/navigator in the RAF. For years he worked in the Middle East and Scotland, visiting them alternate weeks, so his forced interest in aviation spilled off onto me. Plus my pre-school was literally next to the local airport (PLH), and the windows looked out onto the runway - the building was 85m from the centerline and I loved watching the planes, which at the time were Dash 7s mostly and possibly the odd Twotter. Event my infant school was just 800m from the runway threshold and the school emblem was a plane and star. Guess I was destined to love flying.

I don't remember my first flight, it was on an Air Malta B720 according to a relative's photo, but I was determined to fly a Dash 7 as I'd grown up with them. So I went to the Philippines where they were common until a few years ago and even got a jump-seat landing, which was the perfect way to reconnect with my earliest memory of aviation.

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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:31 am

The very first flight that I remember taking (despite flying a few times when I was very young) was SQ SIN-HKG. I was quite sure it was a Boeing 747-400 from the hump and PTVs in the cabin, not a common sight at that time. One of the Singapore Girls came up to my row after I accidentally pressed the attendant call button and explained the features of the IFE control patiently to both my father and I and also told me that the PTV will be activated when the aircraft got airborne. This is when my love for SQ started and I insisted to fly SQ whenever I fly.  

Next flight was SIN-DPS also on SQ and I was also very satisfied with their wonderful service and good food.

There comes the turning point on my SIN-TPE flight back in November 2007. Both legs were operated by a Boeing 777-200ER and I was flipping through the inflight magazine. I had no idea how I knew I was in a 77E at the juncture as I did not know much about planes. However, I believe it might be due to the in flight safety card.

As I got on the ground, I started reading about planes and play (at that time) Microsoft Flight Simulator 98, which I bought for very cheap. I was amazed by how planes can takeoff, descend and land wonderfully. The powerful takeoffs, the marvellous descends and amazing landings made me fall in love with this piece of wonderful engineering. At different times I was deeply in love with the takeoffs, descends and landings separately, especially by the landing tire smokes!

So I tried to get more involved and bought Microsoft Flight Simulator X in April 2008 started flying (and crashing) planes in the airports around the world. One of my very first flights was actually in an SQ A350 SIN-KUL.

It came the time when I decided to look for any aviation forums around so I googled for "Aviation Forum Singapore" but in turn airliners.net came out so I am here. I started knowing more about airlines around the world here and also got to know how to fly airplanes in FSX. My love for aviation has since grown uncontrollable!

One day I will fly around the world!
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:43 pm

I think for me it was going to LHR when I was about 7 years old. One of my cousins was heading off to South Carolina to visit family who were living in Columbia at the time. My uncle decided that his son's departure should be treated as a bit of a family day out, so we all piled into our cars and headed to Terminal 3.

I remember being instantly mesmorised by the place! Back then T3 was less zoo-like than it is today, and was very light and airy. Back then you could even look down from the first floor into the check-in area on the ground floor below and I was transfixed looking down from the balconies and watching the activity at the check-in desks. I was fascinated by all of the airline logos that adorned the walls of the departure level. I was curious to know where everyone was going and what those places were like. The airline names intrigued me...Pan Am, TWA, National, Air India, Air Canada, JAL etc., etc...it was all so overwhelming!

Once we'd said our goodbyes, we all trooped off to the Queen's Building to watch my cousin's Pan Am 747 take to the skies. It was then that the next level of excitement kicked in...all of those screaming metal tubes moving around with their brightly-coloured tails...the smell of jet fuel hung heavily in the air and every so often a loud roar meant that one of those massive machines was on its way into the great blue yonder. I wanted to know more! We waved and waved as my cousin's 747 started its taxi to 09R and stood and watched as its distinctive shape seemed to hang in the air forever as it made its way towards JFK.

I think my hobby was born at that moment!
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:57 pm

My father started working for Braniff Airlines in 1956 shortly after I was born. I have been around airplanes and airports since the time I was learning to walk. In fact I probably flew before I could walk. My first flight was on a DC-3. Eventually I flew on the DC-4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. The Boeings I have flown are listed in my signature below. Growing up I remember flying First Class thru South America on the Braniff Calder DC-8, eating caviar and drinking champagne and having baked Alaska for dessert, all served on silver service. A one hour flight on the orignal Frontier Airlines had full dinner service with steak, free wine, cloth table cloths, siverware, china, glassware and cloth napkins. Listened to music and watched movied using the hollow tube plastic headsets. Those were the days. Flying to Europe meant leaving from PanAm’s JFK Worldport on a 707-320 or flying BOAC's VC-10. Flights to Japan required a fuel stop in Anchorage. Regional jets hadn’t been invented yet. You could fly a 727-200 to a small city and boarded from the rear stairs under the center engine. Seat assignments were given at the gate when the agent removed a sticker from a large seat map and placed it on your boarding pass. I remember spending time in aircraft cockpits during flight as a non-rev, and even having my meals served to me while in the cockpit observer’s seat. I have been lucky enough to have flown to over 46 countries on five continents.
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:27 pm

The short version of my long story is that I grew up in HKG in the 1980s when Kai Tak was still operational, so I regularly saw 742s, 743s, L1011, DC-10s flying low overhead. I then had my first flight on an SQ 743 and loved every bit of it. On my third flight with CX I got given a 'kid's entertainment pack' which had a poster of a CX B744 (VR-HOP) in the old green and white stripes livery, and I just loved the way it looks.

I guess that despite not growing up in the aviation industry, I still managed to grow up around planes   I still miss Kai Tak.
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:58 pm

My grandfather, who lived in St. Louis, used to take us to STL to watch the planes take off and land (there used to be a small parking lot off of Lindbergh Boulevard where people could park and watch the planes approaching from directly overhead).

However, what really kicked my interest into gear was researching the St. Louis-based McDonnell-Douglas corporation on Wikipedia. After I read quite a bit about the company and their military products, I started reading about their civil products, especially the DC-10 (which I thought was incredibly beautiful and unique). The more I read, the more I was interested. The interest became a fascination, and spread to the MD-11 and the DC-9 and MD-80, and then to Boeing aircraft, and finally to Airbus as well. Now I can't hear an airplane passing overhead without immediately looking up to see what it is.
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:41 pm

My story is a little bit of an odd one. One of my favorite things to do when I was young was to set up cities with matchbox cars and blocks as buildings or these mats I had with streets on them etc.. Well I also loved cities and trying to know population figures and which cities in the world were important. Well of course every important city needs an airport so I needed to start making airports for my cities and had to get different airplanes for them with different airlines. So that is when I started taking an interest. Then the interest increased with things like: where will this airline fly to from my city, where else does it fly too, hubs etc.. Thats when I heard about Airliners.net and that took the hobby to another level. But the focal point of my aviation hobby would come a little later when I was 11 years old with FS2000. Once I got a joystick I was hooked. I taught myself to fly on FS and have been doing it ever since.
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:29 pm

Listening to the stories from my Grandad who was a combat fighter pilot in World War II.   
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:40 pm

Geez I feel so   
As a military brat, our first overseas transfer was to Guam in 1955. I flew with my Mom on a USNavy C-118 from San Francisco (Alameda NAS) to Honolulu (Barbers Point NAS), overnight stop and on to Kwajalein Atoll for fuelstop and on to Agana Guam NAS. 24+hours of flying as the segment to Hawaii took 9 hours. Backwards seating, box lunches, an engine failure, turbulence, airsickness and the most terrific adventure of a lifetime any young boy could experience. I was hooked thanks to the great guys and gals from Squadron VR-21 who looked after us on that epic flight. I lived and breathed airplanes from then on.
I ultimately got to fly in my tour of duty in the military (I begged to get assigned to an Air Station) and upon discharge went to work for an airline (I again begged and volunteered to do anything). Retired after 31 years of service.
And I am still doing it. I am Platinum with DL so I am continuing to earn my wings in my    maturing years...cause I'm still kinda that kid from 1955.
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:48 pm

I moved to the house I currently live in when I was 5, and it right under the approach path to RWY 23 at YYZ (1 point for whoever can guess where my username came from). I always saw planes flying over my house and once I turned my head to the sky once, that was it. I was hooked, bit by the aviation bug. Then in the 7th grade my friend showed me flight sim, and that ended all hope. My love for aviation was permanent.

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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:44 pm

In the age of 9, my dad and I took a ST B733 to PMI, and since then, the fever got me.  

Was D-AGEE and we where seated in 8A/B and 6 E/F on the flight back home.

Off-topic but nevertheless: has anyone a picture of the cabin of ST's 733 in the late 80ies?!

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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:49 am

I think mine started when I was about three years old,? My family and I would fly down to Mississippi to visit family twice per year. My father also traveled a lot, so I often went with my mom to the airport to pick him up or drop him off. Between taking the flights myself, and watching other planes while waiting for him at the airport, I speculate that that triggered my life long interest in aviation?

We almost always flew on DL. Usually on their 727's and DC-9's. Those classic birds, especially the 727, got me hooked! When we went to DIsneyword in 1985, I was more fascinated with the airplane ride than with Disneyworld itself!
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RE: How Did Your Love Of Aviation Start?

Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:04 pm

I started flying at the tender young age of 2.5, it was on a KLM DC7C back in 1960, although I do not remember that first flight!  
As far back as I can remember, flight has always fascinated me and I was and still am fortunate enough to fly a lot, right from the early prop liners such as the DC3, DC7C, Super Connie, then 707's, in fact all of Boeing's 7 series, most of the Douglas' and MDC's and many others, too many to mention here!
I always get excited when a flight comes up and stepping on board....just awesome!!

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