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"The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:20 am



I have been an on and off member on here for several years, going under different usernames, and have been a passive user for the last 4 years. I have still used the site and enjoyed the many photos, news topics and trip reports like all you fellow A nutters.

I travel alot, First, Business and Econ. And could probably post a couple of trip reports a month, none that would be off interest, since most of my flying is for business (Where I tend to get a lot of sleep) and since the trips are on the usual suspects that have a gazillion trip reports onsite.

The times I fly and it is not for business, my now fiancé has not been too thrilled with me wandering off and snapping photos of everything and documenting every little detail, which I tend to do when I can get away with it (Too her annoyance)

This time however, was a special occassion, although not on a special carrier, I feel I wanted to share it with my fellow a nutters.

My now fiancé and I have been together for 6 years, and I felt it was finally time for me to pop the question, after her dropping hints the last couple years  

I have always felt a strong connection to airports, and have actually worked at both SIN and DXB before my current job, so I felt it fitting that I pop the question at the airport.

My Fiancé has also worked at DXB so she too has a warm relationship with airports.

Now before anyone state that this is cheesy, let me explain:

I had told my fiancé we were going to Thailand to celebrate our 6th year together, and that we would fly econ (She is used to business, yes she is spoiled). So she knew we were travelling, since I wanted to pop the question on our 6th anniversairy, (which would be during our stay) I thought id rather have family and friends gathered for the speciel occassion. And the only way for me to do that, would be to get people to the airport, where she would also be suprised with business class.

(I had in tandem with my family and hers, and the very helpful CPH PR department arranged for a happening that she would have no clue off.)

We took off for the airport (CPH) on November 30th at around 8AM local time, with her mother and her sister, and spent a half hour at Starbucks before venturing down towards terminal 2. Her first suprise came when we checked in at the J class counter, which made her all smiles. (She hates Y class)

We then went back to T3 to get some more coffee, and then back to T2, where she would hear our favourite song play live in the distance. She reacted with "Why on earth are they singing our song" - To which I replied, "Don't know hun, but let's just enjoy it". We stood there listening to the beautiful solo as people gathered around us.

She would then see about 20 friends and family members come in with flags, to which she replied, "Why are all our friends and family here, are they here to send us off" - (I had her believing for quite a while, that a proposal was out of the question, hence her not smelling the bait) We would dance together as family and friends would film and take pictures.

The song slowly came to an end, after I had told her how much she meant to me, and I slowly got down on one knee and finally popped the question - She was all tears by this time. And she had obviously not seen this comming.

I have to give a big thanks to CPH's PR department, they were very helpfull with the whole thing, and very happy to help.
The only thing they asked, was they they be allowed to publish pictures of us on social media, to which we gladly said yes.

That's pretty much it for the prologue, it was long, but hopefully worth a read


We are both avid fans of SE Asia, having lived there for a few years with SIN as our HUB, this gave us plenty time to explore the rest of SE Asia, which we promptly fell in love with.

I myself have always been an avid traveller to Thailand, and was even there during the horrible events of Boxing day 2004 10 years ago Today.

This time we had chosen to go to Hua Hin, since we had never been, and BKK. Hua Hin is the preffered destination for Thai's who need a break from the hustle and bustle of BKK, so not as falang plastered as say; Phuket or Pataya.

I had done all the bookings, and found some generous J class tickets with TK flying CPH-IST-BKK-IST-CPH, TK was a first for the both of us, as we usually fly TG, SQ and QR (Longhaul). Tickets were only around 2300$ T/R per. person. A lot cheaper than we usually pay with SQ, TG or QR for that matter.

As an SPG Gold member, I have a good grasp on the good hotels & resorts that they have to offer, and this time I opted for the Sheraton Resort & Spa at Cha Am - They had some wonderfull rates for their Lagoon access rooms at around 155$ pr. night.

In Bangkok, I opted for the Banyan Tree which I have been an avid user of for some years when going on business (I can especially recomment the one in Seoul)
We got some really good rates for their 1 Bedroom suite, with lounge access at around 222$ pr. night. These suites are 100Sqm. and really stylish. This hotel also features the wonderfull rooftop (62nd floor) Vertigo Restaurant & Moon bar.

Pre - Flight

For some reason TK uses the SAS lounges in CPH, even though they are an Aviator customer too my knowledge?
A little conflicting information there. A friend at Aviator says they switched to SGH because Aviator had broken something on one of their 332's, but we were checked in by Aviator staff in the non SAS T2.

I apologize, but I only did a little filming in the lounge, since it is pretty boring and standard, so no real pics - But defo nothing to shout home about anyway.


This flight was scheduled and operated by TK's 332, which was fine by me.
We got sat in 6AB, even though we had reserved 02AB. We found out this was due to the fact that TK had sent one of their oldest 332 in the fleet with the old F class infront.

On this flight sold as J. We were offered the seats, but said no, since we wanted to sit together.

The flight was 100% full in Y, and less than 20% full in J.

We had too ask for new seats, since we were sat in seats that were partially broken, they gladly moved us to the larger J cabin where we were the only ones seated.

This flight was rather quick and uneventfull, but we did snap a few pictures.

You will have to forgive the lack of details, since my fiancé would accept my excessive snapping, but not logging of every detail.

We were served A cold starter and hot main, and a smaller pre-landing cold snack.

Not the most comfortable of J class seats, and they certainly showed their wear and tare - But I guess a widebody on a 3 hour flight is nothing we can complain about.

TK serving one of their 3 signature pre flight drinks (No Alcohol)

This one was their raspberry - With a strawberry in it for some reason.
But they also had OJ and like QR, lemon mint - Which I chose.

Before getting moved back in the cabin to the large J cabin. This part of the cabin seemed cramped, even though almost empty.

The larger, and completely empty aft J class section.

I have no memory of what exactly this was, other than a cold starter menu which was very tasty.
I like TK's cheese selections.

Whiskey Glenfiddich 12 I think, Cappucino, and Turkish coffee.

Turkish coffee is a first for me, though very similar too Arabic coffee, I rather liked it, even though very muddy in texture.

Somewhere over Bulgaria.

The famous TK lounge Kebab stand.

Didn't take alot of pictures of the rather large TK lounge, we snapped a few more on the way home though.
Have plenty of film, and if people are interested, just comment, and ill put up some video footage.

The lounge was rather crowded at this time of day (4PM - 8PM local time) So even though the lounge is supposedly the biggest in the world, it felt VERY crowded - Too crowded for my liking compared to especially the QR one in Doha.

Even though big, alot of the food selections are repeated through the lounge - Not complaining though, since I rather liked what they had on offer. Free wifi was good aswell.


Scheduled and operated by their 333 with the "new" J class product.

Y Class 100% Full - J Class 100% Full

The crew were stressed, and made a few mistakes that other airlines would not.
Their English for one, left a lot to be desired, and they forgot a few things during the services.

Have to admit I was annoyed, that both our incoming flight from CPH and our outbound flight to BKK was done by remote stand. And both very far away.

This was annoying since TK does not distinguish between premium customers and non premium customers when this happens. We all go into the same crowded bus - Not like with QR or SQ. Especially QR excell at this with premium transportation. Another thing TK does not do, is personal pick-up in lounge, but I guess with such a full lounge that would be impossible.

For the price we paid, who can complain. Just a small remark.

This time the wife opted for the OJ, while I still had my lemon mint, I just love it  

We were seated in 01JK, even though we had requested 02JK, another weird move by TK.
This was annoying since the crew would forget to close the curtain to the galley when passing, so light would shine through. It's a small detail, but something the crew on SQ/TG/QR would never do.

The comfier and newer "new" J class, only on TK's 333 and flagship 773.

We actually shared a few drinks at the IST lounge with the Thai gentleman across the isle, who we then met up with in Bangkok 14 days later and had dinner with.

The usual suspects for me, whiskey and coke - Nuts were not heated like on other airlines like TG, SQ and QR.

TK appetizer, again, apologize for the lack of knowledge of what we were served, I completely forgot to take pictures of menues and I did not write the details down.
It was delicious though  
My better half enjoys the sweet stuff (Rosé) never been a fan myself.
According to her, it was sweet, well-rounded and easy on the taste buds.

One thing TK excells at, is catering! Do&Co really does a great job, and the onboard "chef" is a nice little touch.
I love their setup with the "Candle light dinner above the clouds" theme, and I adore the salt & pepper minaret's which are also magnets stuck to the plating - Nice little touch, and well done by TK. This is their USP on J for sure.

Fiancé's starter choice (You get too select from a trolley, there are about 10 or so different things, and you can choose them all if you want)

And my choice, nut as fussy as the better half  TK, also serve soup after the appetizer, this time around their signature lentil soup, which was quite tasty.
I usually find soups to be failures on flights, but somehow Do&Co managed to make this one very tasty indeed.

We both opted for the veggie (pasta) main course - The two other options incl. Veil which we do not eat, and sea bass. My other half does not eat fish, and I usually find white fish to be quite bland on flights.

Like with the starters, the deserts came on a trolley (Nicely presented) with about 10 choices - again one could choose them all. Here is what the wife opted for, fresh fruit, cherry strudel, vanilla ice cream and forrest berry compot.
According to her all of which were very good, the fruit a little sour for her taste, but that is no ones fault.

And my options incl. fresh fruit, cheese platter and some turkish sponge cake which was delicious btw!

There were a few other options, like turkish delights, but we had a few of those at the lounge.

To finish a very full stomach, the coffee/tea service - I found it too be good, with a lot of choices, and I really liked TK's heavy tea pots. This was what she had, mint/ginger tea, which was supposed to make her sleepy.

I opted for Pappaya tea, which was also good - The crew were kind enough to hand us a small jar of honey, since we do not like sugar or sweeteners in our tea.

After meal service we slipped into some more comfortable clothing, since TK does not offer PJ's like a few select other carriers.

We were given the usual ammentity kits - this time by Porsche design, which was weird, since I was told Crabtree & Evelyn provide them - For the record, we received C & E on the return flight. Not that it really matters, we never really use the kits, and mostly leave them unused on the flight.

Time for some sleep - TK has fully lie flat seats, they are OK, but I feel their closest comparable QR, has wider and more comfortable seats - One thing that is better about the TK seat, is the practical ottoman.

TG and especially SQ are in another league in J imo.

We both slept for a good 5 hours. Although I woke up once or twice due to the cabin being really hot, im usually cold on flights.

Time to get up, with only two and a half hours remaining.

Time for breakfast - Starter first. TK has you tiking of a breakfast sheet the night before, it features alot of options, and you are allowed to choose them all.

We both opted for the same starter items.

Main course, again we opted for the same - Her eggs were great, while mine were disgusting. Was not a catastrophe since I was still full from the night before. Eggs are so hit or miss on flights!

A rather uneventfull flight with a few faults, but for the price, not a big bother.
Crew were not the best though! Bad English skills, and not the most attentive - Maybe I am used to being pampered by the likes of TG, SQ and to a lesser extent QR crews.

Sheraton Resort & Spa - Cha Am (Hua Hin)

We spent the first 14 days at this lovely 5* resort, well worth it's 5 stars. Located just outside the busy streets of Hua Hin.

Hotel is a favourite among the Russian crowd for sure, and it also attracts a large Chinese crowd. We only met 2 other Scandi couples. The rest were Russian or Chinese.

Our beatifull lagoon access room which featured this lovely little sitting area.
The room was very lofty which made it seem even more spacious than the 45-50sqm it was.

Spacious King size bed, which offered a wide range of pillow selections.

Our own terrace which had sun most of the day, and our lagoon access. Pictures do not do it justice.
Again we have loads of video footage if people are interested  
Nice flat screen TV, which featured a wide selection of cable channels aswell as some sort of HD Box with extra channels. Very apparent that this was Russian/Chinese fav. since most of the channels were of Russian/Chinese origin.
We did come by a few western channels with English as the language though.

The bathroom was wonderfull, it features this lovely double bathtub, with direct view towards the flatscreen, and also a nice big shower with rain effect.

Soaking up them D vitamins, while enjoying some cooled champagne and a nice cigar.
The Hotel were nice enough to give us complementary champagne and flowers.

Our room just above the stairs.

The very cozy Lanai beach bar at the hotel.

Escaping the sun in one of the many shaded poolside seating areas.

This resort had the biggest pool area I have ever seen, which made it never seem crowded. The whole hotel was ringed by a lagoon pool, and in each end they were connected with main pools. This one being the beach side one, and another one in the other end being were the breakfast restaurant was.

A little of what we did in Hua Hin

I wont post to many pictures of our shenanigans in Hua Hin, but here is a small selection:

A little Koh Talu - A very small private Island 3 hours south of Hua Hin.
Nothing like Koh Nguyen, Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Chang, or the Similan Islands, but still nice for a snorkle and some beach relaxation.

The pesky Macaques at Khao Takhiab, they are very used to humans, and definitely not for the faint hearted.
They get up close and personal, and you need to show them who is boss, or they will cross your boundaries.

Do not bring food or drinks, they will take it! They even tried to take my watch, camcorder and digicam.
All a fun experience though  
Thai style BBQ is reccomendable - We are avid Thai food lovers, so probably not for everyone! We love it spicy. Pet Pet we always say.

Banyan Tree, Bangkok

Fan favourite of mine!

5* star getaway in the hustle & bustle of Bangkok.
We stayed in the 100sqm 1 bedroom suite.

Since we had a suite and lounge access, we were not checked in at ground floor, but brought to the lounge on the 19th floor were we could sit in peace and quiet. This lounge was available to us most of the day with free drinks, snacks and cocktails.

We also had our breakfast at the lounge breakfast restaurant on the 59th floor instead of the reception level floor.
Only complaint about the hotel, was that it had too many kids in the premium areas. I don't mind kids, but I don't like kids in business class, and I don't like kids (Especially noisy spoiled ones) in premium areas such as hotel lounges.

We mentioned this to our concierge who said they had received a few complaints from others (A few noisy kids in the lounge and breakfast area) She apologized and said a few families had been upgraded. These people did not uphold the dresscode either, and were not asked to by staff, which was also a minor annoyance. It gave the Hotel more of a cheapened resort feel at times. But this is also only complaint. Have used the Hotel in many countries before and never once encountered this.

Room had a fully functional kitchen and dining area.

Huge living area with 2 sofas and a work station. Huge bedroom with another sofa. Huge bathroom with his & hers sinks, bathtub with all the accessories like oils and bathsalts, and a huge shower with steam function.
Room had 3 TV's one in the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Pool area

Once again offered champagne from the kind staff (Or sparkling wine in this case)

Meeting up with buddies from home. They flew EK J class, and said they were not too impressed.
Both also avid TG/SQ users. They did like the A380 experience though, a first for both. Have only tried EK once, and found it to be fine myself.

The wonderfull Vertigo & Moon Bar/Restaurant.
We had heard that this place was expensive, but we found it too be just fine, however coming from Denmark, we seldom find anything expensive, since Denmark is REALLY expensive.

I think we payed around 370$ for a 7 course meal with wine for the both of us.
Food was very high quality. As an extra detail, we had them deliver our desert to our room, as we were stuffed.
They came down with it, all packed up in a beautiful basket.

Food and service was great, and their Wagyu meat is really commendable. They even took pictures of all diners and gave us a hard copy picture framed.

We received a free signature drink with dry ice aswell, that was just for us though, since they also knew of our anniversairy.

62nd floor, great views and awesome atmosphere.

Room also had 2 sets of kimonos, these lovely cotton ones, and a silk one.
We had slippers, and the room also had scent sticks and scented oil changed with a new scent every day.
They presented a small pamphlet that described each days scent.

The room was cleaned twice a day, and somehow they always knew when we were not around.
We were given the NY Times and Bangkok post everymorning at the door.

Have to keep in shape even though you are on holiday. Gym was great with nice views, sauna and steam shower, direct access to pool. And all machines had a small TV on it. We had free drinks, towels and even headphones.

Part of the lounge before peak hours.

Lumpini park is great for a romantic stroll and has free monitor lizards wandering around.


Combined the flighst since I didn't get alot of pictures on the IST-CPH sektor, fell asleep on most of the flight which was good. The flight was scheduled as a 321, but we got an old 320 with horrible seating and no screens like the 321 and 738.

Appetizer consisting of select fish.

I remembered the menu this time around  
Once again a full J Class. Y was also full. This is certainly a popular flight.

Usually don't use PTV that much, but this flight felt long, and I had a hard time sleeping, while the other half slept through most of the flight - Catching up on some childhoold nostalgia with Ninja Turtles - Not as good as the old cartoons, but still fun.

Other half tried out Plastic, while I watched TMNT

Lead male purser, same as on our flight out of IST. Actually same guy.

The little details that matter:

The foods:


The other halfs'

Potato soup this time around

Shish Kebab main with gnocchi for both of us

Desert cart

Turkish delights

Cheese and fruit

"Chef" brings tea and coffee

By this time, I was also ready for some sleep.

Somewhere over Georgia

Pre landing seafood starter

Other half had chicken satay for main, bit she said there was nothing satay about it, and the chicken was dry.

I would have wanted this aswell, but she got the last one, and I was stuck with 3 kinds of pasta, incl. gorgonzola which I cannot stand.

Not the best main, but other than the stinky cheese, it was edible.

Goodbye seats  A little lounge action

Again very crowded, and the same offerings as last time around.

Just being greedy at this point basically...

Nice tea and coffee selections though.

Soft drinks - Spirits and beer were also available, but self service, not a bartender like in Doha.

Turkish delights, just taking pictures for you guys at this point.
So stuffed.

Our baby bus - Oh yeah, we actually got proper gates for both flights this time! that's a + TK  
Very underwhelming J class, looks like all the other inter European J class products. Only thing better, was the catering.

Flight was packed in Y, but only about 40% in J.

Fell asleep for the remainder of the flight, and was full so no more food for me or the better half.
But here is the menu card.

That's it guys, hope you enjoyed it! Sorry for any spelling and/or grammatical errors, and sorry for the rushed ending, it got a bit late here, and it took longer than I had anticipated!

All in all a very nice holiday with very nice hotels!

TK has a good product for European standards, and for the price you get a good hard and soft product.
They need to have better English speaking personel, and they need to have kinder more attentive crew, but that can come with time.

Would I fly TK again? - Yes, especially with those rates! But I still prefer TG, SQ and QR, and will probably opt for one of the 3 next time.

I hope you guys enjoyed this unorthodox report, and thank you for reading till the end.

Please comment if you have any questions, or critique.

Kind Regards


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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:26 am

Congratulations! Very happy for you and your fiancee. All the best to the both of you.
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 5:02 am

Quoting guitarsingapore (Reply 1):

Thank you very much guitatsingapore, that is very kind of you  

Hope you enjoyed the read.
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:01 am


Nice trip report! I enjoy reading long TR's with lots of Pics. Thanks for the very in depth TR!
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:56 am

Great enjoyed reading and enjoyed the pictures, looking forward to traveling around Asia soon, congratulations!
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:45 am


Have you ever come across box jelly fish in Thailand? It spooks me. I read that they have them there and that they are very dangerous. Some children have died from them recently.
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 11:18 am

Quoting B7474 (Reply 4):

Thanks alot  
Quoting 29erUSA187 (Reply 3):

You should, Asia is a wonderful place full of diversity, let me know if you need any tips.

Quoting lychemsa (Reply 5):

Yes, I have. At our hotel at Sheraton, they were kind enough to have a board with warnings every morning.
Such as, "Strong Currents" "Sharp Coral" "And box jelly fish warnings" They would also put up a red, yellow or green flag.

We were there during december which sees alot of high tide, so alot of Box Jellyfish. The kind we saw were called Man O war jellyfish. Although stings can cause death, that is mostly after an extreme allergic reaction.

Stings do cause extreme pain though.
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 3:05 pm

Congratulations my friend    and thanks for the trip report. Lots of beautiful pictures of Thailand and your lovely fiancée.

I must say the catering for TK in J looks outstanding, it looks like proper food and not some pretentious fancy food that airlines sometimes try to pass off as fine dining !!
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:19 pm

Quoting SYDSpotter (Reply 7):

Thanks mate  

We have lot's more, but no need to spam you guys with even more filler  
She is truly a lovely young woman.

TK J catering is indeed above standard, and especially for the price. You get alot of it aswell!
And the lounge in IST offers just as great food. I can reccommend TK, since they have some very generous fares in J.
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:56 pm


And thanks for the TR! I do like ones with loads of pictures  
Flying high and low
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:34 am

You lucky man!  That's a trip to remember!

Be very happy!!
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:03 am

Quoting GrinddalCPH (Thread starter):
My now fiancé and I have been together for 6 years, and I felt it was finally time for me to pop the question, after her dropping hints the last couple years

Congratulations to you both!

Great photos from your whole trip. TK in J looks great, and the food quantity and presentation looks really nice. My parents just returned from a trip to Turkey and they flew Turkish Y+ and said it was awesome too.

I proposed to my wife after we had been dating for 6 years ... seems to be a common date!  

Thanks for sharing.

Matthew (767747)
I love to fly!
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Sun Dec 28, 2014 3:22 pm

Quoting teme82 (Reply 9):

Kiitos my friend  
Quoting mighluss (Reply 10):

I hope there was more than luck to it my friend 

I am always happy, no reason for me not to be  
Quoting 767747 (Reply 11):

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for the kind words  

Yeah, TK is definitely a bargain, still cannot get over the very, very reasonable fares they offer in J.
We had very few complaints. Wouldn't mind trying their Y+ product which I also hear is very cheap.

But they only offer that on their 773 that they fly mostly to the states, and we usually fly BA or DL to the states.

Yup, 6 years seems to be the limit, a congrats to you too, hope she said yes.
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway!
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:43 pm


Brilliant news and a brilliant trip report. Love the amount of pictures even if my slow internet decide to take days to load them... (Ok maybe not quite that long).

Hope you both have a brilliant future.
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:40 am

Quoting JoeyTaffy93 (Reply 13):

Cheers Joey  

I will try and see if I can post more reports in the future  

And thank you very mcuh.
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:00 pm

Congrats to you and your fiance! and wish you both the very best in the world, with many many more J trips in the future   And of course TRs as follow up...

Cheers and a happy new year to you!
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RE: "The Proposal" Very Long

Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:23 pm

Quoting buck3y3nut (Reply 15):

Cheers mate, we hope so aswell  

Happy new year to you too.
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